Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor’s training was “fast tracked” so the city could “add diversity” to its police force

Mohamed Noor is the Minneapolis police officer who recently shot and killed an innocent, unarmed, law abiding woman named Justine Damond, after Damond had called 911 to report that she had heard a possible sexual assault taking place near her home.

Officer Moor has not offered any explanation for his actions. He is not claiming self defense.

Instead, officer Noor is asking that his privacy be respected, as if somehow, it’s a violation of privacy for people to want to know why a police officer shot and killed an innocent, unarmed person.

Anyway, the Star Tribune is now reporting that officer Noor’s police training had been “fast tracked” so the city could “add diversity” to its police force.

I’ve got a better idea: instead of “fast tracking” and “diversity,” let’s have “high standards” and “excellence.”

The liberals who support affirmative action, and especially those who support affirmative action in the hiring of police officers, ought to rethink their support of this ridiculous policy.

“Excellence” should always take precedence over “diversity.”

Here’s another real world example of what happens when liberals value “diversity” over “excellence.”

When Barack Obama was president, he forced the New York Fire Department to hire black firefighters who failed its “racist” qualification test, including a black firefighter who refused to fight fires.

Here are the specific details.

It is extremely easy to pass the New York Fire Department’s written test.

The test is multiple choice.

And it’s open book.

And the questions are insultingly easy – here are three examples of actual questions from the test:

A group of firefighters and their officer respond to a fifth floor apartment in a seven-story building. When they arrive at the apartment, they are told that the contents of a wastepaper basket was on fire, and the fire was extinguished prior to their arrival. The officer instructs the firefighters to ventilate, or remove, the smoke from the apartment by first using a method that will not cause damage to property. Which one of the following would be the most appropriate method for the firefighters to use to remove the smoke?

A) Breaking out all the windows with a crowbar.
B) Pulling down the ceiling with a six-foot hook.
C) Cutting through the floors with an eight-pound axe.
D) Manually opening all the windows and removing the screen.

Firefighters are required to operate on the subway tracks during emergencies in the subway stations. Which one of the following would present the greatest threat to the safety of a firefighter working on the subway tracks?

A) A subway platform crowded with people.
B) Rubbish burning in a small garbage can located on a subway platform.
C) A subway car entering a station.
D) A maintenance crew working on the track.

Firefighters conduct building inspections to locate potential life-threatening conditions in the even there is a fire. Which one of the following would the most-serious threat to life in the event of a fire?

A) An unlocked front door in a building.
B) A locked basement door in a building.
C) A car in the driveway of a building.
D) A building with a missing fire escape.

In March 2011, Obama claimed that the above questions were “racist.”

Obama then ordered the New York Fire Department to hire black firefighters who scored only 30% on that test.

That’s 30% right – not 30% wrong.

30%, on an open book, multiple choice test, with questions so easy that you’d have to be a complete idiot to get them wrong.

One of the unqualified black people that Obama pressured them to hire is a guy named Michael D. Johnson.

As of May 2015, Johnson had been working as a firefighter for the past 11 months, and was getting paid an annual salary of $76,488 by the New York Fire Department for his job as a firefighter.

However, during those 11 months, Johnson refused to actually fight fires.

And his supervisors were afraid to fire him because they didn’t want to be accused of “racism.”

That is what happens when liberals value “diversity” instead of “excellence.”


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  1. Constitution Believer replied:

    Well I HAVE a few questions of my own.
    WHY was their body cams OFF?
    WHY was this morons finger on the TRIGGER? Cops are trained to have their trigger finger run alongside of the trigger to prevent accidents/
    WHY was the SAFETY OFF on his weapon?
    The woman came up to the car, could this asshole not see she was unarmed?
    Now there was something in your post Dan that struck me odd on this issue…when you posted that about Obama DEMANDING MINORITIES be hired, will in my opinion that just opened the door to any black, and they are the ones that is supposed to be the minority, with a hair up his ass when it comes to whites, or in this case the majority.
    They say the skinny black dude was NOT a racist….that bastard was more of a racist than he led the people to believe.

  2. Steve Russak replied:

    Is this Noor still on the police force? Is he being charged wit manslaughter? Has the family of the victim filed a “wrongful death lawsuit” against the city of Minneapolis?

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