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The Washington Post explains how Democrats use zoning laws to ban the construction of affordable housing


Democrats must figure out how to address Blue America’s housing crisis

By Charles Lane

June 17, 2019


There’s nothing like people-watching on L.A.’s West Side, where some folks pitch tents in the parks, while others go in and out of $4 million three-bedroom houses — coffee mug in one hand, Maltese in the other — to get you thinking about affordable housing in the United States.

There is much talk of a crisis, based on statistics such as this one, from a 2018 report by the Pew Charitable Trusts: Of the nearly 43 million households who rented their homes in the United States, 7.3 million — 17 percent — spend half or more of their monthly income on rent. Often, their apartments are an hour or two away from where they work.

The situation is worst in booming coastal cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, which means it is mostly a Blue America problem, and that Democrats — both those who run the blue states and those campaigning for president — are under pressure to come up with solutions.

It’s tricky: Democrats are the party of government, but the housing crisis is in large part government-created.

To cut a long story short, blue American cities and counties need new rental housing, but local zoning, building codes, approval processes and other regulations — the whole legal infrastructure that keeps West L.A. neighborhoods neat, green and oh-so-pleasant — hinder construction.

That web of rules has accrued over decades: In 1960, Los Angeles had 2.5 million people and enough zoned real estate to accommodate housing for 10 million. By 2010, population had grown by 60 percent, to 4 million, but authorities had reduced the city’s maximum zoned residential capacity by 57 percent, to 4.3 million.

A study published in February by UCLA researchers found that Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s goal of 3.5 million new homes statewide by 2025 cannot be met, because no more than 2.8 million could be built under current zoning laws.

Now consider that the incumbent homeowners who benefit from this arrangement are disproportionately white, upper-income, college-educated social liberals who largely vote Democratic, while the losers are disproportionately working people of color, who also vote Democratic.

A month ago, California’s state Senate shelved a bill to deregulate apartment construction. The sponsor was a Democrat from San Francisco, backed by Newsom. Opponents were progressive groups that said the bill would enrich private developers but not ensure affordability — and Democratic elected officials from such places as Beverly Hills, Palo Alto and West Hollywood.

Among Democratic candidates for president, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has offered the most detailed housing plan and, to her credit, it identifies “the root causes of the problem” as insufficient supply, “and state and local land-use rules that needlessly drive up housing costs.”

She would encourage states and localities to change these rules through a $10 billion grant program that would fund parks, roads or schools in return for land-use reform. It’s like the Obama administration’s “ Race to the Top” education-reform program, but for housing. It also resembles a state-level incentive plan Newsom has already proposed in California.

Then Warren would spend $500 billion over the next decade “to build, preserve and rehab” affordable units on the freed-up land (and elsewhere), paid for by restoring estate taxes repealed by the Republican Congress and President Trump in 2017.

Of course, if Warren really wanted to shake things up, she would fund her plans by eliminating both the mortgage interest deduction, for an estimated savings of $33.9 billion per year, and the exclusion of capital gains on home sales, for another $36.3 billion.

Ending those breaks would raise revenue and reduce huge tax-code subsidies for single-family housing — another “root cause” of America’s distorted residential real estate markets. West Los Angeles, and the rest of America’s suburban upper middle class, wouldn’t like it, though.

Tax changes might even be more efficient, as housing policy reform, than spending a national fund on a shortage that is crippling in some localities but nonexistent in others. Warren would distribute the money through all 50 state governments — guaranteeing that the dollars would not necessarily go where they were most needed.

Warren identifies a real challenge and its real origins. Her proposed solution taxes the ultra-rich — “14,000 of the wealthiest families,” in the words of Warren’s plan — but this populist flourish tends to obscure the much wider role of the suburban upper middle class.

These are the people who would ultimately decide whether local communities accept zoning reform. And recent political events in California suggest that their acceptance would be grudging indeed, even if the federal government sweetened the pot with infrastructure funds per Warren’s plan. Perhaps it’s better to see what that state’s own efforts yield before committing the whole country’s resources.

It is largely in Blue America that the future of the nation’s most sought-after living spaces will be decided, with huge implications for the Democrats, and for the social and economic opportunity the party champions.

The battle will be lost unless and until Blue America’s haves find ways to share more of their neighborhoods with the have-nots.

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Waukesha parade attack: Meet the official who agreed to $1K bail for Darrell Brooks ahead of Christmas carnage


Waukesha parade attack: Meet the official who agreed to $1K bail for Darrell Brooks ahead of Christmas carnage

By Michael Ruiz

November 25, 2021

Waukesha parade suspect Darrell Brooks’ release on just $1,000 bail weeks before the deadly attack prompted Milwaukee’s district attorney to announce an investigation into his own office’s request for such a low sum.

But it was a court commissioner, not a low-level prosecutor, who agreed and cleared the way for Brooks’ release.

Court documents identify Cedric Cornwall as the commissioner present at Brooks’ arraignment.

He did not respond to emails seeking an explanation, and no one picked up multiple calls to a phone listed under his name.

Numerous experts, including former prosecutors, police officers and defense attorneys, told Fox News Digital that Brooks’ bail seemed too low for the crime: allegedly punching a woman, stealing her phone and running her over with the same SUV believed to have been used weeks later to cause carnage at a family-oriented holiday parade. He also had charges for another firearms felony pending an active warrant out of Nevada and a record of skipping bail.

“The State’s bail recommendation in this case was inappropriately low in light of the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges against Mr. Brooks,” Milwaukee DA John Chisholm’s office said Monday while announcing the internal investigation. “The bail recommendation in this case is not consistent with the approach of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office toward matters involving violent crime, nor was it consistent with the risk assessment of the defendant prior to setting of bail.”

Even the suspect’s mother allegedly claimed she regretted buying his freedom, according to a New York Post report citing a conversation with an unnamed ex-girlfriend of the suspect.

“She’s wrecked that people were killed as a result and she’s like, ‘I’m blaming myself, because had I not bailed him out, this wouldn’t have happened,'” she said.

Cornwall, who has previously tried to become elected to a judge’s seat, is an appointed court commissioner in Milwaukee serving at the pleasure of the court’s chief judge. Public records show he earned a base salary of $123,547 in 2020 and was hired in 2005. Prior to that he was a public defender and a partner in two private practices.

On the same day he set bail for Brooks, he set bail at $500 for a man accused of strangulation, battery and domestic violence, court records show. And a day earlier, he set bail for a woman facing three felony charges, including one for child abuse, at $1,000.

And in 2006, he set a $100,000 bail for a foreign exchange student accused of a violent sex crime — but didn’t order him to surrender his passport, according to FOX 6 Milwaukee. That man, Tim Tse, then fled to China. Hong Kong authorities later arrested Tse on an unrelated charge and saw his international warrant, allowing for his eventual extradition back to the United States.

“Based on the information that was presented in court, including the serious nature of the offenses the defendant had been charged with and the allegations contained in the criminal complaint, I imposed cash bail that was 10 times higher than the amount requested by the defendant and consistent with the bail requested by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office,” Cornwall said at the time.

“After considering the statements of the prosecutor and defense attorney, I rejected the defendant’s request for lower cash bail in conjunction with his surrendering his passport, given that a person who is determined enough can find a way to leave the country without one.”

He had the authority to set higher bail for Brooks but did not despite a 50-page rap sheet spanning three states and stretching back to 1999, with numerous convictions for violent felonies — and the open warrant out of Nevada.

In the Waukesha case, overseen by a different court in a different county, District Attorney Susan Opper made good on a pledge from earlier this week and requested a bail so high that Brooks would have no hope of paying it: $5 million.

Court Commissioner Kevin M. Costello called it “extraordinarily high” but granted it anyway.

“I have no problem with the bail being recommended by the state,” he said. “The nature of this offense is shocking.”

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The Go-Go’s on Rockpalast in Berlin 11/3/82


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At least 69 athletes collapse in one month, many dead [far more than in previous years – is the COVID-19 vaccine to blame?]


At least 69 athletes collapse in one month, many dead

The reports of athletes who suddenly collapse have been increasing noticeably lately. Heart problems such as heart inflammation are often the cause – one of the known life-threatening side effects of Covid vaccines, which even the manufacturers themselves warn against.

November 26, 2021

The current phenomenon is also evident if you simply look on Wikipedia at the list of footballers who have collapsed and died. The year 2021 stands out with 13 entries so far. In no other year mentioned have more footballers died during a game. And this list goes back to the year 1889. So it really is a historical event.

The mainstream media is curiously uninterested in this major global story. The German online outlet Wochenblick compiled a referenced list of the cardiac incidents in October while another online outlet Granite Grok published a new list of sportsmen collapsing on the field. Other outlets also listed these incidents, with some cases overlapping.

But these do not include Filipino professional basketball star Roider Cabrera who on Wednesday collapsed during tournament play in Pasig City. The Tribune from the Philippines reported he had a cardiac arrest. Roider Cabrera later lost consciousness inside the locker room before he was immediately rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with fatal arrhythmia according to a local news.

Many top athletes from both Europe and the US have reported serious side effects after a Covid jab. For French professional tennis player Jérémy Chardy, it has meant the end of his career. Chardy, formerly ranked 73 in the world, said he has been unable to train and play. “Since I got my vaccine [between the Olympics and the US Open], I have a problem, I have a series of problems. As a result, I can’t train, I can’t play.”

Icelandic professional footballer Emil Pálsson (28) collapsed in the game between his club Sogndal IL and Stjørdals/Blink. As reported by German daily Bild, Pálsson collapsed during the game, according to the Norwegian broadcaster NRK and the newspaper Verdens Gang. According to his club, he suffered cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated.

This week, on November 24, in the middle of the second half of the game between Reading FC and Sheffield United, Sheffield player John Fleck (30) suddenly collapsed on the field due to a cardiac incident and had to be rushed to hospital.

Soccer star from Sheriff Tiraspol Adama Traore went down while holding his chest during the Champions League game against Real Madrid on Wednesday night.

In Montana, a Park City High School football player Jedd Hoffman, passed away this month, almost one week after collapsing on the field during practice. These are cases not yet listed in the ongoing carnage that the jabs have unleashed.

In October cardiac and circulatory events on the sportsfield went through the roof.

Below is a shockingly long list of athletes who collapsed last month from heart problems or circulatory disorders such as strokes. Unfortunately, some of these incidents were fatal for the often very young athletes. The numbers are alarming, especially in view of mandatory Covid shots.

(1) At the encounter between PGS E Bosico and Romeo Menti (Allerona Scalo) in Umbria/Italy on October 2, 2021 , a “young player” from the visiting team collapses without any external influence and is transported to the hospital.

(2) Martin Lefèvre (16) from FC Agneaux collapses without any previous illnesses with a stroke during the game against FC Saint-Lô Manche on October 2, 2021. He is paralyzed on one side and has no ability to speak.

(3) Niels de Wolf, 27, from the Belgian football club White Star Sombeke, suffered a cardiac arrest immediately after the game against Verrebroek on October 3, 2021, was resuscitated with a defibrillator, but died in hospital on October 6, 2021.


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Darrell Brooks’ Facebook posts called for violence against White people, support for Hitler


Darrell Brooks’ Facebook posts called for violence against White people, support for Hitler

‘The old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT,’ one Facebook message from Darrell Brooks read

By Emma Colton

November 24, 2021

The Facebook account appearing to belong to Darrell Brooks, the suspect behind the Waukesha Christmas parade attack, contains memes and messages calling for violence against White people, as well as suggesting “Hitler was right” for killing Jews during the Holocaust.

“LEARNED ND TAUGHT BEHAVIOR!! so when we start bakk knokkin white people TF out ion wanna hear it…the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD..,” Brooks wrote on Facebook on June 9, 2020 accompanied by the middle finger emoji, the Daily Mail reported.

The account has since been deleted. He used the name “MathBoi Fly,” which is an alias Brooks used as a stage name for his amateur rap career.

He also shared a meme titled “Hitler knew who the real Jews were!” according to the Daily Mail.

The message claimed that Adolf Hitler had warned that his genocide was partly prompted because he knew “the negros … are the true hebrews,” appearing to promote the views of the Black Hebrew Israelites. The post added that America had moved “false white Jews into a state of Israel,” and that World War III would unfold when people “learn Hitler was right” and “did the world a favor by killing” Jews.

Brooks commented on the meme, “real game rite here,” which was accompanied by the hashtag “#research.” Such claims about Hitler have been previously debunked.

On June 9, 2020, he shared an ESPN article about NBA player Kyle Kuzma explaining “his belief of what white privilege is.” Brooks commented on the piece, “interesting.”

That same month, he shared a post about a White police officer being “violent towards peaceful protestors.”

Another post showed support for Black Lives Matter accompanied by the middle finger emoji and a police officer emoji, according to screen shots of the account posted by the Daily Mail.

A more recent post also showed the Facebook account weighing in on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict last Friday, saying he “wasn’t surprised 1 bit.”

Rittenhouse was acquitted following a high-profile trial regarding the fatal shootings of two men and the injury of another during riots in Kenosha last summer. The riots came in response to a White police officer shooting a Black man, Jacob Blake, leaving him partly paralyzed.

Waukesha police did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment if they are investigating the posts. Facebook also did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the account and if the company is working with authorities during the investigation.

Fox News also examined a retweet from the Twitter account with the name “MathBoi Fly” from 2012 that expressed shock and called for prayers for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

“18 kids, 18 dreams, 9 adults, 27 families, 27 lost personalities, & 1 sick minded man who decided to murder children #pray #prayfornewtown,” the original tweet read, which was retweeted by what appears to be Brooks’ account.

His amateur rap career also included lyrics saying he was a “terrorist” and a “killer in the city,” The Sun reported.

Police have not yet released a motive behind the attack on Sunday night, but the criminal complaint against Brooks shows witnesses describing the attack as one with “intent.” One detective spoke with a witness who recounted that the SUV that hit the parade attendees zig-zagged through the crowd, describing he felt it was “a direct intent to hit as many parade participants.”

Brooks has been charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide following the attack. The five current charges are in connection with the deaths of Virginia Sorenson, 79, LeAnna Owen, 71, Tamara Durand, 52, Jane Kulich, 52, and Wilhelm Hospel, 81.

A sixth charge is expected following the death of an 8-year-old boy on Tuesday. All of the victims are White.

Brooks, 39, also has an extensive criminal record stretching back to 1999, and made bail twice in Wisconsin this year despite having an active sex crime warrant in Nevada.

A nephew of Brooks, Anaji Brooks, also filed a no-contact order against him in September, saying his uncle shot at him during a fight over an old cell phone in July of 2020.

“It made me come to the conclusion that this man wasn’t family or kin to me,’ Anaji Brooks wrote in his plea for the no-contact order, the Daily Mail reported. “Family shouldn’t hurt family the way he did.”

Brooks made his first court appearance on Tuesday, where he audibly sobbed when District Attorney Susan Opper announced that a sixth victim in the attack had died.

He is being held on $5 million bail in a Wisconsin jail.

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The Washington Post said the Waukesha massacre was “caused by a SUV”

The Washington Post said the Waukesha massacre was “caused by a SUV.”

The original tweet has been deleted. This is the link where it originally was:


Fortunately, the internet archive has a copy of the tweet at this link:


The tweet says:

“Here’s what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by a SUV.”

Here’s a screenshot taken from the archive:

washington post - caused by a suv

Also, since “SUV” is pronounced as “ess yoo vee,” the correct article is “an,” not “a.” At least, that’s what I remember being taught when I was in elementary school back in the 1970s. Was my teacher wrong? Is my memory wrong? Have the rules of grammar been changed? Or is the Washington Post being run by people who don’t know the basic rules of grammar?


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Howard University journalism professor Stacey Patton falsely said that Kyle Rittenhouse was “illegally in possession of a gun.” She also falsely called him a “white supremacist.” Yahoo banned readers from pointing out her errors.

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

November 24, 2021

On November 15, 2021, the Chicago affiliate of NBC News published this article, which says the judge dropped the illegal gun possession charge against Kyle Rittenhouse after the defense argued that because his gun was long-barrel and not short-barrel, it was legal for him to have it.

However, nine days later, on November 24, 2021, Yahoo News published this opinion piece by Howard University journalism professor Stacey Patton, which says that Rittenhouse was

“illegally in possession of a gun”

Here’s an archive of that in case Yahoo ever deletes it.

I would have thought that a journalism professor would be intelligent enough to avoid committing this kind of defamation.

I guess I would be wrong.

And even though all of the people that Rittenhouse shot were white, Patton falsely and repeatedly referred to him as a “white supremacist” – six different times all in that one piece.

Specifically, she wrote the following: (the bolding is mine)

“Welcome to a white supremacist theocracy that is regressing back to its barbaric prehistoric impulses.”

“What I see is saltiness over the intergenerational failure of white supremacy being passed on to their youth as racial resentment and a mandate for racial redemption.”

“And they need man-boys like Rittenhouse to strap up and kill because the future of white supremacy can only be secured by their criminality.”

“Rittenhouse is a young man who was destroyed as a boy by a toxic white supremacist culture”

“The coercive parenting and socialization of white boys is central to understanding white supremacy”

“As such, he had to be acquitted. Once you understand what white supremacy requires to sustain itself and secure its future, you’ll be less shocked and upset over its contradictions and evil.”

Meanwhile, in the real world, all of the people that Rittenhouse shot were white.

Patton gives zero evidence to support her repeated claims that Rittenhouse is a “white supremacist.”

Patton also seems to have zero understanding of the legal concept of self defense. Apparently, she thinks that if people are chasing you, hitting you with a skateboard, assaulting you, pointing a gun at you, and trying to kill you, you have no right to defend yourself from them.

I’m glad she wasn’t on the jury.

It’s interesting that 12 citizens picked at random for a jury showed far, far more awareness of the law than a journalism professor.

After the end of Patton’s opinion piece, Yahoo News wrote:

“Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting”

I’d been reading Yahoo News, as well as the reader comments, for many, many years. One thing that I learned a long time ago is that when it comes to Yahoo News, the reader comments are almost always more informative than the articles.

The real reason that Yahoo didn’t allow reader comments for this particular piece has nothing to do with “creating an engaging place” or “helping users to connect over interests and passions.”

Instead, the real reason they banned reader comments is because they do not want people to know the truth.

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Rus McLaughlin admits that he was mistaken when he said the people shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were black

Screenshot of original tweet, from this link: https://ifunny.co/picture/how-are-people-this-stupid-2-rus-mclaughlin-the-fix-FNIgKl969

Rus McLaughlin

And here’s his tweet where he admits that he was mistaken:


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San Francisco YouTuber Rebecca Watson: “I cannot stress enough that stealing from big box stores is fine”

Rebecca Watson lives in San Francisco. In this 12 minute YouTube video, she defends shoplifting from big box stores, and expands on a tweet that she had previously made about the subject:



Archive of tweet: https://web.archive.org/web/20210926215153/https://twitter.com/rebeccawatson/status/1442245355572105227

Screen capture of tweet:

rebecca watson shoplifting tweet

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New York Times: “Darrell E. Brooks Jr., who is accused of driving his maroon 2010 Ford Escape into the Christmas parade in Waukesha, has a long, violent criminal history — and was freed just six days ago on $1,000 bail after being accused of trying to run over his girlfriend with the same S.U.V.”


Here is what we know about the suspect in the parade tragedy.

November 22, 2021

Darrell E. Brooks Jr., who is accused of driving his maroon 2010 Ford Escape into the Christmas parade in Waukesha, has a long, violent criminal history — and was freed just six days ago on $1,000 bail after being accused of trying to run over his girlfriend with the same S.U.V.

Mr. Brooks, 39, who is from Milwaukee, has been charged with or convicted on an array of charges over the past 22 years, including battery, domestic violence, cocaine possession and resisting arrest in several jurisdictions in Wisconsin.

He has served at least two jail sentences and spent years on probation and in court-mandated work-release and anger management programs, records showed.

On Nov. 2, Mr. Brooks was arrested in Milwaukee after the mother of his child accused him of punching her in the face in a hotel room, then following her in his S.U.V. into the parking lot of a gas station, where he hit her with the car, according to the police.

“Officers observed tire tracks on her left pants leg,” wrote one of the officers, according to a criminal complaint, accompanying a charge of recklessly endangering the woman, which carries a possible sentence of 10 years in prison.

The woman was treated at a hospital for injuries that included facial cuts and bruises. The police observed “swelling on her lip and dried blood on her face.”

Prosecutors agreed to release Mr. Brooks on Nov. 11 for a fraction of the $10,000 bail they initially requested. In a statement on Monday, the Milwaukee district attorney, John T. Chisholm, described the state’s bail recommendation as “inappropriately low” in light of the seriousness of the charges and “not consistent” with office policy.

“This office is currently conducting an internal review of the decision to make the recent bail recommendation in this matter in order to determine the appropriate next steps,” the statement said.

Mr. Brooks’s lawyer in the November case, Joseph T. Domask, said in a brief telephone interview that he could not comment on the case without his client’s authorization.

In almost every one of his brushes with the law, Mr. Brooks resisted arrest or attempted to obstruct officers, according to the records.

That pattern held true earlier this month: When the police tried to arrest him, he sprinted into his residence and “closed four doors on officers” before they restrained him, according to the criminal complaint.

He also has a long history of domestic abuse allegations and paternity warrants, which are typically issued for nonpayment of child support.

Dan Thompson, chief of the Waukesha Police Department, told reporters on Monday that Mr. Brooks had been involved in a “domestic disturbance” immediately before driving through the parade. He declined to release any other details or comment on Mr. Brooks’s previous cases, saying he did not want to compromise the current case.

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The Independent falsely claims the people shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were black



independent on kyle rittenhouse

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James Madison University’s official Instagram account showed Deaquan Nichols falsely saying that the people shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were black




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After the jury ruled that Kyle Rittenhouse shot three white people in self defense, MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross falsely called him a “murderous white supremacist”


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Only Murders in the Building – Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez – Hulu

I recently watched the first season, and I love it.



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Prosecutors Find Mail-In Jury Votes At 3AM, Rittenhouse Now Guilty [Satire]


Prosecutors Find Mail-In Jury Votes At 3AM, Rittenhouse Now Guilty

November 20, 2021

KENOSHA, WI—In a stunning reversal, Kyle Rittenhouse awoke this morning to discover that he had been found guilty after all.

Prosecutors explained that during the night, they had found dozens of mail-in jury votes declaring the defendant guilty on all counts. Apparently, boxes of these mail-in votes arrived in a truck at the courthouse around 3:00 am.

Attorneys for Mr. Rittenhouse were dumbfounded as to how such a thing could have happened, raising questions as to the validity of mail-in jury voting. They stated: “We’ve never heard of this. This isn’t part of the legal system. Where did these votes even come from?”

“How DARE you question the sanctity of our criminal justice system!” cried the prosecuting attorneys. “There is no justice until EVERY vote is counted!”

Prosecutors then explained that it was a new COVID measure they had just instituted. “But given how well it’s worked out,” they said, “we’re planning on making it permanent.”

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Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts


Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts

November 19, 2021

A jury on Friday found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all five counts in the 2020 fatal shooting of two men in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The big picture: Defense lawyers argued Rittenhouse acted in self-defense when he shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and injured Gaige Grosskreutz, in Kenosha in August 2020.

The prosecution argued Rittenhouse was the aggressor and provoked the “entire incident” that led to the shooting.

Rittenhouse, who was 17 years old at the time, said he traveled to Kenosha with an AR-style semi-automatic rifle to protect property and provide medical treatment amid volatile protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Rittenhouse initially faced six counts, but the presiding judge dismissed the possession of a dangerous weapon by a minor charge ahead of closing arguments on Monday.

For nearly two weeks, the jury heard testimony from dozens of witnesses and experts. Rittenhouse also testified in his own defense.

Of note: Judge Bruce Schroeder has drawn criticism from some for his manner during the trial, which has seen him clash verbally with the prosecution and occasionally launch into verbose legal explanations, the New York Times reported.

The jury was “overwhelmingly white,” reflecting the majority-white population of Kenosha County, according to the Times.

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Bernie Sanders assails Democratic ‘hypocrisy’ as the party edges closer to handing the rich a massive tax cut in Biden’s spending bill


Bernie Sanders assails Democratic ‘hypocrisy’ as the party edges closer to handing the rich a massive tax cut in Biden’s spending bill

By Joseph Zeballos-Roig

November 18, 2021

Sanders says Dems risk charges of “hypocrisy” as they edge closer to handing the rich a tax break.

It’s bad policy, bad politics,” the Vermont senator told Politico.

Democrats are uneasy with efforts to provide a bigger state and local tax deduction for people in high-tax blue states.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is raising alarms that Democrats will be exposed to charges of hypocrisy due to a tax cut provision benefiting the wealthy in President Joe Biden’s spending bill.

“You can’t be a political party that talks about demanding the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and then end up with a bill that gives large tax breaks to many millionaires,” Sanders told Politico. “You can’t do that. It’s bad policy, it’s bad politics.”

Sanders’ warning comes as Democrats become increasingly anxious with the largest slice of Biden’s social spending bill: a tax cut for rich Americans residing in high-tax, predominantly blue states.

The House is poised to approve a $1.75 trillion social spending bill that includes a measure lifting the amount of state and local taxes (SALT) that people can deduct from their federal tax bills to $80,000 from $10,000 through 2026. The $10,000 limit was imposed under President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax law.

Experts say lifting the SALT cap would overwhelmingly benefit richer Americans. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center projects most millionaires would be in line for a tax cut under the House Democratic proposal.

“This is giving them a better deal than they had even before 2017,” Brian Riedl, a budget expert at the right-leaning Manhattan Institute, told Insider. “They will have more benefits under Democrats than even Republicans gave them under President Trump.”

Other Democrats are uneasy with the SALT provision. Sen. Jon Tester of Montana told NBC News he wasn’t “a big fan” of the idea because “it gives tax breaks to the wrong people.”

“It would be preposterous if this legislation ends up cutting taxes for the wealthiest people in America,” Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado recently told Insider.

It’s also generating frustration in the House. Rep. Jared Golden of Maine, a vulnerable Democrat in next year’s midterms, wrote on Twitter that SALT relief appeared like something Republicans would do instead.


“The fact that more people and orgs on the Democratic side aren’t up in arms about this is wild,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia, a member of the tax-writing House Ways and Means panel, told Insider it “absolutely” becomes more difficult for Democrats to tout the legislation to the public if it delivers a hefty tax cut to the rich.

“When you just do the math and you find out that most of it’s going to the very, very wealthy, it makes it harder to support,” Beyer said.

Sanders is spearheading negotiations design an alternate plan alongside Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey that would cut the level of tax benefits for the wealthy. They’re eyeing an income cap ranging between $500,000 and $550,000.


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During the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, prosecutor Thomas Binger pointed a gun at the jury, while simultaneously holding his finger on the trigger

While reporting on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Newsweek wrote:

“… Thomas Binger pointed the gun at the jury with his finger on the trigger… “

Associated Press published this photo of it:

Associated Press Thomas Binger

And NBC News published this photo of it:

NBC News Thomas Binger

Binger violated all three of the three biggest rules of gun safety:

1) Always assume the gun is loaded.

2) Never point the gun at anyone you don’t intend to shoot.

3) Never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.

This Tweet from Greg Price compares the irresponsible behavior Binger, to the responsible behavior of Rittenhouse, who is clearly following all three of those rules:


In case Twitter ever deletes that Tweet, here’s an archive of it:


And here’s a screenshot of it that I made:

greg price tweet

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Judge Dismisses Weapons Charge at Kyle Rittenhouse Murder Trial


Judge Dismisses Weapons Charge at Kyle Rittenhouse Murder Trial

November 15, 2021

The judge at Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial has dismissed a count of possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18.

The charge is only a misdemeanor, but it had appeared to be among the likeliest to net a conviction for prosecutors. There’s no dispute that Rittenhouse was 17 when he carried an AR-style semi-automatic rifle on the streets of Kenosha in August 2020 and used it to kill two men and wound a third.

But the defense argued that Wisconsin’s statute had an exception that could be read to clear Rittenhouse. That exception involves whether or not a rifle or shotgun is short-barreled.

After prosecutors conceded in court Monday that Rittenhouse’s rifle was not short-barreled, Judge Bruce Schroeder dismissed the charge.

The ruling came just before attorneys were set to deliver closing arguments Monday.

Rittenhouse, 18, of Antioch, Illinois, faces charges ranging from intentional homicide — punishable by life in prison — to an underage weapons charge that could mean a few months in jail if convicted.

Public interest in closing arguments was evident Monday morning, when more people than usual stood in a line outside Courtroom 209 to get a seat. The first one in line was a man in a red hat and red coat bedecked with silver glitter. Outside, someone erected a cutout of Rittenhouse, and a man stood on a corner waving an upside-down American flag.

Rittenhouse, 17 at the time, traveled the few miles from his home to Kenosha on Aug. 25, 2020, as the city was in the throes of damaging protests that erupted after a white police officer’ shot and wounded Jacob Blake, a Black man.

Bystander video captured the critical minutes when Rittenhouse, with an AR-style semi-automatic rifle, shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz, 28.

Rittenhouse is white, as are the three men he shot. The case raised questions about racial justice, vigilantism, the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and white privilege that polarized people far beyond Kenosha.

Rittenhouse has argued self-defense in the shootings, leaving prosecutors with the burden of proving that his fear for his safety and his use of deadly force were unreasonable. Some legal experts watching the trial said the prosecution struggled to do so.

Perhaps in recognition of that, prosecutors asked Judge Bruce Schroeder to let the jury consider several lesser charges if they acquit him on the original counts. Schroeder indicated on Friday that he would allow some of what prosecutors sought when he gave the jury instructions on Monday.

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Film short: The Other Morgan – A young woman discovers there’s a better version of her in the world


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Ana Kasparian ADMITS SHE DID NOT KNOW Kyle Rittenhouse Was The Person Fleeing In The Kenosha Video


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Sarah Beth Burwick: “I am highly educated and reasonably perceptive, and it was only today that I learned the Kyle Rittenhouse victims were white. My progressive bubble made this seem like a very different case than it is.”


Archive at: https://web.archive.org/web/20211111012846/https://twitter.com/sarahbeth345/status/1458593872557133825

sarah beth burwick

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Black Lives Matter activists threaten ‘riots’ [and “fire” and “bloodshed”] if Mayor-elect Eric Adams reinstates NYPD anti-crime units


Black Lives Matter activists threaten ‘riots’ if Mayor-elect Eric Adams reinstates NYPD anti-crime units

By Chris Sommerfeldt

November 10, 2021

NEW YORK — Leaders of the city’s Black Lives Matter movement on Wednesday threatened “riots” and “bloodshed” in the streets if Mayor-elect Eric Adams reverses the abolition of the NYPD’s controversial anti-crime units.

“If he thinks that they’re going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we are going to take to the streets again. There will be riots, there will be fire and there will be bloodshed because we believe in defending our people,” said Hawk Newsome, co-founder of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, after a heated meeting with Adams in Brooklyn Borough Hall.

“So there is no way that he is going to let some Gestapo come in here and harm our people,” Newsome told the Daily News. “We pray for peace but … prepare for the worst.”

On the campaign trail this year, Adams drew ire from progressives by vowing to reinstate the anti-crime units, which were disbanded at the height of 2020′s Black Lives Matter protests.

“We will shut the city down. We will shut down City Hall, and we will give him hell and make it a nightmare,” said Chivona Newsome, a BLM co-founder and sister of Hawk Newsome.

During the sitdown — which took place behind closed doors, but was livestreamed on Instagram by an attendee — Adams and the BLM activists got into a shouting match as they argued over police policies.

The incoming mayor erupted when Hawk Newsome told him the organization would hold him responsible for any future misconduct by NYPD officers.

Adams replied: “You’re on the ground: Stop the violence in my community. I’m holding you accountable.

“Don’t hold me accountable,” Adams went on. “Being the mayor, being the borough president, being the state senator — I put my body on the line for my community, so I’m not here for folks to come and say, ‘Eric, we’re gonna hold you accountable.’

“No, it’s us. We need to do this together.”

Adams’ finger-pointing prompted Chivona Newsome to interject: “You’re the mayor of New York! There’s only so much we can do.”

“I disagree,” Adams replied.

Chivona Newsome pressed on, telling Adams she believes public safety will improve if as mayor he creates better jobs and education.

“That’s a government issue,” she said.

But Adams wouldn’t have it and interrupted Newsome: “You need to be corrected. You need to be corrected based on what you’re saying. Don’t tell me, ‘I need to do this’ … say, ‘We need to do this.’”

The activists were furious after the meeting.

Hawk Newsome said he heard nothing from Adams to suggest he will seek to fundamentally reform the NYPD.

Earlier in the meeting, a third activist, Dez Marrero, tried to elicit specifics from Adams on his plans for the police department, telling the soon-to-be mayor that he uses “the word ‘we’ a lot” without elaborating.

“We have been doing a lot to hold the NYPD accountable,” Marrero said. “What are you going to do to hold the NYPD accountable?”

Adams dismissed the question.

“Brother, I mean, have you been living under rock?” Adams said, adding he has been “fighting injustices” over the course of his decades-long career as an NYPD captain and a politician.

“The same things I’ve been doing over the past 35 years I’m going to continue to do, and maybe you should look at those things I have done.”

Chivona Newsome told The News after the meeting that she was personally offended by Adams’ way of speaking to her and her fellow activists.

“I don’t know if it was misogyny or ageism, but as the only woman in the room, as the co-founder of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, Mayor-elect Adams thought it was best to correct me, and he wants to know how he can hold me accountable,” she said.

“We are holding him accountable whether he chooses to hold himself accountable or not.”

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This is hilarious. The people of San Francisco can’t figure out what to do with two serial burglars who just got arrested.


Two men with long criminal histories got caught for stealing bikes. What should S.F. do about them?

By Rachel Swan

November 5, 2021

The racket began around 3:30 a.m. on a recent Thursday, as two thieves rummaged through the basement of a three-unit Victorian in San Francisco’s Castro district.

Startled by the noise, a dog in the house barked frantically. One of the residents, Mauricio, scrambled out of bed and grabbed a baseball bat. He heard a clunk. By the time the man got to the shared basement, Mauricio told The Chronicle, the burglars had stolen his bicycle and his neighbor’s e-bike.

Mauricio, who asked to be identified only by his first name because he fears retaliation, called the police. Within hours they had apprehended two suspects — Nicholas Tiller and Tyler Howerton — at Seventh and Market streets downtown, known to be the center of the stolen goods trade in San Francisco.

According to documents reviewed by The Chronicle, both men had extensive criminal histories: Howerton had been arrested seven times on suspicion of burglary since 2019; Tiller had been arrested 13 times in burglary cases since 2013. Both were on probation at the time they were apprehended.

What to do about the two men is a quandary for a city pursuing criminal justice reform while debating how to manage rates of property crime that for years have been among the highest in the nation. District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office has charged them with felony first-degree residential burglary, among other counts, and they could face six years in prison if convicted.

The district attorney’s spokesperson, Rachel Marshall, said in an email to The Chronicle that the office would consider other types of intervention, such as drug treatment, “if there is a specific, viable plan that can address what is driving their behavior.”

Superior Court Judge Brian Ferrall ordered Howerton released from jail with GPS monitoring. He did so over the objection of the District Attorney’s Office, which noted that Howerton wasn’t cooperating with his existing probation. However, as the judge pointed out, another prosecutor had not opposed Howerton’s release at his earlier arraignment.

Tiller remains in jail. Attorneys representing Tiller and Howerton declined to comment.

As of Oct. 31, San Francisco police had received reports of 810 burglaries or attempted burglaries this year in the jurisdiction of the Mission District Police Station, which includes the Castro. That number marks a 13% increase from the 716 reported by the end of October last year.

Police have dispatched more officers to the Castro and nearby areas to address the surge, fueled by a high-end bike boom and correlating with a drop in other forms of theft. The department also adjusted investigators’ work schedules, enabling them to respond to crimes in the moment. Such measures probably helped in arresting Tiller and Howerton, police said.

At the same time, residents and city leaders are searching for answers: Should they tolerate a high level of burglaries as a downside of city living, and focus on barricading their homes? Should people who are repeatedly accused of stealing be targeted with rehabilitation services, or incarcerated so they can’t commit more crimes?

Supervisor Rafael Mandelman is frustrated. He’s a longtime supporter of criminal justice reform whose policy views evolved as he grappled with property crime in his district — a persistent problem that makes residents feel vulnerable in their own homes.

“It raises tricky questions about incarceration,” Mandelman said. “Because so far we’ve been unable to release (Tiller and Howerton) without them committing more crimes. And the question for reformers is, ‘What do we do with someone like that?’”

The Castro and surrounding neighborhoods are hot spots for burglary, in part because many of the homes have garages or basements where residents stow bicycles — an enticement for thieves, because they are valuable and fairly easy to swipe.

Several factors are fueling the trend, from neighborhood architecture, to the e-bike craze, to the increased popularity of bicycles during the pandemic, because gyms were closed and people were driving less often. Thefts of e-bikes and bicycles took off at a time when auto burglaries became less appealing, owing to the dearth of tourist rental cars with luggage in their trunks.

“Unfortunately a lot of these victims have bicycles inside their garages that are being targeted,” San Francisco police Lt. Scott Ryan said. As head of the burglary and auto unit, he saw a rise in home break-ins as the pandemic got into full swing, along with another disturbing pattern: more burglaries happening in the early morning, when people were home asleep.

The timing of these crimes concerns police, in part because it could lead to confrontations between perpetrators and residents. To some, it makes the burglary feel more invasive. Castro resident and Google public affairs chief Rebecca Prozan shuddered, noting that a flight of stairs leads directly from her garage into her kitchen.

Burglars broke into the garage of her Victorian duplex twice at the beginning of the pandemic, she said, stealing bicycles, luggage and wine. They returned twice more to burglarize an adjacent mail room, after she secured the garage door.

Other residents say it doesn’t matter whether a resident is home when a stranger breaks in; the crime still feels like a personal violation. For some, the recent burst in property crimes, many of them unreported, has caused feelings of unease to permeate the Castro. The historic district, long known as a safe haven for the LGBTQ community, has become such a hotbed that police now recommend people lock up their bikes inside their garages.

“It’s not a violent crime, but when someone is in your garage, where you keep your Christmas decorations, your tools, your bicycles — it just makes you feel less safe,” Duboce Triangle resident David Burke said. He’s a civilian employee of the Police Department and serves as the public safety liaison for his district.

For many policymakers, burglaries present a vexing challenge. As Burke observed, the crimes are serious but not violent. The perpetrators are often methodical, repeat offenders with tools and expertise. They know how to drill holes and use wires to open garage doors; they don’t have the desperation of people who steal packages from porches, or even of the drugstore shoplifters who grab toiletries from shelves and toss them into garbage bags.

And in the case of the most recent arrest, both defendants have long rap sheets. Tiller even made headlines in 2016 for participating in a robbery of the Make-a-Wish Foundation at 400 Market St. and stealing — among other things — a scooter autographed by former Giants right fielder Hunter Pence.

Boudin and other policymakers believe that incarceration fails to address the underlying factors in property crime, such as poverty and addiction.

Although San Francisco offers diversion programs and collaborative courts that link people to treatment, the criminal legal system in general “cannot resolve all of the major, structural problems — including poverty, a lack of housing, and widespread addiction that create the conditions for property crime,” said Marshall, his spokesperson.

But some burglary victims have grown disenchanted with the city’s emphasis on programs and services over jail.

“When it comes to the point that these are repeat offenders who are well known and documented — that’s probably the line,” Mission Dolores resident Justin Forth said. Burglars broke into his apartment building’s communal bike storage three times in August, stealing bicycles and a trailer he uses to carry his dog.

While criminal justice experts and policymakers debate strategies and philosophies, Castro residents are taking steps to secure their homes. Eric Hansen said he has installed security cameras, upgraded locks on the windows and placed a sensor on the front door of his white stucco house, which was burglarized twice this year.

Police dusted for fingerprints and analyzed security footage after the second burglary, in September, but were unable to gather enough evidence to make an arrest. The man who jimmied open a door and stole a bike from Hansen’s garage had worn gloves.

Over the course of the year, Hansen and his neighbors acknowledged that property crime is inevitable in San Francisco. They began fortifying their homes with surveillance cameras, simulated TVs and timed lights, while also trimming back trees and removing retractable cords from garages.

“Police gave us some ideas about how to improve not just our house, but the whole block,” Hansen said. “The basic message that they have is, ‘If your block is anti-theft, they will go to another block.”

Some residents grudgingly accept this element of city living. Others are appalled, saying they’ve begun to lose faith in the legal system.

Prozan, the Castro resident who dealt with four burglaries during the pandemic, worked as a prosecutor under former District Attorneys Kamala Harris and George Gascón. She learned from experience that burglaries are difficult and time-consuming to investigate, and that police often see them as a lost cause, no matter who sits in the District Attorney’s Office.

Forth knows this firsthand. Recently while walking through the Castro, he passed by an encampment and glimpsed one of his stolen bikes, as well as the dog trailer. He called police, who were aware that Forth had filed reports for both items.

But the two officers who arrived said they couldn’t do anything. They believed Forth but lacked proof the bike and trailer were his.

“So the situation had to be me going up to people who happen to be living on the street, and saying ‘Hey, I think you stole that,’” Forth said. “And I just wasn’t willing to steal my bike back.”

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