Rawstory.com explains the ambulance in Hillary Clinton’s motorcade by falsely saying that she is the President

If you skip to 6:37 in this video, you’ll see that Hillary Clinton’s motorcade includes an ambulance:



On September 6, 2016, rawstory.com explained this by saying:

“An ambulance is a staple of every presidential motorcade.”

But Hillary Clinton is not the President.

Barack Obama is the President.



September 7, 2016. Tags: , , , . Politics.

One Comment

  1. Norm Balog (@normbal) replied:

    I caught that in the media reporting too. Not just rawstory.com, but the lefty mcleftersons over on DU, twitterverse, disqus threads and elsewhere are raging over this being brought to light. “They ALL do that,” is the soundbite du jour. Apparently the ambulance is a new, recent thing. I’ve seen presidential motorcades before, never saw an ambulance chasing one. Hillary’s motorcade needs a hearse.

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