Obama claims that these 10 written questions from an employment test are “racist”

The Obama administration has accused the New York City Fire Department of “racial discrimination” because it required potential firefighters to take a written test.

Obama wants to force the New York City Fire Department to hire black and Hispanic applicants who failed this so-called “racist” written test.

Here are ten real examples of these so-called  “racist” questions from the New York City Fire Department test:

1. While operating at the scene of a car fire on a street, a firefighter was told to inform the officer of any dangerous conditions at the scene. Which one of the following conditions would be considered most dangerous to the firefighter operating at the scene of the car fire?

A) The car is leaking gasoline.

B) The car has four flat tires.

C) Vehicle traffic has come to a complete stop at the scene.

D) The car’s windshield is broken.

2. Firefighters are sometimes expected to administer aid to victims who are bleeding. To control bleeding, firefighters must perform the following actions in the order given.

i. Apply direct pressure to the wound by placing a sterile dressing against the wound and applying firm pressure.

ii. If #1 is unsuccessful, elevate the bleeding part of the body above the level of the victim’s heart.

iii. If #1 and #2 are unsuccessful, find the nearest artery by the wound and press the artery against the underlying bone.

iv. If #1, #2, and #3 are unsuccessful, use a tourniquet, which should be placed between the heart and the wound. Note: Tourniquets should only be used for severe, life threatening bleeding that cannot be controlled by other means.

Firefighter Jacobs has just come upon a young woman who has just started bleeding profusely from the lower part of her right arm. Which one of the following actions should Firefighter Jacobs take first to control the woman’s bleeding?

A) Hold the woman’s right arm above her head.

B) Apply a tourniquet just below the woman’s right elbow.

C) Press the artery that is closest to the wound against a bone.

D) Use a sterile dressing to apply direct pressure to the wound.

3. Firefighters must stop the flow of traffic in the safest possible manner when operating at the scene of fires or other emergencies located on highways. Firefighters have been assigned to stop traffic at night while operating at the scene of a car fire located on a highway. Which one of the firefighters is the most likely to attract attention of motorists in the safest manner?

A) Firefighter Reilly, who is waving her hands back and forth.

B) Firefighter Chang, who is jumping up and down.

C) Firefighter Ali, who is yelling as loud as she can.

D) Firefighter Diaz, who is waving his flashlight in a back and forth motion.

4. A fire department instructor is explaining to a newly-assigned firefighter the hazards of electrical wires that have fallen in the street. Which one of the following is an action that a firefighter should NOT take?

A) Keep people away from the fallen wires.

B) Use caution when working near energized wires.

C) Handle highly-energized wires while standing in a puddle of water.

D) Notify the utility company and tell them to respond to the emergency.

5. Firefighters have responded to an apartment for an emergency water leak and are now standing in front of the door to the apartment. Which one of the following actions should the firefighters take first to gain entry into the apartment?

A) Knock loudly on the door and then try the doorknob.

B) Cut a hole in the door with a portable saw.

C) Strike one of the door hinges with the back of an axe.

D) Locate the fire escape and climb into the apartment through a window.

6. After firefighters are sure that a fire has been extinguished, and that there is no hazard in the building, they begin a salvage operation. Salvage involves moving and covering furniture and other properties, covering broken windows and holes in the building with plastic, and redirecting and cleaning up water to minimize damage. After extinguishing a fire in a high-rise apartment building, firefighters begin salvage operations. Which of the following pieces of property is in the most danger of being damaged?

A) A leather couch that has been burned on one side.

B) A large screen television with a broken screen.

C) An antique painting hanging under a leaking ceiling.

D) A pillow laying [sic] on the floor in a puddle of water.

7. A fire department instructor is explaining the hazards of operating on a frozen lake to a newly-assigned firefighter. Which of the following is an action that a firefighter should not take in this situation?

A) Put on a personal flotation device.

B) Bring heavy equipment onto the lake.

C) Prohibit civilians from going out onto the lake.

D) Engage firefighter safety line prior to operating on ice.

8. Firefighters conduct building inspections to locate potential life-threatening conditions in the even there is a fire. Which one of the following would the most-serious threat to life in the event of a fire?

A) An unlocked front door in a building.

B) A locked basement door in a building.

C) A car in the driveway of a building.

D) A building with a missing fire escape.

9. Firefighters are required to operate on the subway tracks during emergencies in the subway stations. Which one of the following would present the greatest threat to the safety of a firefighter working on the subway tracks?

A) A subway platform crowded with people.

B) Rubbish burning in a small garbage can located on a subway platform.

C) A subway car entering a station.

D) A maintenance crew working on the track.

10. A group of firefighters and their officer respond to a fifth floor apartment in a seven-story building. When they arrive at the apartment, they are told that the contents of a wastepaper basket was on fire, and the fire was extinguished prior to their arrival. The officer instructs the firefighters to ventilate, or remove, the smoke from the apartment by first using a method that will not cause damage to property. Which one of the following would be the most appropriate method for the firefighters to use to remove the smoke?

A) Breaking out all the windows with a crowbar.

B) Pulling down the ceiling with a six-foot hook.

C) Cutting through the floors with an eight-pound axe.

D) Manually opening all the windows and removing the screen.




Answers:  1-A, 2-D, 3-D, 4-C, 5-A, 6-C, 7-B, 8-D, 9-C, 10-D

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  1. Constitution Believer replied:

    First of all before we start, please excuse some of the expressions I will be using to define our illustrious leader in Washington.
    How in the hell can any of those questions be classified as RACIAL?
    Could it be because this moron who the Dumbocrats elected both in 2008 and 2012 is a racist himself?
    Oh, perish the thought that our wonderful President could ever stoop that low as to be a racist. That would never happen to anyone in the Democratic National Committee, after all that is something that only Republicans are….
    Bottom line is, when someone calls me a racist because I don’t support Obama or support the DNC I generally tell them, hey I am just a racist as you are after all I am a Native American and you are calling me a racist.
    Generally that shuts them up for a while.

    • Gene Pinkham replied:

      My Firefighting Merit Badge test in 1972 was harder than this.

      • Constitution Believer replied:

        Gene, I gave my wife that test and she is 67 and she passed it with flying colors. You figure out the rest.
        But according to Obama I guess this test makes my wife is a racist…funny if she was a racist she would not have married a Native American.

  2. JoeThePimpernel replied:

    The fact that black candidates cannot successfully answer these questions means that they are functional illiterates.

    Thank you, teachers unions, for nothing.

  3. SandyLester replied:

    Is this satire?
    How are these questions racist?

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      No, it’s not satire. And no, the questions are not racist. My point is that Obama is making a false accusation of racism, that he’s a race pimp, and that he’s an idiot.

      • Constitution Believer replied:

        I applaud you Dan for having the stones to say it publicly.
        You have said what I have been saying for the last 5 years.

  4. Dixie Hacker Hurley replied:

    First of all this or any other idiot had better wake up smell the coffee an raEalize this test has not one thing to do with racism of any sort ! This test has to do with every single fire fighter of any kind needs to know proper safety precautions to take on the job , first because they are hired an there to save the lives an see to the safety of the public , an secondly because they may be saveing an haveing to save the lives of their own selves an their fellow work mates as well at some time or even more than one time ! You simply cannot save anyone if you do not know how to. An that is nothing to do with race of any kind . An your potential employers have a right to know and to find out if you do know an understand how to do that job no matter who you are period . Now I am a woman one and a woman who is white and Cherokee an French etc. and I would expect to take that test and any other one deemed necessary to that job an the handleing of it if I applied for it . And I would not consider it racist an or out of line in any way at all what so ever period . An I would fully expect to be seen as being a complete idiot , dipstick , Moran , fool, an stupid bitch if I had the attitude that that test was anything but proper ! So wake up people , quit being fools an morans an realize these tests are meant to keep everyone safe includeing you ! An go to school an learn things , what ever you need to learn if you have to in order to qualify for a job . That’s what the entire rest of the world the real real real world has to do ! An there’s nothing racist about it period .

  5. Eric Lund replied:


  6. Eric Lund replied:

    See Obama uses media to Lie About Layoffs Due to ObamaCare at http://capoliticalnews.com/2013/09/20/obama-uses-media-to-lie-about-layoffs-due-to-obamacare/    Sincerely, Eric   Note that Obama is an immenient threat to the U.S. economy. We already have 101.5M Gov’t Health-Plan Enrollees Outnumber 97.2M Full-Time Private Sector Workers (without ObamaCare).  See (CNSNews.com) September 19, 2013 – 4:21 AM article titled, “101.5M to 97.2M: Gov’t Health-Plan Enrollees Outnumber Full-Time Private Sector Workers”.  A Obaama lies about ObamaCare.

  7. Douglas Oscar Garner replied:

    so,Obama is saying Black people are inferior to white people?

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