Shame on Trump for ordering General Motors to “put something else in”

Reuters just published this article about General Motors planning to close a plant in Ohio due to there being less demand for small cars.

Trump responded by saying:

“They better put something else in.”

It’s not the job of the President to tell private companies what products to make or how many kinds of products to make.

Shame on Trump for trying to give himself powers that are not authorized in the Constitution!

November 27, 2018. Tags: , , , . Donald Trump.


  1. SSGT Stagg #MAGAveteran I am the NRA (@macwizer) replied:

    When the taxpayers are subsidizing them and bore the cost of their bail out he can tell them anything he damn well pleases. For a long time the taxpayers were major stockholders

    • Joseph Mythen replied:

      Absolutely, 100% positively without a doubt …you are correct Sir! Heartless bastards suck off the taxpayer and have the gaul to layoff just prior to Christmas…I hope Trump excoriates them and does it behind closed doors so they can save face and open other things to compensate> But yeah..WE THE PEOPLE own them.

  2. Steve Drake replied:

    So, Dan, what do you think about Obama actually forcing out the CEO of GM as a condition of his bailout?

  3. Bealz Afuzz replied:

    How dare he? Easy.

    General Motors Bailout Cost Taxpayers $11.2 Billion. U.S. taxpayers lost more than $11.2 billion as a result of the federal bailout of General Motors, according to a government report released Wednesday.

    That’s how!

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