New York considers ending literacy tests for prospective public school teachers because too many black and Hispanic applicants were failing

The New York Post reports:

State education officials plan to scrap a literacy exam given to prospective teachers

And why are they doing this? The article continues:

Sources said education officials also were concerned about the disparity between passing rates among white and minority candidates.

In 2013-14, only 48 percent of aspiring black teachers and 56 percent of prospective Hispanic educators passed, compared to 75 percent of white candidates, the website Chalkbeat reported in February.

And there you have it.

The public school bureaucrats think that when it comes to hiring teachers, racial diversity is more important than knowing how to read.

This is what happens when you put idiots in charge.

March 7, 2017. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Dumbing down, Education, Political correctness, Racism, Social justice warriors.


  1. Bill Truitt replied:

    not surprising. expected!

  2. BGills replied:

    If implemented, this will make New York our nation’s leader in a Liberal driven, compulsory, race to the bottom.
    In their quest to be all-inclusive, they would impose a standard which seeks the lowest common denominator in place of excellence, or even competence. A society which demands participation awards for all, so no one can any longer distinguish the difference between the incompetent, and accomplished. A frightful reality where Intellectual equals abound, a world where correctly spelling your own name is the ultimate indicator of intellect, and anything beyond it is reviled as unnecessary elitism, or the enemy of the People.

  3. poetopoet replied:

    Most black college educated NFL and the NBL players cannot write a check, demonic-crats rule the day.

  4. HMichael Hawkins replied:

    NY has incredibly stupid rules about teachers. It’s true; they can’t fire anyone. If for any reason, a teacher must be removed from the classroom, they are sent to a facility with all the other teachers who are not teaching. They get full salary and do absolutely NOTHING each day, all day, for as long as they want to stay employed. Who wouldn’t want this kind of deal? This is why the Teachers’ Union is so hysterical about Betsy DeVos being Secretary of Education. She’s trying to get that policy canceled, among many other efforts to improve the actual teaching of children. The Unions rule the system and remain in power by financially supporting politicians who will support this insanity. Just look at who is Mayor of NYC! If you are a New York Liberal, it only makes sense to have edgeumacators who can’t read or write. The students who also can’t read or write feel so much better about themselves with a teacher who is probably dumber than they are!

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