Hypocrite liberals have rejected my challenge for them to buy a McDonald’s franchise and pay the workers $15 an hour

It’s been more than three years since I wrote the following:

I dare liberals to buy a McDonald’s franchise, and pay the workers $15 an hour

Liberals are always talking about how easy it would be for McDonald’s to pay its workers $15 an hour.

However, so far, no liberal has actually bought a McDonald’s franchise and paid those wages.

So, I dare liberals to prove that it’s as easy as they claim it is. I dare liberals to buy a McDonald’s franchise, and pay the workers $15 an hour.

Unfortunately, liberals have rejected my challenge.


May 24, 2017. Tags: , , , , , . Economics, Unions.


  1. BGills replied:

    Let’s face facts, liberals love to give away what doesn’t belong to them. They incessantly declare they alone hold the moral high ground in society, but just as predictably refuse to do, what they demand others do, in their name.

    At an open borders rally, where Conservatives were predictably chastised for their selfishness, and intolerance, attendees were asked to sign a petition in support of their oh so generous open-borders policy, which many eagerly signed, but when asked to provide their name/address/telephone so they could sponsor a refugee, in their own home… When asked for a signed commitment to have a government vetted refugee come live with them, suddenly they were all full of excuses?
    Some said they weren’t financially able to support another person, while others were simply concerned about their own personal safety, or the safety of their family. After all, they didn’t really know who these people were, and the government vetting process was clearly a dubious one.

    Sure, it was okay to force upon others this particular burden, it was fine to spend the money of others to fund such enlightened generosity, but when it came to risking their own hard earned money, risking their own personal safety… Suddenly it was so inconvenient, or beyond implausible, that they couldn’t get away from a legally binding commitment fast enough.

    The truly curious thing was, that despite their refusal to do what they demanded of others, they continued to insist they alone held the moral high-ground, and with the fever pitch of a mob-mentality, they persisted in demoralizing, dehumanizing, and casting about vile labels at all who would dare disagree with their collective Utopian aspirations, that none were able to see their own glaring hypocrisy?

    As the morally, and ethically-bankrupt character from ‘Seinfeld,’ George Costanza so poignantly pointed out, when Seinfeld asked him how is it possible to beat a lie-detector test, “Jerry, just remember. It’s not a lie, if you believe it.” Convince yourself the lie is true, and in your eyes, it’s no longer a lie.

  2. Terry replied:

    Yeah Liberals have no spine!
    Nothing but blowhards.

  3. H Michael Hawkins replied:

    I understand the point you are making, but Iwould point out that to purchase a McDonald’s fanchise requires an enormous amount of money. That could be the reason no one has taken you up on your challenge. Perhaps a better measure would be to find Liberals who already own a McDonald’s and ask them if they have willingly raised their unskilled workers’ wages to $15 and hour. If they have, how do their current profits compare to when they were paying a lower wage?

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