Poll: Can you tell which one of these two women is Chelsea Clinton, and which one is Rebecca Hubbell?

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

April 27, 2018

One of the two women pictured below is Chelsea Clinton. The other one is Rebecca Hubbell, daughter of Webster Hubble, who was Hillary Clinton’s law partner in the late 1970s. Chelsea was born in 1980. I’m not sure which picture is Chelsea and which is Rebecca. (I got the image from https://i.imgur.com/ouVbBvy.jpg )

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  1. horseface replied:

    Bill clinton is a rapist

  2. TheAgnosticBuddhist (@RaginglyStupid) replied:

    Bill Clinton is a rapist who shoots blanks.

  3. insight replied:

    The one with evil eyes is the spawn of Hillary and raised in corrupt politicians household. Even Hillary as a child looks evil mean girl. God was merciful the day Hillary was declared a loser in presidential election.

  4. 553joz replied:

    No Doubt, whatsoever, that Webb is ‘Daddy to Chelsea’…these two look like twins. Hillary has lied for years about her Whole Life-Including this affair and is as Phony as a $3 Bill and the SAME RADICAL as her days w/her mentor, “Marxist-Saul Alinsky, she wrote her thesis on, and remained friends until his death….Alinsky Wrote: “Rules For Radicals”…(Hillary’s bible)

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