Obama’s war against medical marijuana is the biggest of any president, which is the exact opposite of what he had promised

Campaign promises

In May 2008, Obama campaign spokesperson Ben LaBolt said that Obama would end DEA raids on medical marijuana in states where it’s legal.

Also in 2008, Obama said that he supported the “basic concept of using medical marijuana for the same purposes and with the same controls as other drugs” and that he was “not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws.”

Federal raids against medical marijuana in states where it’s legal

Despite Obama’s campaign promise, in February 2010, DEA agents raided a medical marijuana grower in Highlands Ranch in Colorado, a state where medical marijuana is legal.

Also in February 2010, DEA agents raided a medical marijuana dispensary in Culver City in California, a state where medical marijuana is legal.

In July 2010, the DEA raided at least four medical marijuana growers in San Diego, California.

Also in July 2010, the DEA raided a medical marijuana facility in Covelo, California.

Then in September 2010, the DEA conducted raids on at least five medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, Nevada, where medical marijuana is legal.

In 2011, the DEA conducted raids on medical marijuana in Seattle, Washington, West Hollywood, California, and Helena, Montana, all places where it is legal.

In April 2012, the DEA carried out several raids on medical marijuana in Oakland, California.

Also in April 2012, federal agents raided Oaksterdam University, an educational institution in Oakland, CA, which teaches people about medical marijuana.

Furthermore in April 2012, federal agents raided a medical marijuana facility which had been serving 1,500 patients near Lake Elsinore, CA.

In July 2012, federal prosecutors filed civil forfeiture actions against Harborside Health Center, a medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, CA, which claims to be the world’s largest, and which claims to serve more than 100,000 medical marijuana patients.

During the first seven months of 2012, the DEA shut down 40 medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, all of which had been operating in compliance with state and local law.

In April 2013, the DEA raided four medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, California.

Also in April 2013, the DEA raided a medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego, California.

In July 2013, the DEA conducted multiple medical marijuana raids in Washington state, including the cities of Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle.

In August 2013, the DEA raided People’s Choice Alternative Medicine, a medical marijuana facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In October 2013, the DEA raided 28 medical marijuana facilities in Michigan. In November 2013, the DEA raided 12 medical marijuana facilities in Denver, Colorado.

In April 2014, the DEA raided four medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver, Colorado.

In October 2014, the DEA raided two medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, California.

Threats against doctors

In June 2014, DEA agents visited the homes and offices of doctors in Massachusetts who had written prescriptions for medical marijuana, and threatened to confiscate their federal licenses to prescribe certain medications if they did not stop writing prescriptions for medical marijuana.

Threats against landlords

In June 2012, the Obama administration filed asset-forfeiture lawsuits against two landlords who rented their buildings to medical marijuana stores in Santa Fe Springs, CA. At the same time, the Obama administration also sent warning letters which threatened similar legal action to dozens of other, nearby landlords.

Criticism from the political left

In February 2012, Rolling Stone magazine wrote that Obama’s war against medical marijuana went “far beyond anything undertaken by George W. Bush.”

In April 2012, Mother Jones magazine wrote: “The president campaigned on the promise that he’d stop federal raids on medical marijuana operations that were in compliance with state laws, a vow that Attorney General Eric Holder repeated after the election. But then the Obama administration raided more than 100 dispensaries in its first three years and is now poised to outpace the Bush administration’s crackdown record.”

In a May 2012 opinion column published by the Washington Post, Rob Kampia, the executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, wrote, “Obama has become more hostile to medical marijuana patients than any president in U.S. history.”

In May 2012, U.S. Congressperson Nancy Pelosi (D-California) said she had “strong concerns” about Obama’s forced closure of five medical marijuana facilities in Pelosi’s congressional district.

In April 2012, commenting on Obama’s crackdown on medical marijuana, U.S. Congressman Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) said, “I’m very disappointed… They look more like the Bush administration than the Clinton administration.”

Obama’s own illegal use of recreational marijuana has never been prosecuted

In May 2012, ABC News reported that during Obama’s youth, he often smoked large quantities of recreational marijuana.  Obama’s marijuana smoking wasn’t even medical – it was recreational. And yet now, he is taking large scale, widespread action to prevent people with AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and other illnesses, who have prescriptions from their doctors, from using their prescription medicine. How cold hearted, as well as hypocritical, can a person be?


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  1. Constitution Believer replied:

    Well I know what I am about about to put down is really going to piss off a lot of people here on Dan’s blog.
    I am TOTALLY AGAINST this fight to legalize marijuana.
    How do I know that the person that will be taking this prescribed to is going to be taking it as prescribed?
    I know that question does not make any sense to man but here in Ohio it was voted down last year and they vowed to have it on the ballot every year till it is passed………….DAMN TALK ABOUT PUSHY LIBERALS.
    Hell they even have some of the liberal Democrats on their side.
    The ads show that it can come in all forms. AND EVEN SAYS THAT SUCKERS CAN BE MADE. Damn I can just see some pothead coming out of a head shop authorized to sell this crap with say 12 suckers. This guy has 2 kids ages 4 and 6 in his car stops at another store and picks up a gallon of milk at Circle “K” and comes back to his car with his kids and suddenly while they are in the back seat these kids reach in the bag and grab 2 suckers….trust me unless you are a responsible parent you know that a kids is quicker than lightning and could have those suckers out and in their mouths in less than a heartbeat WHILE HE IS GETTING IN THE CAR.
    That is one scenario. Another is one this petition going around here in Ohio is going to allow buds to be purchased for “personal use”. I can just see the new reports now. POTHEAD KILLS ENTIRE FAMILY, and you read this grueling story how a man his wife and kids were killed by a head on collision while the driver of the other car only sustained minor injuries.
    YOU THINK THE DRUNKS ON THE ROAD ARE BAD NOW??????????? MADD and SADD will have a field day with that story.
    No, legalizing Marijuana is wrong and if you have ever smoked it, you know just what I mean.

    • Bernard B Carman replied:

      You should be ashamed of yourself claiming to be a “Constitution Believer”, yet you apparently know little about the Constitution, and most importantly, its purpose which is to protect our unalienable Creator-given Natural Rights through the rule of law.

      Your “scenarios” are completely foolish, but that’s quite obvious to anyone reading your post.

      What may not be obvious to folks reading your post is that by calling yourself a “Constitution Believer” while advancing the collectivist agenda to violate unalienable Creator-given Natural Rights of the individual does an extreme disservice to the liberty movement, as well as all those who have fought and died as American soldiers for what few freedoms we have left.

      Such actions are in stark opposition to those of us who champion LIBERTY and refuse to accept the deceit of the partisan duopoly, which you also promote here.

      Re-legalizing marijuana isn’t wrong. What’s really WRONG is your collectivist mentality in desiring to use the power of the STATE to force your personal will upon the otherwise free will of the individual.

      Educate yourself in accordance with Natural Law and stop forcing your personal opinions upon others through the power of the STATE.

      Natural Rights Coalition — Principles

      Natural Rights Coalition — Philosophy

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