You Can’t Do That on Television – “Halloween” – Nickelodeon (Complete Broadcast, 10/31/1984)

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Jim Zim: Big Model Trains Under And Around The Christmas Tree

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I created this COVID-19 meme based on Peanuts. Please feel free to share it.

I created this COVID-19 meme based on Peanuts. Please feel free to share it.

You can see a larger version at

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Brach’s new “Heart 2 Heart” candy is horrible!

Below are two images. Although they look very similar, they are for two completely different products.

The first image is the regular kind of Brach’s tiny conversation hearts Valentine’s Day candy. I really like these a lot, and have been enjoying them for years.

The second image is Brach’s new “Heart 2 Heart” tiny conversation hearts. These are horrible. The have close to zero flavor. It’s not that they taste bad – it’s that they barely have any taste, period.

I bought the bad kind because I didn’t know how horrible they were.  I mistakenly thought the only difference was that there was a message on both sides instead of just one side. I won’t make that mistake again.

I have since cleansed by palette with the good kind.

(Images from here and here.)


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I am thankful for being a middle class person today instead of the richest person in the world 200 years ago

I am thankful for being a middle class person today instead of the richest person in the world 200 years ago.

I can have a real time conversation with someone who is 1,000 miles away.

I have light bulbs.

I can get from New York to California in hours instead of weeks.

Antibiotics will save my life if I step on a rock and cut my foot.

I don’t have to worry about getting smallpox, measles, or polio.

I can eat ice cream in July, without having to hire an expedition to climb a mountain to bring back ice.

I could buy an air conditioner if I wanted one (although I don’t actually have or want one. I live in Pittsburgh, and don’t think it’s necessary). But think about being a rich person living in Atlanta in July before air conditioning was invented – that would have sucked.

I can listen to just about any music, watch just about any movie, or watch just about any episode of just about any TV show, whenever I want.

My access to information online is bigger than any library that the richest person owned in the past.

I have a flush toilet.

I can take a hot shower whenever I want.

I don’t have to worry about my drinking water being infected with deadly bacteria or parasites.

My clothing is more comfortable than any that existed in the past.

I have zero problem with the fact that there are some people today who have thousands of times as much money as me.

I am grateful for what I do have. I am not resentful for the fact that other people have way more money than me.

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YouTube’s harvest hollow (formerly known as nerdgirl20): “What I Got For Christmas 2016”


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Silent Night by Chewbacca

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Starbucks offered Mark Dice money to remove one of his videos from YouTube. He turned them down. Here’s the video.

This is Mark Dice’s recent video from November 18, 2016. It’s called “Starbucks Tried to Buy Me Off”:


And this is the video that Starbucks tried to get him to remove. It’s from November 12, 2015, and it’s called “STARBUCKS RED CUPS and the TRUTH about the WAR ON CHRISTMAS 2015”:

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Black veteran says he was refused free Veteran’s Day meal at Chili’s after man in Trump shirt questioned his service

I hope that both of the involved Chili’s employees get fired. There is no excuse for the disrespect that they showed to this customer:

Black veteran says he was refused free Veteran’s Day meal at Chili’s after man in Trump shirt questioned his service

November 14, 2016


Ernest Walker: Served Proudly 25th Infantry Division Tropic Lightning I was only 16 and homeless I had ran away from home at 13 and slept in 23 different houses when a recruiter saw me sleeping behind a Kroger and I sign up and it SAVED MY LIFE !!!!!

A black veteran says that he was refused a free Veteran’s Day meal at Chili’s after a man wearing a Trump shirt called his military service into question.

On Friday, Ernest Walker visited a Chili’s in Cedar Hill, Texas, planning to partake in the chain’s offer of a free meal for military veterans, CBS 11 reports.

Walker says everything was normal as he ordered his food. Then, he was approached by a man who questioned his military service.

“I was approached by an old white guy, maybe in his 70s, with a Trump shirt, at Chili’s on Veteran’s Day yesterday… He said he was in Germany, and that they did not let Blacks serve over there,” Walker wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday.

Walker told Dallas News he was stationed in Hawaii in the 25th Infantry Division during the late 1980s. Black soldiers have fought in every American war since the Revolutionary War, including World War II, though often in segregated units.

Walker said that as he prepared to leave with a to-go box of food, he was approached by the Chili’s manager, Wesley Patrick. Walker said Patrick told him that another customer had reported he was not a real veteran, and that his dog, who was with him at the restaurant, was not an actual service dog.

“At this point I was grossly offended embarrassed dehumanized and started [r]ecording,” Walker, whose name on Facebook is Ernest Blackbatman, wrote in a post accompanying a video that he recorded. “Mr. Wesley snatched my food away, made body contact.”

In the video, Patrick repeatedly tells Walker he needs to leave, eventually taking away his to-go box of food.

Walker said in another Facebook post that he joined the military when he was only 16 years old, at a time when he was homeless and sleeping behind a Kroger.

Over the weekend, Walker’s Facebook post was shared more than 5,000 times. Chili’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were flooded with criticism.

“You allow racism among your management staff? I find it hard to believe that your executives would be okay with this behavior,” one comment reads. “I love your restaurants, I’ve dined at dozens and dozens of your locations. Now please… so people feel safe next time they eat at a Chilis.”

It’ll be a lot of bizs like @Chilis losing black folk $$ like in the #MontgomeryBoycott. Let the boycotts begin.

— S. Maxx Mahaffey (@smaxxmahaffey) November 14, 2016

As a 21 year Army Veteran I will no long be going to @Chilis after what I just saw and read. #disrespectful

— Demond Gooch (@dsgooch40) November 14, 2016

Boycott @Chilis in Cedar Hill, TX until they fire that ignorant, cruel manager Wesley Patrick! #Chilis

— MsEbonyTheTeacher (@ebonynichole) November 13, 2016

.@Chilis 1) Have you apologized to this vet?

2) Has this employee been disciplined?

3) What training are you planning to avoid this again?

— Gabe Ortíz (@TUSK81) November 13, 2016

“I will certainly not be dining at Chili’s Grill and Bar while they remain silent on hiring racist or bigoted staff who assault African-American veterans,” reads another.

Chili’s has said on social media that its parent company, Brinker International, is working to address the issue. Brinker International did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

@Bebos4912P We’re taking this situation very seriously & the leaders in our company are actively involved with the goal of making it right!

— Chili’s Grill & Bar (@Chilis) November 14, 2016

According to CBS 11, Walker and his attorney are planning on meeting with representatives from Brinker International on Monday.

Walker’s attorney says that a Brinker attorney apologized to her on behalf of the company.

The company has not yet issued a public apology to Walker beyond stating on Facebook: “Our goal is to make every guest feel special. Unfortunately, we fell short on a day that we strive to honor our Veterans and active military for their service.”

The US has seen a rise in racially-motivated attacks following the election of Donald Trump on Tuesday. Representatives from two organizations that track hate crimes, the Southern Povery Law Center and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told USA Today that they have seen a much larger number of people reporting hate crimes than is typical since the general election.

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Tufts University campus police to probe ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes, students told

Campus police to probe ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes, students told

October 25, 2016

Members of Tufts University’s Greek system have been told they could face “serious disciplinary sanctions” — including a possible investigation by the campus police — for wearing Halloween costumes that offend peers or make the campus community “feel threatened or unsafe.”

The warning was part of a letter to the presidents of fraternities and sororities on campus signed by various Greek Life council leaders, who asked the chapter presidents to relay the message to their members.

The letter stated in part that “Greek Brothers and Sisters have worn costumes that appropriate cultures and reproduce stereotypes on race, gender, sexuality, immigrant or socioeconomic status. Outfits relating to tragedy, controversy, or acts of violence are also inappropriate. … It is our mission to promote spaces that allow members of the Tufts community to have fun without feeling as though any part of their identity is being misrepresented or targeted.”

The letter went on to warn “there are consequences for wearing an offensive costume.”

It states: “Mary Pat McMahon, the Dean of Student Affairs, described the consequences as follows: ‘The range of response for students whose actions make others in our community feel threatened or unsafe, or who direct conduct towards others that is offensive or discriminatory, includes [Office of Equal Opportunity] and/or [Tufts University Police Department] investigation and then disciplinary sanctions from our office that could run a wide gamut depending on what is brought to our attention and the impact of these actions on others. Any complaints will result in full investigation by University officials and could result in serious disciplinary sanctions through Judicial Affairs.’”

The letter then encouraged students to report each other if they “encountered someone who is wearing an inappropriate and offensive costume,” providing the URL to Tufts’ “Incidents of Bias, Intolerance, Discrimination and/or Hate Reporting Form.”

Signed by the Inter Greek Council, Multicultural Greek Council, InterFraternity Council, and Panhellenic Council, the letter also reminds students to obtain consent before any sexual encounters during Halloween, citing a traditional increase in assaults during this time.

In a statement emailed Monday to The College Fix, campus spokesman Patrick Collins clarified that “Tufts University does not have a ‘Halloween costume policy.’”

“The letter was written by students, for students, to encourage a thoughtful and considerate celebration of Halloween within our diverse and inclusive community and to stress the importance of alcohol safety and sexual consent,” Collins said. “We commend the leaders of our Greek Life councils for proactively raising these important issues with their fellow participants in Greek Life and encouraging responsible behavior. As is the case at any time, students whose actions are discriminatory or threaten others can face a range of disciplinary sanctions. Depending on their seriousness, such actions, when called to our attention, can prompt investigations by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, the Office of Equal Opportunity or, in certain circumstances, the Tufts University Police Department.”

Jake Goldberg, a student at Tufts University and founder of Students Advocating for Students, a free speech advocacy group which first reported on this issue, told The College Fix that “this campus, as well as many other universities around the country, have fundamentally inverted the meaning of tolerance.”

“Many of my friends have felt compelled to alter their costume plans out of fear of administrative retaliation,” Goldberg told The Fix. “Merely unintentionally offending somebody with your costume could cause a Tufts student to face severe discipline … . A truly tolerant campus would ignore unfavorable costumes, a truly totalitarian campus would censor them. It seems quite clear based off of Tufts’ policy which category the university falls into.”


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University of Florida offers counseling to students who are offended by Halloween costumes

Halloween Costume Choices

October 10, 2016

October brings fall weather and Halloween. If you choose to participate in Halloween activities, we encourage you to think about your choices of costumes and themes. Some Halloween costumes reinforce stereotypes of particular races, genders, cultures, or religions. Regardless of intent, these costumes can perpetuate negative stereotypes, causing harm and offense to groups of people. Also, keep in mind that social media posts can have a long-term impact on your personal and professional reputation. The University of Florida’s Division of Student Affairs Diversity and Social Justice Statement reminds us that UF fosters a community that values and respects diversity. An inclusive definition of diversity recognizes the variety of personal and social experiences that make individuals and communities different from one another.

As a community, we aspire to demonstrate integrity, respect, and compassion that strives to maintain an affirming campus climate for all members of our community. If you are troubled by an incident that does occur, please know that there are many resources available. Please take advantage of the 7 day a week presence of the U Matter, We Care program at the University of Florida by emailing Additionally, there is a 24/7 counselor in the Counseling and Wellness Center available to speak by phone at 352-392-1575. Lastly, the Bias Education and Response Team at the University of Florida is able to respond to any reported incidents of bias, to educate those that were involved, and to provide support by connecting those that were impacted to the appropriate services and resources. You may submit a bias incident report at . Thank you for being mindful of these values, and have a fun and safe Halloween.

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Video shows Yale student freaking out and yelling profanity at professor who said students have a right to dress up for Halloween


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TruMoo Orange Scream Milk

I agree with the woman in this video. I tried this stuff and it’s great.


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Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas!

(And yes, I am Jewish! But I love Christmas!)

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