Oxford University Press bans pigs from children’s books, so here’s Porky Pig reciting the Pledge of Allegiance

Oxford University Press is the largest university press in the world.

The Telegraph reports:

The Oxford University Press has warned its writers not to mention pigs, sausages or pork-related words in children’s books, in an apparent bid to avoid offending Jews and Muslims.


I’m Jewish, and I have neither been offended, nor heard of any Jew claiming to be offended, by pigs being mentioned in literature.

On the contrary, I grew up with this stuff, and I love it.

three little pigs

Animal Farm

Here’s “Piggies” by the Beatles:


Here’s someone singing “This Little Piggie.”


After Dr. Suess died, Jesse Jackson read “Green Eggs and Ham” on Saturday Night Live:


Here’s Porky Pig reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, from the 1939 Warner Bros. animated short “Old Glory.” This is from before the words “under God” were added, and before Alaska and Hawaii became U.S. states:


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  1. 5WarVeteran replied:

    Muslims and pigs are a “no no” but Muslims are known for Goat Abuse.

    and Donkeys

    • 5WarVeteran replied:

      Enjoy . . .
      (there are so many more, including one here the donkey kills the rapist.)

  2. AWC replied:

    Reblogged this on Angrywoodchuck's Blog and commented:
    This is how you know we are spiraling out of control into the abyss…

  3. Kevin Dickson replied:

    Banning is the same thing as burning. Any formerly free society that begins banning language or burning books should be feared.

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