Social justice warriors at Salisbury University stop being mad over anti-black hate crime when they find out the perpetrators were black

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

April 30, 2016

At Salisbury University in Maryland, someone drew a body hanging from a noose, with the n-word, and a “white power” hashtag.

Here is the image, which I got from here, and am using under fair use:

Salisbury University

Everyone at the college was upset over this, and justifiably so.

However, after it was discovered that the two people who drew the image and wrote the words were black, some of the people who had been upset, stopped being upset.

The social justice warriors no longer seemed to care.

The school police said that no charges will be filed.

And the school refuses to name the two students.

In my opinion, the fact that these two students are black should not make any difference in how they are treated.

Regardless of their race, they should be identified, expelled, and charged.

But because they are black, none of those things is happening.

There is definitely a huge double standard going on.

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  1. HMichaelH replied:

    Of course, I agree with your opinion about what should happen to these two porch monkeys. They should be charged with extra indictments, given their purpose was to create unrest among the faculty and student body

    It is clear Negroes are using political correctness to their unfair advantage. They have become aggressive, more criminal, and racist in their actions against police and Caucasians in general. The Negro race has become a race of hatred and violence. I believe this usurpation and abuse of power emanates directly from the election of a Mullato President, and the perceived power shift caused by his election. Nevermind the Ghetto Negro has continued to suffer abuse at the hands of Liberal Politicians from neglect, their ignorance continues their adoration of Ohbongo based exclusively on his skin color. Martin Luther King would be horrified about this outcome.

    The professional Race Baiters, such as Sharpton and Jackson. have used this power shift to increase the level of racial hatred, both from the Negroes and the Caucasians. Hispanics and Asians must be sitting on the sidelines taking all of this unrest in and wondering when they are going to have their day at power and violence against those they feel oppress them.

    Ohbongo has done much to destroy America, not the least of which has been the increased hatred, violence and distrust among the races. This most recent criminal action on the campus of Salisbury (my stepson’s Alma Mater) is just one more example of the disintegration of our culture. That they have gotten away with it without ANY consequences is a crime, and invites the next act of unjust revolution among the Negroes.

  2. Mongoose replied:

    Without double standards they would have none at all.

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