This guy tried to start a new business in San Francisco, but government bureaucracy forced him to abandon his plans after he had already spent $200,000

The ice cream owner who tried, failed – and now owes $200,000

By Gene Marks

May 30, 2021

He tried, and he failed. But the worst part is he never got a chance to even start. And now he’s got a $200,000 debt to pay off.

That’s the story of Jason Yu, a 30-year-old father of two who had the audacity to attempt to open up an ice cream shop in San Francisco’s Mission District. Unfortunately, the city got in his way.

As reported by San Francisco Chronicle, Yu started his project – a shop that sold green-tea-flavored ice cream – in late 2018, and ultimately found a location in mid-2019 where he got to work. After committing to a lease ($7,300 a month – this is San Francisco, remember?) he hired an architect to draw up plans for the space, which proposed no structural changes or modifications.

Then the city stepped in.

After submitting plans to the department of building and inspection in November 2019, which required him to notify his neighbors, one of said neighbors – a competing ice cream shop no less – contested the idea and Yu was forced to wait until the following June before he could plead his case in front the city’s planning commission (more legal fees), who ultimately gave him the go-ahead.

So we’re ready to open, right? Wrong.

As the Chronicle explains: “Yu won approval, but then got stuck in the city’s never-ending web of securing permits. The Department of Building Inspection’s online permit tracker shows Yu faced 15 hurdles to secure his permits including getting the sign-off from a host of departments. The last to weigh in was the Department of Public Health, which said in December its review was complete, but that Yu owed more money in permit fees before the department could give the OK.”

Yu had spent a boatload – about $200,000 – by this point and still had nothing to show for it. It was then that he decided to cut his losses and abandon the idea. “This [the ice cream shop] became a nightmare project,” Yu said.

The problem facing small business owners like Yu is that, in San Francisco, existing businesses and residents are allowed to contest the establishment of new businesses or construction projects in their neighborhoods. Many – not surprisingly – have pushed these rights to their extreme because there’s little downside to filing even frivolous claims. So, as Mike Chen reports in The Frisc, an existing falafel shop can tie up a would-be competitor for months or neighbors can reject each other’s remodeling plans for the smallest of reasons.

“While community and neighborhood input is often positive, what we have here is overkill,” Chen writes. “The labyrinthine permitting and ‘Discretionary Review’ process (where appeals courts can decide what cases to hear) contribute to commercial storefront vacancies and to our housing crisis.” Chen says he had observed regulatory processes like discretionary reviews and environmental appeals “for years”.

The good news is that San Francisco’s political leaders seem to be waking up to the fact that over-regulation is killing commerce.

Yu’s story, which went viral last month (and spurred an online campaign against the competing ice cream shop owner) has drawn national attention to San Francisco’s burdensome process for starting up a small business. In late 2020, the city passed legislation – called Prop H – to help streamline the process for starting a new business but there have been few takers so far. According to Knight, as of the end of last month only 50 people have expressed interest and only two new businesses have been approved.

Thanks to Covid – and a good broadband connection – many workers and entrepreneurs are already moving out of big towns and enjoying the quality of life found in more peaceful surroundings where costs are lower and safe streets are a given. For cities like San Francisco to counter this growing trend, rules have to be relaxed and more businesses should be allowed to move quickly and easily open. Forcing a would-be owner of an ice cream shop of all things to spend $200,000 and then abandon the venture because of red tape is not a recipe for future economic growth.

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America Should Focus on Exceptionalism Not Imperfections

America Should Focus on Exceptionalism Not Imperfections

By Michael Busler

May 9, 2021

Starting about 15 years ago a trend began that convinced Americans to focus on this country’s imperfections rather than its exceptionalism. This now rapidly growing trend has resulted in long-term economic stagnation and a deeply divided country.

America’s astonishing growth and well spread generosity has resulted in the world’s most prosperous country. It has also resulted in keeping much of the world safe from unwanted oppression, mostly by leading the victories in World War I and World War II. America fought other wars around the globe that protected our security interests but mostly help preserve freedom in other countries.

America was however, not perfect. Slavery and racism had been common practices in virtually every country in the world since the beginning of recorded history. Tragically, and what today seems like obvious ignorance, people just accepted that as normal.

About 90 years after our country was founded, we realized the unjust treatment of human beings was not consistent with the principles that America followed. Slavery was abolished. Deep seeded racism would, however, take a lot longer.

About 100 years after slavery was abolished, America made civil rights the law of the land, so that all people, regardless of skin color, had to be treated equally. Finally America had corrected its system to reflect its values. Racism within individuals could not be fixed quite as quickly.

Sometimes there are people whose ignorant and negative beliefs span generations. Often when these people have not had success in life or have faced tragedy, they look to blame others. 

Their prejudice makes it easy for them to blame people of color.

Sometimes it’s the circumstances and the behavior of the minority groups that contributes to the racism. Since many have not been afforded adequate education and economic opportunities, they tend to have lower average income levels and higher than average crime rates. That fuels the racists.

In spite of those and other imperfections, miraculous advancements have been made in every area that improves the quality of life and our standard of living.

In healthcare, we have eliminated major diseases, fought pandemics in record time and vastly extended the life expectancy. The quality of life has vastly improved since we cure or at least treat almost all major health issues. We even use robotic surgery to quickly and accurately replace knees and hips.

Americans loved to be entertained and are willing to pay handsomely. As such the free market economy has been able to satisfy all of those needs. Large-screen, easy to use televisions are in everyone’s homes. The choice of what to watch is endless. Cable companies now offer hundreds of channels. At least a dozen streaming services allow us to watch what we want, when we want.

America loves sports. Those needs were also satisfied by our free market economy. There are now professional sports leagues with more than 30 teams for baseball, football and basketball. Soccer continues to grow in the US. Add in the tv broadcasting of college football and basketball, golf, tennis, car racing and the Olympics and there something for everyone.

Then there’s technology which has revolutionized our lives. The personal computer hit the market in the early 1980’s. That led to the creation of the internet in the 1990’s. Then came cell phones and tablets which morphed into small computers with wide-ranging communication devices and a high tech camera. This technology has vastly improved the quality of life for the entire population.

We should focus on our achievements instead of focusing on our imperfections. Although we should recognize those imperfections and move to fix them without destroying anything.

Instead we vilify those who we should be thanking. Businesspeople who were able to provide the most satisfying goods and services, became very wealthy. Most are now millionaires and a few are billionaires.

We should be thankful to them for satisfying the needs of consumers and providing opportunity for workers. That’s the way a free market system works: exceptional but not perfect. It provides a fair distribution of income based on an individual’s contribution. Because contributions vary widely, we have an unequal distribution of income.

Focusing on the imperfections will continue to stagnate long term economic growth and further divide the country. Our system is not racist. Barak Obama and Kamala Harris would not have been elected if we have a racist system. There are racist people who need to be better educated.

In the meantime let’s focus on the three-quarter full part of the glass rather than the one-quarter empty.

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Does Ashli Babbitt’s blood pattern look real or fake? For a fatal neck shot, why is there so little blood, and no spraying or spattering? Skip to 14:19 in this video to see for yourself.

Usually, when a police officer shoots and kills an unarmed person, the name of the police officer is reported by the media, the result of the autopsy is reported by the media, and the date and location of the funeral are reported by the media.

But with Ashli Babbitt, none of those three things have been reported in this case, even though it’s been more than a month since she was killed.

Why is that?

I just watched this entire 21 minute analysis of the shooting. The guy makes a good case that the entire thing was staged.

I’m not saying he’s right. I’m not saying he’s wrong.

If he is right, it would explain why there haven’t been any news reports about the name of the shooter, the autopsy, or the funeral.

Does Ashli Babbitt’s blood pattern look real or fake?

For a fatal neck shot, why is there so little blood, and no spraying or spattering?

Skip to 14:19 in this video to see for yourself.

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Everything Wrong With the Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less [Banned by YouTube, this video tries to prove that Ashli Babbitt’s shooting was fake]

Usually, when a police officer shoots and kills an unarmed person, the name of the police officer is reported by the media, the result of the autopsy is reported by the media, and the date and location of the funeral are reported by the media.

But with Ashli Babbitt, none of those three things have been reported in this case, even though it’s been more than a month since she was killed.

Why is that?

I just watched this entire 21 minute analysis of the shooting. The guy makes a good case that the entire thing was staged.

I’m not saying he’s right. I’m not saying he’s wrong.

If he is right, it would explain why there haven’t been any news reports about the name of the shooter, the autopsy, or the funeral.

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Nancy Pelosi violated her own metal detector rule

Republicans Demand Pelosi Be Fined $5,000 for Skirting Her Own Metal Detector Rule

By Ivan Pentchoukov

February 5, 2021

Republicans from the Committee on House Administration on Friday requested that the House Sergeant at Arms impose a fine on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for breaking her own rule by allegedly bypassing a metal detector on her way into the House chamber.

“Yesterday, at approximately 9:59 a.m., multiple members observed the Speaker of the House entering the House chamber without completing a security screening,” Republican Reps. Rodney Davis (Ill.), Barry Loudermilk (Ga.) and Bryan Steil (Wisc.) wrote in a letter to Acting House Sergeant at Arms Timothy Blodgett.

“What was observed was a clear violation of House Resolution 73 and you are required by House Rules to impose this fine. Please inform us once the fine has been assessed.”

Pelosi’s office did not respond to a request for comment. The speaker put the rule in place specifically targeting a handful of Republicans who have spoken about legally carrying firearms on the House floor. The fine for the first offense is $5,000.

The Office of the Sergeant at Arms didn’t respond to a request for comment. Blodgett told The Hill that he has not received a complaint about the matter from the Capitol Police.

“House Sergeant at Arms imposes the fine after receiving an unusual occurrence report from the United States Capitol Police (USCP). An unusual incident report from the Capitol Police is appended to the document sent to the Member providing notice of the fine,” Blodgett wrote to The Hill.

“Only the USCP can determine whether an individual has failed to complete security screening as only the USCP has sufficient training to determine compliance with USCP screening procedures. I have directed that the USCP produce and provide unusual incident reports on any individual who fails to complete security screening without exception. I have not received any unusual incident report from the USCP concerning the Speaker of the House.”

The text of the resolution does not require a report from the USCP for a fine to be imposed but does authorize the sergeant at arms to establish policies and procedures to implement the resolution.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), who was himself fined $5,000 for violating the resolution, wrote on Twitter, “Why isn’t the Speaker of the House being fined for skirting the metal detector?”

“Speaker Pelosi made the rules. She must live by her rules like everyone else,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) wrote on Twitter.

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Biden 2020 Star Wars Ewok celebration – yub nub!

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Buckle up: Hunter Biden laptop scandal may be about to get a whole lot worse

Buckle up: Hunter Biden laptop scandal may be about to get a whole lot worse

By Mark Anderson

October 16, 2020

Facebook and Twitter sacrificed the final shreds of their integrity to try to censor the N.Y. Post article revealing the existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop. But in their rush to throw themselves in the path of the bullet to save Joe, there was a big problem. They forgot that Rudy Giuliani has the evidence.

The N.Y. Post article was an exclusive. That means all “fact checkers” that Facebook and Twitter will unleash to fact-check the article will be based on speculation, not fact. Because they don’t have the laptop.

And, judging from a new video from Giuliani, things may be about to explode in the social media giants’ faces.

If just a quarter of what Rudy Giuliani alleges is true, the evidence contained on the laptop is, finally, the true smoking gun. This isn’t some salacious accusations bundled by a hired spy relying on Russian disinformation and gossip. It’s Hunter’s own laptop. That fact alone could be an enormous blow to the Biden campaign.

Giuliani released bombshell after bombshell in a video released Wednesday evening after the media did their best to censor the N.Y. Post article — making the social media censorship even more damning to those who tried to hide it from the public. Since receiving the copy of the hard drive, Giuliani has been poring through it, carefully documenting and preparing his prosecution. What he says he found is the actual evidence of payments, the money-laundering scheme they used, “illegal money for bribes,” and how “some of that money from Ukraine … went to Joe Biden.”

Like a prosecutor laying out the case, Giuliani leads off the video with this: “In future days, you will see texts, emails, and photos that demonstrate crimes committed by the Biden crime family — in China (probably most of all), Russia, and several other countries.”

The use of “the Biden crime family” is no mere hyperbole. Before Rudy Giuliani was “America’s Mayor,” he was one of America’s top prosecutors, which included bringing down mafia crime families. And he has evidence — from Hunter — that implicates not only Hunter and Joe Biden, but also James (Joe’s brother) and Sara (James’s wife). One set of payments from China went to a triad of Bidens: James, Hunter, and Sara. Don’t worry, Giuliani says — you’re going to see it in the texts, not making it up.

The fact he was one of America’s top prosecutors makes the ending of the video even more damning: “I’ve been in this business a long time. This is the biggest cover-up I have ever seen. And it is the biggest government scandal, I’ve ever heard of.”

Getting back to the beginning, Giuliani continued his introduction, saying, “China has all of the photos that we have — which means [Hunter] is, really, a massive national security threat to the United States. Since his father lies — about all of this — it’s an easy area of extortion.”

Believe it or not, it gets worse from there for Joe Biden.

Laying out the case further, Giuliani points right at the defendant, accusing Joe of “certainly [committing] a crime. Because some of that money from Ukraine, illegal money for bribes, went to Joe Biden.”

Remember: these are all accusations after Giuliani has read through the emails, the texts, and the contents of the hard drive. Unlike the Facebook/Twitter “fact-checker” minions, Giuliani has seen the evidence.

In one of the more damning statements, he says, “China has so many different transactions, it’s going to take a couple of days, if not a week, for us to sort all through them. But we have them. … And, basically, this is money that goes to Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sara Biden…and the Biden family.”

He also has evidence of how the money flowed — thanks to a text from Hunter Biden to his daughter, Naomi, that was found on the hard drive. Giuliani says the text was discussing money, “but in it, [Hunter] makes a very big mistake. He explains the distribution scheme that the Biden crime family has used for years.”

The text reads, “I love you all, but I don’t receive any respect. And that’s fine, I guess. Works for you apparently. I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years.”

Giuliani interrupts his reading of the text to wonder why Hunter was paying for everything for the family. Because, Giuliani speculates, Hunter was getting the money, and they were keeping it, from Joe, so he wouldn’t have to report it. But he paid, for example, for his half-sister’s entire college education.

Giuliani then returns to the text for the coup de grâce: “It’s really hard. But don’t worry unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

“Pop” is Hunter’s name for his dad, Joe Biden.

All of this is really just Rudy’s opening statement. If the evidence about to be rolled out is even remotely on par with his opening statement, it will be beyond explosive, given the source: Hunter’s own laptop.

Will the censorship hit new heights? Or will the media do what they should have been doing for the last four years — investigate the real crime that has been in plain sight all this time?

The full, 16-minute video can be found on Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense Podcast Channel on YouTube.

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Facebook and Twitter have banned this link to a New York Post article which explains how Hunter Biden made $50,000 per month in an industry that he knows nothing about

If you ever wondered how Hunter Biden managed to get paid $50,000 per month for being on the board of an industry that he knew nothing about, this New York Post article explains it.

Facebook and Twitter have banned anyone from posting this link.

Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad

By Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge

October 14, 2020

Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, according to emails obtained by The Post.

The never-before-revealed meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, allegedly sent Hunter Biden on April 17, 2015, about a year after Hunter joined the Burisma board at a reported salary of up to $50,000 a month.

“Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure,” the email reads.

An earlier email from May 2014 also shows Pozharskyi, reportedly Burisma’s No. 3 exec, asking Hunter for “advice on how you could use your influence” on the company’s behalf.

The blockbuster correspondence — which flies in the face of Joe Biden’s claim that he’s “never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings” — is contained in a massive trove of data recovered from a laptop computer.

The computer was dropped off at a repair shop in Biden’s home state of Delaware in April 2019, according to the store’s owner.

Other material extracted from the computer includes a raunchy, 12-minute video that appears to show Hunter, who’s admitted struggling with addiction problems, smoking crack while engaged in a sex act with an unidentified woman, as well as numerous other sexually explicit images.

The customer who brought in the water-damaged MacBook Pro for repair never paid for the service or retrieved it or a hard drive on which its contents were stored, according to the shop owner, who said he tried repeatedly to contact the client.

The shop owner couldn’t positively identify the customer as Hunter Biden, but said the laptop bore a sticker from the Beau Biden Foundation, named after Hunter’s late brother and former Delaware attorney general.

Photos of a Delaware federal subpoena given to The Post show that both the computer and hard drive were seized by the FBI in December, after the shop’s owner says he alerted the feds to their existence.

But before turning over the gear, the shop owner says, he made a copy of the hard drive and later gave it to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello.

Steve Bannon, former adviser to President Trump, told The Post about the existence of the hard drive in late September and Giuliani provided The Post with a copy of it on Sunday.

Less than eight months after Pozharskyi thanked Hunter Biden for the introduction to his dad, the then-vice president admittedly pressured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk into getting rid of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin by threatening to withhold a $1 billion US loan guarantee during a December 2015 trip to Kiev.

“I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money,” Biden infamously bragged to the Council on Foreign Relations in 2018.

“Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.”

Shokin has said that at the time of his firing, in March 2016, he’d made “specific plans” to investigate Burisma that “included interrogations and other crime-investigation procedures into all members of the executive board, including Hunter Biden.”

Joe Biden has insisted that the US wanted Shokin removed over corruption concerns, which were shared by the European Union.

Meanwhile, an email dated May 12, 2014 — shortly after Hunter Biden joined the Burisma board — shows Pozharskyi attempting to get him to use his political leverage to help the company.

The message had the subject line “urgent issue” and was also sent to Hunter Biden’s business partner, Devon Archer, who also sat on the Burisma board at the time.

Pozharskyi said that “the representatives of new authorities in power tend to quite aggressively approach N. Z. unofficially with the aim to obtain cash from him.”

N.Z. isn’t identified in the email but appears to be a reference to Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky, whose first name is a Ukrainian version of “Nicholas.”

When the alleged shakedown failed, “they proceeded with concrete actions” in the form of “one or more pretrial proceedings,” Pozharskyi wrote.

“We urgently need your advice on how you could use your influence to convey a message / signal, etc .to stop what we consider to be politically motivated actions,” he added.

Hunter Biden responded by saying he was with Archer in Doha, Qatar, and asked for more information about “the formal (if any) accusations being made against Burisma.”

“Who is ultimately behind these attacks on the company? Who in the current interim government could put an end to such attacks?” he added.

The exchange came the same day that Burisma announced it had expanded its board of directors by adding Hunter Biden, who was put in charge of its “legal unit and will provide support for the Company among international organizations,” according to a news release that’s since been scrubbed from Burisma’s website.

Hunter Biden actually joined the board in April 2014, according to multiple reports.

His lawyer said last year that Hunter was “not a member of the management team,” adding, “At no time was Hunter in charge of the company’s legal affairs.”

About four months after Hunter Biden’s correspondence with Pozharskyi, Archer forwarded Hunter Biden an email chain with the subject line “tax raise impact on Burisma production,” which included Pozharskyi saying that the Ukrainian cabinet had submitted new tax legislation to the country’s parliament.

“If enacted, this law would kill the entire private gas production sector in the bud,” Pozharskyi wrote.

In the Sept. 24, 2014, email, Pozharskyi also said he was “going to share this information with the US embassy here in Kyiv, as well as the office of Mr Amos Hochstein in the States.”

At the time, Hochstein was the State Department’s newly appointed special envoy and coordinator for international energy ­affairs.

In December 2017, the Naftogaz Group, Ukraine’s state-owned energy company, announced that Hochstein had joined the company as an independent director, but on Monday he announced his ­resignation.

“The company has been forced to spend endless amounts of time combating political pressure and efforts by oligarchs to enrich themselves through questionable transactions,” Hochstein wrote in an op-ed published by the Kyiv Post.

In addition to denying that’s he’s spoken to Hunter Biden about his overseas business dealings, Joe Biden has repeatedly denied any conflict of interest or wrongdoing by either of them involving ­Burisma.

Last February, he got testy during an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show when co-host Savannah Guthrie questioned whether it was “wrong for [Hunter] to take that position, knowing that it was really because that company wanted access to you.”

“Well, that’s not true. You’re saying things you do not know what you’re talking about,” the elder Biden responded.

Last December, Joe Biden also lashed out during a Democratic primary town hall event in Iowa, where a man accused him of sending Hunter to Ukraine “to get a job and work for a gas company, he had no experience with gas or nothing, in order to get access to . . . the president.”

“You’re a damn liar, man. That’s not true and no one has ever said that,” Biden fumed.

Biden then continued berating the man as he stepped forward, called the man “fat” and challenged him to “do push-ups together, man.”

The FBI referred questions about its seizure of the laptop and hard drive to the Delaware US Attorney’s Office, where a spokesperson said, “My office can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation.”

Hunter Biden’s lawyer refused to comment on the specifics but instead attacked Giuliani.

“He has been pushing widely discredited conspiracy theories about the Biden family, openly relying on actors tied to Russian intelligence,” the lawyer, George R. Mesires, said of Giuliani.

Pozharskyi and the Joe Biden campaign did not return requests for comment. Hochstein could not be reached.

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C-Span footage of Biden touching young girls flagged as “child sexual exploitation” by twitter

C-Span Footage of Biden Touching Young Girls Flagged as “Child Sexual Exploitation” by Twitter

By Paul Joseph Watson

September 14, 2020

C-Span footage of Joe Biden which accusers say shows him inappropriately touching young girls was flagged and removed by Twitter for violating its ‘Child Sexual Exploitation Policy’.

The issue arose after Texan progressive activist Johnny Graz argued that Biden should be investigated for sexual assault.

Jake Koenig responded by attempting to validate Graz’s assertion by posting clips from Biden meeting young girls at their parents’ congressional swear-in ceremonies in 2015.

The now infamous footage contains numerous examples of what accusers say is the presidential nominee deliberately touching the young girls in sensitive areas while at other times whispering into their ears.

However, when Koenig posted the footage, his account was locked until he agreed to delete it.

“I tried to respond with a video of evidence on how Biden interacts with women and little girls but Twitter flagged me for trying to post images of child molestation hahahahahahhaha. Guess twitter agrees with @jvgraz,” he tweeted.

The clip was characterized by Twitter as “prohibited” content that “violates [their] Child Sexual Exploitation Policy.”

The reason given for the removal of the video is interesting given that it appears to confirm that Twitter views Biden’s behavior in the footage to be inappropriate.

The original footage, posted on YouTube, appears below.

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Secret Service inadvertently confirms Gateway Pundit story about Biden sexually assaulting agent’s girlfriend

Secret Service Inadvertently Confirms Gateway Pundit Story About Biden Sexually Assaulting Agent’s Girlfriend

By Cassandra Fairbanks

September 3, 2020

In 2017, the Gateway Pundit exclusively reported that a Secret Service agent was suspended for a week in 2009 for shoving then-Vice President Joe Biden after he cupped his girlfriend’s breast while the couple was taking a photo with him.

The situation got so heated, a source who was a Secret Service agent at the time told TGP, that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the agent asserted that,  “we had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice President’s house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriend’s asses.” The annual party was for agents and Navy personnel who were tasked with protecting the Biden family.

The Secret Service has now inadvertently confirmed our report to Judicial Watch, who has filed a lawsuit after the Secret Service failed to respond to a July 14, 2020 administrative appeal challenging its claim that all files related to the 2009 altercation, “ha[d] been destroyed,” due to “retention standards.”

Judicial Watch’s FOIA request, made on May 12, 2020, sought:

All records related to a reported incident in 2009 in which a United States Secret Service Agent reportedly was involved in an altercation with, or attempted to strike, then Vice President Joe Biden” during a photo opportunity.

The records sought shall include, but not be limited to, witness statements, the Agent’s statement, victim’s statement, alleged perpetrator’s statement, incident reports, investigative reports, communications among USSS personnel regarding the incident, and disciplinary records related to the incident for the Agent in question.

In a July 13, 2020 response to Judicial Watch’s request, the Secret Service appeared to confirm that a file on the alleged incident existed at some point, asserting, “[T]here are no responsive records or documents pertaining to your request in our files,” because “the above mentioned file(s) has been destroyed” due to “retention standards.” The Secret Service added that, “[n]o additional information is available.” It did not deny the incident had occurred. In its lawsuit, Judicial Watch intends to test the Secret Service’s assertion that it destroyed all records about the incident.

“We had not been able to confirm whether the report about the alleged altercation might be true until the Secret Service itself suggested it destroyed records about the incident,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

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Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots

Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots

By Jon Levine

August 29, 2020

A top Democratic operative says voter fraud, especially with mail-in ballots, is no myth. And he knows this because he’s been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades.

Mail-in ballots have become the latest flashpoint in the 2020 elections. While President Trump and the GOP warn of widespread manipulation of the absentee vote that will swell with COVID polling restrictions, many Democrats and their media allies have dismissed such concerns as unfounded.

But the political insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he fears prosecution, said fraud is more the rule than the exception. His dirty work has taken him through the weeds of municipal and federal elections in Paterson, Atlantic City, Camden, Newark, Hoboken and Hudson County and his fingerprints can be found in local legislative, mayoral and congressional races across the Garden State. Some of the biggest names and highest office holders in New Jersey have benefited from his tricks, according to campaign records The Post reviewed.

“An election that is swayed by 500 votes, 1,000 votes — it can make a difference,” the tipster said. “It could be enough to flip states.”

The whisteblower — whose identity, rap sheet and long history working as a consultant to various campaigns were confirmed by The Post — says he not only changed ballots himself over the years, but led teams of fraudsters and mentored at least 20 operatives in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania — a critical 2020 swing state.

“There is no race in New Jersey — from City Council to United States Senate — that we haven’t worked on,” the tipster said. “I worked on a fire commissioner’s race in Burlington County. The smaller the race the easier it is to do.”

A Bernie Sanders die-hard with no horse in the presidential race, he said he felt compelled to come forward in the hope that states would act now to fix the glaring security problems present in mail-in ballots.

“This is a real thing,” he said. “And there is going to be a f–king war coming November 3rd over this stuff … If they knew how the sausage was made, they could fix it.”

Mail-in voting can be complicated — tough enough that 84,000 New Yorkers had their mailed votes thrown out in the June 23 Democratic presidential primary for incorrectly filling them out.

But for political pros, they’re a piece of cake. In New Jersey, for example, it begins with a blank mail-in ballot delivered to a registered voter in a large envelope. Inside the packet is a return envelope, a “certificate of mail in voter” which the voter must sign, and the ballot itself.

That’s when the election-rigger springs into action.

Phony Ballots

The ballot has no specific security features — like a stamp or a watermark — so the insider said he would just make his own ballots.

“I just put [the ballot] through the copy machine and it comes out the same way,” the insider said.

But the return envelopes are “more secure than the ballot. You could never recreate the envelope,” he said. So they had to be collected from real voters.

He would have his operatives fan out, going house-to-house, convincing voters to let them mail completed ballots on their behalf as a public service. The fraudster and his minions would then take the sealed envelopes home and hold them over boiling water.

“You have to steam it to loosen the glue,” said the insider.

He then would remove the real ballot, place the counterfeit ballot inside the signed certificate, and reseal the envelope.

“Five minutes per ballot tops,” said the insider.

The insider said he took care not to stuff the fake ballots into just a few public mailboxes, but sprinkle them around town. That way he avoided the attention that foiled a sloppy voter-fraud operation in a Paterson, NJ city council race this year, where 900 ballots were found in just three mailboxes.

“If they had spread them in all different mailboxes, nothing would have happened,” the insider said.

Inside Jobs

The tipster said sometimes postal employees are in on the scam.

“You have a postman who is a rabid anti-Trump guy and he’s working in Bedminster or some Republican stronghold … He can take those [filled-out] ballots, and knowing 95% are going to a Republican, he can just throw those in the garbage.”

In some cases, mail carriers were members of his “work crew,” and would sift ballots from the mail and hand them over to the operative.

In 2017 more than 500 mail-in ballots in New York City never arrived to the Board of Elections for races that November — leaving hundreds disenfranchised. They eventually were discovered in April 2018. “For some undetermined reason, some baskets of mail that were bound to the New York City Board of Elections were put off to the side at the Brooklyn processing facility,” city elections boss Michael Ryan said at the time of discovery.

Nursing Homes

Hitting up assisted-living facilities and “helping” the elderly fill out their absentee ballots was a gold mine of votes, the insider said.

“There are nursing homes where the nurse is actually a paid operative. And they go room by room by room to these old people who still want to feel like they’re relevant,” said the whistleblower. “[They] literally fill it out for them.”

The insider pointed to former Jersey City Mayor Gerald McCann, who was sued in 2007 after a razor-thin victory for a local school board seat for allegedly tricking “incompetent … and ill” residents of nursing homes into casting ballots for him. McCann denied it, though did admit to assisting some nursing home residents with absentee ballot applications.

Voter Impersonation

When all else failed, the insider would send operatives to vote live in polling stations, particularly in states like New Jersey and New York which do not require voter ID. Pennsylvania, also for the most part, does not.

The best targets were registered voters who routinely skip presidential or municipal elections — information which is publicly available.

“You fill out these index cards with that person’s name and district and you go around the city and say, ‘You’re going to be him, you’re going to be him,” the insider said of how he dispatched his teams of dirty-tricksters.

At the polling place, the fake voter would sign in, “get on line and … vote,” the insider said. The imposters would simply recreate the signature that already appears in the voter roll as best they could. In the rare instance that a real voter had already signed in and cast a ballot, the impersonator would just chalk it up to an innocent mistake and bolt.

Bribing voters

The tipster said New Jersey homeless shelters offered a nearly inexhaustible pool of reliable — buyable — voters.

“They get to register where they live in and they go to the polls and vote,” he said, laughing at the roughly $174 per vote Mike Bloomberg spent to win his third mayoral term. He said he could have delivered the same result at a 70-percent discount — like when Frank “Pupie” Raia, a real estate developer and Hoboken nabob, was convicted last year on federal charges for paying low-income residents 50 bucks a pop to vote how he wanted during a 2013 municipal election.

Organizationally, the tipster said his voter-fraud schemes in the Garden State and elsewhere resembled Mafia organizations, with a boss (usually the campaign manager) handing off the day-to-day managing of the mob soldiers to the underboss (him). The actual candidate was usually kept in the dark deliberately so they could maintain “plausible deniability.”

With mail-in ballots, partisans from both parties hash out and count ballots at the local board of elections — debating which ballots make the cut and which need to be thrown out because of irregularities.

The insider said any ballots offered up by him or his operation would come with a bent corner along the voter certificate — which contains the voter signature — so Democratic Board of Election counters would know the fix was in and not to object.

“It doesn’t stay bent, but you can tell it’s been bent,” the tipster said. “Until the [certificate] is approved, the ballot doesn’t matter. They don’t get to see the ballot unless they approve the [certificate.]”

“I invented bending corners,” the insider boasted, saying once the fixed ballots were mixed in with the normal ones, the bed was made. “Once a ballot is opened, it’s an anonymous ballot.”

While federal law warns of prison sentences of up to five years, busted voter frauds have seen far less punishment. While in 2018 a Texas woman was sentenced to five years, an Arizona man busted for voting twice in the mail was given just three years probation. A study by the conservative Heritage Foundation found more than 1,000 instances of documented voter fraud in the United States, almost off of which occurred over the last 20 years.

“There is nothing new about these techniques,” said Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at Heritage who manages their election law reform initiative. “Everything he’s talking about is perfectly possible.“

The city Board of Elections declined to answer Post questions on ballot security.

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LA councilman who voted to slash police budget called officers eight times to his house, records show

LA councilman who voted to slash police budget called officers eight times to his house, records show

By Andrew Mark Miller

August 8, 2020

Public records indicate that a Los Angeles city councilman who voted to slash the police department budget by $150 million called for police assistance eight times since April, including calls for protection from protesters at his home.

“A public records request reveals that LA city councilman Mike Bonin, who voted to defund LAPD by $150 million, has called LAPD to his home 8 times since 4/4/20, including to provide extra patrols and protection from peaceful protesters at his house,” Fox 11 Los Angeles reporter Bill Melugin tweeted Friday.

Melugin linked to a public record request from the city of Los Angeles showing eight different requests for police to Mike Bonin’s residence in West Los Angeles’s Mar Vista neighborhood.

Bonin joined 10 other council members in an 11-3 vote to cut the police budget in June.

“I think we owe it to Los Angeles to come up with a better and a smarter way of doing public safety and emergency response, and I think this motion is the first step in doing that,” Bonin said at the time. “It’s not about random slashing and cuts. It’s about reprioritizing and … to invest in neighborhood safety, and there’s ways to do that.”

Bonin has denied calling the police a single time, and he responded to Melugin on Twitter, saying he has “never” asked for police patrols at his house and suggested the LAPD generated those calls themselves without his knowledge.

“Seven of the eight calls you cite were apparently generated by LAPD themselves, sending patrols without my request and often without my knowledge,” Bonin tweeted.

Melugin then revealed that a source within the LAPD texted him and told him that “this was definitely a call for service by Bonin or a member of his staff.”

“This is a cute tactic to try to silence or intimidate a public official who is standing up to the police union,” Bonin tweeted. “It ain’t working.”

The president of the Los Angeles city council, Nury Martinez, was criticized by the city’s police union in June after it was revealed that she had been receiving a personal security detail from the police paid for by taxpayers despite calling for the police budget to be cut.

“It’s kind of ironic. Here she is demanding $150 million be reallocated from the police budget, but yet, she has security at her house by the Los Angeles Police Department,” the director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, Jamie McBride, said about Martinez’s security detail.

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Inside Nancy Pelosi’s district: This is not what America should look like

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New York’s mail-vote disaster: Almost a month after the election, nobody knows who won.

New York’s Mail-Vote Disaster

Almost a month after the election, nobody knows who won.

July 20, 2020

After primary night in New York, June 23, Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney held a 648 vote lead over progressive challenger Suraj Patel. Almost a month later the winner in the 12th District, which covers eastern Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Queens, remains unknown. It’s a dark omen for November.

The preliminary count included about 40,000 votes, but not 65,000 absentee ballots. If mail votes were postmarked by Election Day, they could arrive June 30 and still be considered valid. Counting was put on hold until that deadline passed, but it didn’t begin until July 8 due to an “unprecedented volume” of mail, as a city official put it.

Meantime, Mr. Patel went on MSNBC and charged that “voter suppression is a real thing,” even inside the Democratic Party. Ms. Maloney called this attack “a cynical abuse of voter confidence” that “comes straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook.” Mr. Patel is party to a federal lawsuit filed Friday that argues “an election law snafu” might “disenfranchise a massive number of voters.”

Usually New York’s absentee ballots need a stamp, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an order in May requiring that for the June election voters “be provided with a postage paid return envelope.” That’s a problem, the lawsuit says, because the U.S. Postal Service “does not traditionally postmark prepaid envelopes.” Despite reported USPS assurances that it would handle election mail correctly, the suit claims thousands of ballots arrived in time to be counted yet lack the necessary postmark.

Unofficial early data suggest that ballot rejection rates for the 12th District could hit 19% in Queens and Manhattan and 28% in Brooklyn. The lawsuit asks that ballots be considered valid if they arrived by June 30, postmark or no. Inevitably, though, this would create the opposite error: Counting truly invalid ballots that were mailed after Election Day.

On Sunday President Trump again refused to say if he’ll accept the result of the November presidential election. He’s wrong to say that, but Democrats ought to be working to make sure no one has an excuse to challenge the outcome.

They should examine New York’s voting mess and then take action. Mail-vote deadlines should be moved earlier, not later. Absentee ballots should be counted only if they arrive by Election Day, so an initial tally is available that night. Otherwise Americans might spend Christmas wondering which self-claimed President-elect will prevail in court.

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Jo Jorgensen: I’m running for president as a libertarian – and I want you to understand what libertarianism really means

I’m running for president as a libertarian – and I want you to understand what libertarianism really means

First of all, I want to turn America into one giant Switzerland – armed and neutral

By Jo Jorgensen

July 15, 2020

Polarization in American politics sometimes feels like it’s at an all-time high.

Last year, the Pew Research Center conducted a poll on Americans’ feelings about ideologies. Predictably, Republicans approved of conservatives and disapproved of liberals and progressives, and Democrats felt the opposite. But in this time of division, one label earned majority support from both groups: libertarian.

What, then, does it mean to be a libertarian?

Libertarians believe that as long as people are not harming others, they should be left to do as they wish. We know that communities are best equipped to handle most issues and that people spend their money better than any politician ever could. We welcome free trade and open immigration, and encourage peace and diplomacy in foreign affairs.

As president, I want to unite Americans behind the cause of personal responsibility and individual liberty.

Take healthcare. For decades, American politicians have insisted that the free market has failed and that we need to go to a single-payer system.

I have news for them: we haven’t had anything even resembling a competition-based system in nearly a century. The alternative to our current, big-government failure isn’t an even bigger government failure.

The most startling problem with the American healthcare system is that most insurance is government-mandated, and therefore is not actual insurance. Real insurance only pays for unexpected costs, and because of that, costs generally remain low.

Just think how expensive car insurance would be if it paid for gas, oil changes, or car washes. Americans would have no reason to shop around for those services, and all of the gas stations and mechanics could increase costs without them even knowing. The car insurance companies wouldn’t care because they would be getting paid big dollars either way.

This is exactly what has happened in our healthcare system: there is no incentive to look for better prices, and as a result, healthcare providers have no reason to compete. Insurance companies can charge higher prices without any accountability, and all of us have to foot the bill.

The two most free-market health specialties — cosmetic surgery and LASIK surgery — are convincing examples. Because insurance doesn’t pay for these procedures, patients shop around for the best price and quality, and doctors have to compete with each other to get their business. In both of these specialties, unlike the rest of healthcare, prices have gone down while quality has gone up.

The best example of how a market-based healthcare system can operate is in Singapore, which reserves the use of insurance for catastrophic care. In 2014, Singapore spent less than a third per person on healthcare than what the United States spent.

So, how about another big American issue: the military?

I want to turn America into one giant Switzerland – armed and neutral.

Virtually none of the countries we’ve invaded since the Second World War have posed a clear and present danger to America. These needless wars caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers and foreign citizens, and wasted trillions of taxpayer dollars. Worse, the damage we left behind only created new enemies.

It’s time to bring America to peace. We must stop inserting ourselves in countries where we don’t belong. We should instead engage the world through free trade; history shows that peaceful commerce prevents conflict. When goods don’t cross borders, troops do.

And then there’s the environment. When you look at a globe, you’ll quickly notice that countries with larger governments tend to have more pollution. Freer markets lead to innovation and better technology, and away from older and dirtier sources of energy.

We need to take advantage of nuclear energy. Companies like Rolls Royce are innovating to earn business, and as a result, they are now developing reactors that are safer and one-tenth of their original size.

Progressives have rightfully railed against the Department of Defense as the world’s largest polluter. But if government is the problem, then why would we trust them to fix it? This is the same federal government that grants $15 billion annually in subsidies to oil and coal companies and whose red tape prevents cleaner and more sustainable energy from entering the marketplace.

Lastly, it’s important to consider education. Education should be a local issue decided by parents, teachers, and students. Instead, we have a federal Department of Education, which imposes a top-down, one-size-fits-all curriculum. It is more concerned with the next standardized test than preparing children for adulthood. Schools have had little incentive to compete or improve, as parents often get stuck sending their kids to the school nearest where they happen to live.

Instead of allowing only those with the resources to pay for private schooling to have a choice, we owe that right to all American families.

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The Maduro diet: How most Venezuelans lost an average of 43 pounds in two years

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

July 15, 2020

In May 2017, the Washington Post reported:

In a recent survey of 6,500 Venezuelan families by the country’s leading universities, three-quarters of adults said they lost weight in 2016 — an average of 19 pounds… a level of hunger almost unheard-of outside war zones or areas ravaged by hurricane, drought or plague.

In February 2018, Reuters reported:

Venezuelans reported losing on average 11 kilograms (24 lbs) in body weight last year… according to a new university study…

That’s 43 pounds in two years.

Before I explain how this came to happen, I want to start out by explaining what did not cause this to happen.

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New Jersey politicians charged in massive mail-in ballot voter fraud scheme, face years in prison

New Jersey politicians charged in massive mail-in ballot voter fraud scheme, face years in prison

Democrats have been pushing vote-by-mail

By Chris Enloe

June 27, 2020

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has filed voter fraud charges against four men, including two Paterson City officials, who allegedly engaged in a mail-in ballot scheme during a special election last month.

Grewal charged Paterson City Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-elect Alex Mendez, and two other men after the U.S. Postal Inspection Service alerted the state attorney general’s office that it had found hundreds of ballots in a single Paterson City mailbox, InsiderNJ reported.

According to WNBC-TV, more than 3,000 ballots were set aside over voting fraud concerns in the Paterson City Council election — 16,747 were received, but only 13,557 were accepted — meaning a whopping 19%, or nearly 1-in-5, were rejected.

More than 800 of the rejected ballots were invalidated because they were found tethered together in mailboxes.

The alleged voter fraud is particularly significant in the election because one incumbent councilman kept his seat by just eight votes, while Mendez was elected by fewer than 250 votes, WNBC reported.

Jackson was charged with four crimes, including fraud in casting mail-in vote and falsifying records. From the attorney general’s office:

It is alleged that Jackson violated state election laws as a candidate by approaching one or more voters in Paterson in the district where he was running and collecting their official mail-in ballots for delivery to the Passaic County Board of Elections. It is further alleged that these mail-in ballots were delivered to the Board of Elections without information identifying the bearer, in violation of state election laws. In addition, Jackson allegedly procured and had in his possession more than three official mail-in ballots which were neither his own ballots, nor ballots for which he was identified as an authorized bearer. Lastly, Jackson allegedly received the official mail-in ballot of one voter without the ballot having been voted or sealed, and that ballot was subsequently delivered to the Board of Elections in a sealed envelope without information identifying the bearer.

Mendez was hit with six criminal charges, including election fraud and falsifying records. From the Attorney General’s Office:

It is alleged that Mendez violated state election laws as a candidate by approaching one or more voters in Paterson in the district where he was running and collecting their official mail-in ballots for delivery to the Passaic County Board of Elections. It is further alleged that these mail-in ballots were delivered to the Board of Elections without information identifying the bearer in violation of state election laws. In addition, Mendez allegedly procured or submitted one or more voter registration applications, which he knew to be false, fictitious, or fraudulent, in that he knew the person for whom the application was procured was not eligible to vote in the election district identified on the application.

“Today’s charges send a clear message: if you try to tamper with an election in New Jersey, we will find you and we will hold you accountable,” Grewal said. “We will not allow a small number of criminals to undermine the public’s confidence in our democratic process.”

According to the Paterson Times, Jackson faces more than 10 years in prison while Mendez faces more than 31 years in prison.

The charges were filed as Democrats nationwide push for mail-in voting as a method to reduce coronavirus spread. Republicans generally oppose mail-in voting, arguing it opens the door to voter fraud.

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Everyone, please show people this video of Joe Biden!

Everyone, please show people this video of Joe Biden!

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Clip surfaces of Biden accuser Tara Reade’s mother phoning into ‘Larry King Live’ in 1993 alluding to claim

Clip surfaces of Biden accuser Tara Reade’s mother phoning into ‘Larry King Live’ in 1993 alluding to claim

April 25, 2020

A resurfaced clip of “Larry King Live” from 1993 appears to include the mother of Tara Reade — who has accused Joe Biden of past sexual assault while in the Senate — alluding to “problems” her daughter faced while working as a staffer for the then-U.S. senator from Delaware.

In a telephone interview with Fox News on Friday night, Reade confirmed that her mother called in to the show. Biden’s presidential campaign has adamantly denied Reade’s allegations but the video could be cited as evidence supporting Reade’s allegation – even though her late mother, in the clip, does not specifically refer to a sexual assault claim.

The Intercept on Friday first reported the transcript of a broadcast from Aug. 11, 1993, of a woman from San Luis Obispo County, Calif., calling in to the show about her daughter’s experience on Capitol Hill.

“San Luis Obispo, California, hello,” King begins.

“Yes, hello. I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington? My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him,” the caller says.

“In other words, she had a story to tell but, out of respect for the person she worked for, she didn’t tell it?” King inquires.

“That’s true,” the woman responds before King cuts away to a panel to discuss her claim.

That woman was Jeanette Altimus, Reade’s mother, Reade told news outlets, including Fox News.

Later Friday, the Media Research Center found the clip in its archives matching the information provided by The Intercept.

Reade took to Twitter to confirm that it was her mother who called in to “Larry King Live.”

“This is my mom. I miss her so much and her brave support of me,” Reade tweeted about her mother, who died in 2016.

Reade’s story first resurfaced in an article in The Intercept on March 24. Podcast host Katie Halper then interviewed Reade, who said that in 1993, a more senior member of Biden’s staff asked her to bring the then-senator his gym bag near the U.S. Capitol building, which led to the encounter in question.

“He greeted me, he remembered my name, and then we were alone. It was the strangest thing,” Reade told Halper. “There was no like, exchange really. He just had me up against the wall.”

Reade said that she was wearing “a business skirt,” but “wasn’t wearing stockings — it was a hot day.”

She continued: “His hands were on me and underneath my clothes, and he went down my skirt and then up inside it and he penetrated me with his fingers and he was kissing me at the same time and he was saying some things to me.”

Reade claimed Biden first asked if she wanted “to go somewhere else.”

“I pulled away, he got finished doing what he was doing,” Reade said. “He said: ‘Come on, man. I heard you liked me.’”

Reade said she tried to share her story last year, but nobody listened to her. Earlier this month, she filed a criminal complaint against Biden with police in Washington, D.C.

Fox News reached out to the Biden campaign on Friday for comment. The campaign referred Fox News to a statement earlier this month from Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield that said: “What is clear about this claim: it is untrue. This absolutely did not happen.”

“Vice President Biden has dedicated his public life to changing the culture and the laws around violence against women,” Bedingfield said. “He authored and fought for the passage and reauthorization of the landmark Violence Against Women Act. He firmly believes that women have a right to be heard – and heard respectfully. Such claims should also be diligently reviewed by an independent press.

Speaking to Fox News on Friday, Reade recalled being “furious” at her mother for phoning in to CNN after having watched the clip on a recorded tape following the broadcast.

She told Fox News she “dreamt” about her mother on Thursday night. The following morning, The Intercept’s Ryan Grim told her that he found the transcript.

Reade said she “cried” when she watched the clip on Friday evening, telling Fox News it had been years since she had heard mother’s voice. She had urged Reade to file a police report at the time of the alleged assault, Reade said.

“Always listen to your mom, always listen to your mom,” an emotional Reade told Fox News.

Still, the mother’s interview doesn’t specifically corroborate Reade’s latest allegations of assault, and could be referring more to the bullying allegations she raised last year. In a 2020 interview, Reade laid more blame with Biden’s staffers for “bullying her” than with Biden himself, The Washington Post reported.

Reade has come forward before: Last year, when multiple women emerged claiming inappropriate touching by Biden.

Reade, at the time, claimed Biden put his hands on her shoulders and rubbed his fingers up and down her neck, but was unable to gain traction on her story aside from an article in a local newspaper.

But in recent weeks, Reade told a far more graphic account, with different and more serious details, raising the allegation to the level of sexual assault.

“Now we’ll see if a different set of rules still applies to Joe Biden,” Erin Perrine, the principal deputy communications for President Trump’s re-election campaign, said in a statement to Fox News. “Maybe now at least one reporter will ask him about it.”

Fox News has also requested comment from U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who ran against Biden in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary and recently endorsed Biden’s campaign after wthdrawing from the race.

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According to MSNBC’s Brian Williams and the New York Times’s Mara Gay, 500 million / 327 million = 1 million

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I recently found these three hilarious images on the internet

I did not create these images.

I do not know who did create them, so I cannot give credit to their creators. I am including links to show where I got them from.

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Palestinian workers prefer to work for Israeli employers

Report: Palestinian workers prefer to work for Israeli employers

Higher salaries, legal protections and lack of discrimination are among the reasons most Palestinians would prefer to work for Israeli firms.

February 16, 2020

The United Nations “blacklist” of businesses operating in Israeli settlements was lauded by the Palestinian leadership following its publication last week, but a recent report indicates that Palestinians actually prefer to work for Israelis rather than Palestinians.

Titled “Why Palestinians prefer to work for Israeli employers,” the report, by Israel-based media watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch, affirms that whenever Palestinian workers have the opportunity to work for Israeli employers, they are quick to leave their jobs with Palestinian employers. The report cites an article in the official Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that praises the Israeli-employment sector.

According to senior PMW analyst Nan Jacques Zilberdik, who co-authored the report with PMW director Itamar Marcus, there are a number of reasons Palestinians prefer Israeli employers.

“First, the salary from Israeli employers is more than double that of the Palestinian sector, but that is not all. Palestinians working for Israelis are protected by the same laws as Israeli workers, including health benefits, sick leave, vacation time and other workers’ rights, whereas these protections are not granted by Palestinian employers. Also there is no gender or religious discrimination in the Israeli sector.”

Speaking on the official P.A. TV show “Workers Affairs,” Israeli-Arab labor lawyer Khaled Dukhi of the Israeli NGO Workers’ Hotline said Israeli labor law is “very good” because it does not differentiate between men and women, Israelis and Palestinians, Muslims and Jews. However, he explained, “Palestinian workers who work for Israelis still suffer because Palestinian middlemen ‘steal’ 50 percent, 60 percent and even 70 percent of their salaries, especially those of women.”

The higher Israeli salaries have been consistent for years, according to surveys published by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Labor Force Survey for the second quarter of 2018 showed that the average daily wage for wage employees in the West Bank was NIS 107.9 ($31.5) compared with NIS 62.6 (18.3) in Gaza Strip. The average daily wage for the wage employees in Israel and the Israeli settlements reached NIS 247.9 ($72.3) in the second quarter of 2018, compared with NIS 242.5 ($70.8) in the first quarter of 2018.


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Student, 21, says she was insulted by Joe Biden when he called her a ‘lying dog-faced pony soldier’ after asking about his poor Iowa results and says it shows how badly his campaign is going

Student, 21, says she was insulted by Joe Biden when he called her a ‘lying dog-faced pony soldier’ after asking about his poor Iowa results and says it shows how badly his campaign is going

Joe Biden called Madison Moore a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier’ after she asked him a question at his campaign event in Hampton, New Hampshire on Sunday

Biden later said he was quoting John Wayne

The 21-year-old Mercer University student had nervously nodded her head yes when Biden asked her if she had ever been to a caucus before

Moore said she didn’t find his remark funny, saying: ‘It was kind of humiliating to be called a liar on national TV by the former vice president’

She added: ‘I am 21-year old college student, like what the hell do I know? Who cares who I am or my experience. Just answer the damn question’

Moore said she wasn’t expecting for her question to make headlines, saying: ‘If I had expected that I would’ve worn makeup. I would’ve looked a lot cuter’

February 10, 2020

A college student who Joe Biden called a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier’ after she asked about his poor performance in Iowa shamed him for ‘humiliating’ her and said his inability to answer her question shows how ‘extremely poorly he’s performing’.

Madison Moore, a 21-year-old economics student at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, said for people to wave off the former vice president’s remark as a ‘joke’ is ‘kind of insulting’. Biden later explained he was quoting John Wayne.

Biden asked Moore if she had ever voted in a caucus and she nodded her head yes while attending his campaign event in Hampton, New Hampshire on Sunday night, leading Biden to call her a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier’.

Moore said: ‘It was kind of humiliating to be called a liar on national TV by the former vice president. Instead of answering that question straightforward, his immediate response was to attempt to invalidate me by exposing my inexperience.

‘He has been performing extremely poorly in this race and the fact that he couldn’t just straight answer my question without bullying or intimidating just exacerbates that fact.

She added: ‘I am 21-year old college student, like what the hell do I know? Who cares who I am or my experience. Just answer the damn question.’

Moore, who is on Mercer University’s debate team, attended Biden’s campaign event as part of a trip for school, reported the Macon Telegraph.

She asked Biden why voters should believe he could win after his performance in Iowa – where he came in fourth place.

‘So you’re arguably the candidate with the greatest advantage in this race,’ Moore said, mentioning how Biden has name recognition as the former vice president and didn’t have to take time off from the campaign trail for impeachment hearings like the 2020 candidates who serve in the U.S. Senate.

‘How do you explain the performance in Iowa and why should the voters believe that you can win the national election?’ she asked.

‘It’s a good question. Number One – Iowa is a Democratic caucus. You ever been to a caucus?’ Biden asked the young voter.

She nodded in the affirmative.

‘No you haven’t. You’ve a lying dog-faced pony soldier,’ Biden said, getting laughs.

‘You said you were – but now you’ve got to be honest. Now, I’m gonna be honest with you. It was a little bit confusing in Iowa,’ he said.

Moore later explained she only nodded her head yes because she got nervous, but said she felt whether she had been to a caucus or not was irrelevant.

Biden’s spokespeople said the line was taken from a scene in a John Wayne movie, where a Native American chief refers to Wayne as a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier.’

Still, Moore said she didn’t find it funny, regardless if he tried to play it off as a joke.

She added she wasn’t expecting for her question to make national headlines, saying: ‘If I had expected that I would’ve worn makeup. I would’ve looked a lot cuter.’

Biden has previously used the same phrase and attributed it to a John Wayne movie.

At a 2018 campaign event for Heidi Heitkamp, Biden said of her opponent Kevin Cramer: ‘As my brother who loves to use lines from movies, from John Wayne movies, there’s a line in a movie, a John Wayne movie where an Indian chief turns to John Wayne and says, ”This is a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

It appears Biden may have misquoted John Wayne as it seems he may have been referring to the 1952 Tyrone Power film ‘Pony Soldier’, which uses the phrase throughout.

Addressing Moore, Biden said: ‘But let’s assume everything was exactly right in Iowa, the idea that you come in with half the delegates that the leaders come in with in Iowa, does not necessarily say how you’re going to win Pennsylvania, how you’re going to win Michigan,’ he argued, suggesting he’d outperform Sen. Bernie Sanders and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the general election swing states.

‘I congratulate Pete, I congratulate Bernie,’ Biden continued. ‘They were really well organized, better organized than we were in Iowa.’

Biden also argued that ‘you have to take the first four as one,’ Biden said of the first early voting and caucus states: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

‘Not a single person has won without overwhelming support from the black community, overwhelming, overwhelming. OK?’ Biden said.

‘Right now I am far and ahead in the African-American community,’ he continued, adding that the final result ‘remains to be seen.’

Iowa has not yet officially declared the winner, but as the results stand Buttigieg came in No. 1 in the traditional metric – the percentage of delegates earned – while Sanders won the popular vote.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren fell in third place with 18 per cent and Biden in fourth with 15.8 per cent.

Other than Amy Klobuchar, who earned 12.3 per cent in the caucus, no other candidate emerged with more than 1 per cent.

New polling out over the weekend shows Biden in fourth place in New Hampshire, as well – with one particular poll showing him only one point ahead of Klobuchar.

He also downplayed expectations in New Hampshire, which holds the nation’s first primary on Tuesday. Biden said he can’t be expected to top Sanders, who represents Vermont, or Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, since they’re from neighboring states.

‘Look, who has won a New Hampshire primary … if you have somebody running in the two states next door to you?’ he asked the crowd.

While in the room, Biden’s odd comment was taken in stride.

Once it hit the internet, however, it was ripe for critics to rip.

Donald Trump Jr. saw the back-and-forth and suggested it showed that the 77-year-old Biden was deteriorating.

‘Are we stil pretending Joe Biden hasn’t lost his marbles?’ Trump Jr. tweeted Sunday afternoon. The first son then suggested people ‘Google a video of him from 30 years ago and compare it to him now and tell me it’s the same person!’

‘Long gone,’ Trump Jr. said.

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Iowa Democrats can’t do simple arithmetic

NBC News review of Iowa caucus vote finds potential errors, inconsistencies

The results as reported by the Iowa Democratic Party raise questions about the accuracy of the outcome of the first-in-the-nation vote.

February 6, 2020

The Iowa Democratic caucus results are rife with potential errors and inconsistencies that could affect the outcome of the election, according to a review by the NBC News Decision Desk.

The apparent mistakes — spotted in at least dozens of the state’s 1,711 precincts — call into question the accuracy of the outcome of Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucus, which was held on Monday night.

In some individual precincts, it may be possible to fix the errors; in other precincts, it will probably be impossible to determine how voters truly made their choices.

The potential errors and inconsistencies take on importance because of the closeness of the contest between the two front-runners — former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

With all percent of precincts reported, Buttigieg had 26.2 percent support and Sanders had 26.1 percent.

The NBC News Decision Desk said it has reviewed the reporting data provided by the Iowa Democratic Party and identified several different types of potential problems with the count.

“There are definitely some inaccuracies in the data,” said John Lapinski, director of the Elections Unit at NBC News, who leads the Decision Desk.

“When you have a tied result, even the smallest sort of inaccuracy could be consequential,” he said. “If there was a lot of spread in this race, these errors would be insignificant. But when we are talking about a tied race, everyone wants to know that every number is correct.”

Lapinski added, “In close races, every number is consequential.”

Results from the contest held Monday were delayed by what organizers said was a problem with a smartphone app. The Iowa Democratic Party said problems with reporting the caucus results were due partly to “coding issues” with the app, which was being used by precincts for the first time.

NBC News has not called a winner in the first-in-the-nation contest.

Here are some examples of the potential errors and inconsistencies:

Numbers don’t add up
The Decision Desk said it identified at least 77 precincts, or 4.5 percent, where the total votes for what is known as “reallocated candidate preference” is greater than the total votes for “initial candidate preference” — a difference that makes no sense.

In the Iowa caucus system, the reallocated preference is based on the raw tally taken after the process of realignment. For instance, if a caucusgoer’s initial preferred candidate did not receive enough support to meet the precinct location’s viability threshold (15 percent in most cases), the caucusgoer is allowed to shift their support — or realign — to another candidate who did attain viability.

Therefore, it doesn’t make sense that the number of voters would increase during this process. If anything, it might decline since caucusgoers whose initial preference didn’t make viability might chose to simply leave, rather than sticking around to support another candidate.

And yet the number of voters appears to have increased in precinct Des Moines-62 in Polk County. The total of votes recorded for initial preference was 784 — but the total number of votes in the precinct on the reallocated preference vote increased to 841. It is unclear how to explain an increase between rounds because the initial preference is supposed to include the votes of everyone who is participating in the caucus. The initial preference should reflect the total turnout in the caucus.

Some of the discrepancies are a result of zero votes being reported for the initial preference. In the Des Moines-80 precinct, for example, there were zero total reported votes on the initial preference vote and 215 total votes on the reallocated preference vote.

Because the precinct has no votes recorded for candidates on the initial preference round it is impossible to know whether the reallocation was correctly done in the precinct. Moreover, because the precinct is not contributing any votes to the total candidate votes on the initial preference ballot the statewide percentages for candidates doing well in this precinct also will be understated.

Other precincts, however, have discrepancies that are more irregular than simply failing to report any data for the initial preference vote.

In precinct WDM-312 in Polk County, there were only 61 total votes reported in the initial preference round, but there were 339 total votes reported in the reallocated preference round.

Looking at the pattern of recorded votes suggests that no initial preference votes were recorded for any of the viable candidates, but only for candidates who had not attained viability — which is not how the process is supposed to work. Because the data was not reported, it is therefore impossible to know what the initial preference votes were for viable candidates in this precinct, nor how voters changed between initial preference and reallocated preference.

Issues with state delegate equivalents
The Decision Desk also said it found allocations of “state delegate equivalents” — the caucuses’ most important prize for candidates — that are hard to reconcile with the other data being reported out of the precinct.

Iowa Democratic caucus results are not actual votes cast. The percentages received by candidates, based on returns of the estimated number of state convention delegates won by each candidate through the caucus process, are known as state delegate equivalents, or SDEs.

Because the 41 elected delegates that Iowa is sending to the Democratic National Convention are elected by the state delegates selected by the Iowa caucus results, issues with the SDEs are potentially more consequential in terms of the overall Democratic nomination for president.

Under the rules, candidates should not receive SDEs if they have less than 15 percent of support in the reallocated preference vote.

Despite that, the Decision Desk said it found at least 15 precincts where a candidate received SDEs, despite being below the 15 percent threshold.

In all but the smallest precincts, the rules state that the viability threshold is determined by multiplying the number of voters by 0.15 and rounding up to the nearest whole number. However, it appears that the viability threshold was calculated by rounding down in several precincts Monday night.

No single candidate seems to have benefited disproportionately from this misapplication of the rules. There were at least six instances where Sanders benefited, four favoring Buttigieg, two for former Vice President Joe Biden, one for Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and one for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

An example of this is in the City of New Hampton Ward Three precinct in Chickasaw County. Forty-two voters participated, meaning that a candidate would need seven votes or more to be above the 15 percent threshold. In the reallocated preference, however, Sanders received only six votes, or 14.29 percent. Despite receiving below 15 percent in the reallocated vote in the precinct, Sanders received 0.1 SDEs from the precinct — when he should have received none.

NBC News has reached out to the Iowa Democratic Party about these potential errors and inconsistencies and has not received a response.

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price said that, “Throughout the collection of records of results, the IDP identified inconsistencies in the data and used our redundant paper records to promptly correct those errors.”

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Fatal DWI suspect bragged about bail reform: ‘I’ll be out tomorrow’

Fatal DWI suspect bragged about bail reform: ‘I’ll be out tomorrow’

January 30, 2020

A Long Island man arrested after a fatal drunken wreck Jan. 12 bragged to cops, “The laws changed, I’ll be out tomorrow,” thanks to new bail reform measures, prosecutors said Thursday.

Jordan Randolph, 40, who did walk free the next day, also told cops the deadly crash was “just a DWI.”

Details of the boozy bust were revealed Thursday as Randolph was hit with a 24-count indictment for vehicular manslaughter, aggravated vehicular homicide and a slew of other charges in the crash that killed 27-year-old Jonathan Flores-Maldonado.

“As Jonathan Flores was left taking his last breaths and dying, this defendant was hurling expletives at both officers and EMTs who were trying to render him aid,” Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Jacob DeLauter said during Randolph’s arraignment.

“At one point, the defendant completely trivialized this deadly collision by stating to police, ‘F–k you, January 1st the laws changed. I’ll be out tomorrow and I will come find you,’” DeLauter said. “He also stated to an EMT that when he gets out, he’ll come find her.”

DeLauter said Randolph, who has three prior DWI convictions, was driving at “more than 135 miles per hour” prior to the deadly crash, and that it took several officers to subdue the hulking suspect.

Randolph had been free without bail for weeks before the Jan. 12 crash — despite an earlier arrest in Suffolk on Jan. 1 and a parole violation in Nassau County on which he was supposed to plead guilty months earlier.

And yet he walked free again after the fatal wreck.

That’s because the new law prohibits judges from setting bail on most misdemeanors and many nonviolent felonies — including drunken driving.

“My son became a body count,” Flores-Maldonado’s mother, Lillian Flores, railed outside the Suffolk courtroom Thursday after Randolph pleaded not guilty to the indictment.

“I’m here to advocate for my son and for any other victims that are subject to the injustices of these new laws,” she said. “My name is Lillian Flores. My son is Jonathan Flores-Maldonado, and he was the one that was mowed down on the damned highway.”

Under the new bail laws, Randolph could not be held after the crash because Suffolk prosecutors only charged him with drunken driving and not with Flores-Maldonado’s death.

Extensive media coverage of the case prompted Nassau County Judge William O’Brien, who was presiding over the parole violation in that county, to order Randolph arrested and jailed.

On Thursday, Suffolk County Judge Fernando Camacho ordered him held without bail on the indictment.

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