Here are 12 documented crimes committed by Hillary Clinton

1) In January 2001, Clinton stole $28,500 of furniture from the White House.

2) In 1980, Clinton cheated on her taxes by not reporting $6,498 in income from commodities trading.

3) In 2010, 2011, and 2012, Clinton lied to the IRS by falsely saying that her foundation did not get any money from foreign governments.

4) It is illegal for cabinet members to accept gifts from foreign governments. However, when Clinton was Secretary of State, she accepted first class flights that were paid for by foreign governments.

5) Clinton illegally stored classified spy satellite data on North Korean nukes on her private email server.

6) In August 2015, Clinton signed a sworn statement, under penalty of perjury, saying that she had turned over all of her work related emails. The statement was later revealed to be false.

7) In October 2015, Clinton admitted that she had broken U.S. law in Benghazi.

8) Clinton illegally gave classified material to people who had not been cleared to have it in their possession.

9) Clinton illegally ignored 237 of the 240 Freedom of Information Act requests that she had received when she was Secretary of State.

10) Clinton illegally withheld Benghazi related emails from the State Department.

11) Clinton illegally continued to keep and email classified information after she quit her job as Secretary of State.

12) After Clinton received a subpoena ordering her to turn over her work related emails, she illegally ignored the subpoena and used BleachBit software to delete those emails.

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  1. poetopoet replied:

    Plus every one of God’s Commandments!

  2. Mike Viney replied:

    BTW – 12 different crimes….HOWEVER – many of these on the list could be charged with multiple occurrences. For example – #8 – she gave people who had no clearance classified material. She was e-mailing classified material to her housekeeper with directions to printout. Each and every e-mail sent (including Top Secret Presidential Daily Briefings) would be a crime….and that might have happened dozens to hundreds of times.

  3. EDell replied:

    And to think she hasn’t been locked up by now. Imagine that. It can only mean more right wing hallucinating.

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