I dare liberals to buy a McDonald’s franchise, and pay the workers $15 an hour

Liberals are always talking about how easy it would be for McDonald’s to pay its workers $15 an hour.

However, so far, no liberal has actually bought a McDonald’s franchise and paid those wages.

So, I dare liberals to prove that it’s as easy as they claim it is. I dare liberals to buy a McDonald’s franchise, and pay the workers $15 an hour.

December 11, 2013. Tags: , , , , , . Economics, Politics.


  1. eaglesglen replied:

    I agree.

    • Mongoose replied:

      A good start would be for Nancy Pelosi and her husband to start paying their employees a “living wage”.

  2. Kelowna Lorne replied:

    And not some rich limo-liberal either. A regular person, who would have to quit his job and mortgage his house, risking his future on the success or failure of his McD franchise. FAT CHANCE.

  3. Strange1 replied:

    I won’t even hazard a guess as to how many dem congressmen have owned a profitable business, but I suspect there’s only a few..

  4. drketedc replied:

    There are a lot of rich Dems, so I imagine some must run businesses. They would simply apply for some kind of waiver and continue to pay the logical rate,

  5. Tim replied:

    Dan, This has been my reply to environmentalists. They should build a business that generates ‘green’ power instead of being parasites on businesses and citizens. Most of them are ‘sue and settle’ scams. In essence these communists can’t exist without capitalist.

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