Affirmative action at its finest

It is extremely easy to pass the New York Fire Department’s written test.

The test is multiple choice.

And it’s open book.

And the questions are insultingly easy – here are three examples of actual questions from the test:

A group of firefighters and their officer respond to a fifth floor apartment in a seven-story building. When they arrive at the apartment, they are told that the contents of a wastepaper basket was on fire, and the fire was extinguished prior to their arrival. The officer instructs the firefighters to ventilate, or remove, the smoke from the apartment by first using a method that will not cause damage to property. Which one of the following would be the most appropriate method for the firefighters to use to remove the smoke?

A) Breaking out all the windows with a crowbar.
B) Pulling down the ceiling with a six-foot hook.
C) Cutting through the floors with an eight-pound axe.
D) Manually opening all the windows and removing the screen.

Firefighters are required to operate on the subway tracks during emergencies in the subway stations. Which one of the following would present the greatest threat to the safety of a firefighter working on the subway tracks?

A) A subway platform crowded with people.
B) Rubbish burning in a small garbage can located on a subway platform.
C) A subway car entering a station.
D) A maintenance crew working on the track.

Firefighters conduct building inspections to locate potential life-threatening conditions in the even there is a fire. Which one of the following would the most-serious threat to life in the event of a fire?

A) An unlocked front door in a building.
B) A locked basement door in a building.
C) A car in the driveway of a building.
D) A building with a missing fire escape.

Obama claimed that the above questions were “racist.”

Obama then ordered the New York Fire Department to hire black firefighters who scored only 30% on that test.

That’s 30% right – not 30% wrong.

30%, on an open book, multiple choice test, with questions so easy that you’d have to be a complete idiot to get them wrong.

One of the unqualified black people that Obama pressured them to hire is a guy named Michael D. Johnson.

For the past 11 months, Johnson has been getting paid an annual salary of $76,488 by the New York Fire Department for his job as a firefighter.

However, Johnson refuses to actually fight fires.

And his supervisors are afraid to fire him because they don’t want to be accused of “racism.”

In a separate incident, also caused by affirmative action, the New York Fire Department recently hired a woman named Rebecca Wax to work as a firefighter, even though she failed the physical test of on the job skills that it takes to be a firefighter. The physical test includes such activities as breathing through a mask attached to an air tank while carrying up to 50 pounds of gear, climbing six flights of stairs, stretching hose lines, raising ladders, breaking doors, and dragging dummies through tunnels with no visibility. She failed this physical test of firefighting skills, but was hired as a firefighter anyway because of affirmative action.

Any logical person is in favor of meritocracy. You hire the best, most qualified people for the job. You hire people who pass both the written test and the physical test, and who are willing to actually fight fires. They must meet all three of these criteria in order to be hired. These people, and only these people, are the ones who should be working as firefighters.

People who fail the written test should not be working as firefighters.

People who fail the physical test should not be working as firefighters.

People who are unwilling to fight fires should not be working as firefighters.

Affirmative action is a delusional fantasy that makes liberals feel good. But it is a terrible way to accomplish real world tasks.

Now in their own personal lives, liberals are actually against affirmative action. For example, if a liberal needs to call a plumber to fix his own kitchen sink, in his own house, the liberal will try to get the best plumber possible. The liberal will never knowingly hire someone who is unqualified to fix his own sink in his own house. It is only when the liberal is talking about fixing someone else’s sink, in someone else’s house, that the liberal is in favor of affirmative action.

It is only when liberals are playing with other people’s lives – where the liberal’s own life is not affected – that liberals support affirmative action.

I’m 100% certain that if the White House were to catch fire when Obama and his family were inside, Obama would be 100% against affirmative action for the firefighters who came to the White House. He would want the best – and only the best – firefighters to come to rescue him and his family.


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  1. millermatters replied:

    Bloody ‘ell…..

  2. poetopoet replied:

    Is you my brother, when do I get paid, use know eyes needs them bucks.

  3. hmichaelh replied:

    Of course this is an abomination, but it has its long term benefits. Eventually, the morons who changed the standards will need the assistance of the incompetent people they have hired. And they won’t survive their emergency. So, in the long run, it all works out, although those who innocently suffer in the meantime have no recourse. I’m sorry for the people of NYC. It seems the Marines are the only ones who refuse to lower the standards to qualify combat leaders so women can join the club. I pray the Marines continue to resist the pressure of political correctness. Semper Fi.

  4. millermatters replied:

    Reblogged this on millermatters's Blog and commented:
    Simply amazing, what are they thinking?

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