Dr. Imani Perry, Princeton professor, it’s YOUR fault that your sons cried at the George Zimmerman verdict

Update: I sent an email to Dr. Perry with the link to this blog entry, and I told her, “I welcome you to show this to your students and anyone else whom you think might like to read it and comment on it.”

Dr. Perry wrote back to me and said, “I will be reporting you to the police for harassment.”

Princeton professor Dr. Imani Perry recently wrote:

“My two sons, bright, creative and kind African American boys, aged 7 and 9, both wept when they heard that George Zimmerman had been acquitted. They were afraid he, or others like him, might come for them next.”

“I did not anticipate that their young lives would be as much defined by the tragedies of the murder and execution of Trayvon Martin and Troy Davis, as by the historic era of the first African American president. They already know the brutal truth of racial inequality, and that they are called to wage the battle against it, just as their forefathers and mothers.”

“I believe that if children are guided honestly through the reality of the world in which they live, it will help them build resilience.”

“I am training my sons to develop resilience in the face of the racial injustice.”

Dr. Perry, why would your sons worry that Zimmerman might “come for them next”?

Is it because they are planning to break Zimmerman’s nose, give him two black eyes, and smash his head against the concrete?

Or, is it because you lied to them, and falsely told them that Zimmerman “murdered” and “executed” Trayvon Martin?

If you believe that children should be “guided honestly through the reality of the world,” then why did you teach your own children that Martin was “murdered” and “executed,” when the medical evidence and witnesses called by the prosecution showed that Martin had violently assaulted Zimmerman, and that Zimmerman killed Martin in self defense?

Dr. Perry, did you teach your children about Roderick Scott? Scott is a black man in New York who, in 2009, shot and killed an unarmed white teenager. A jury found Scott to be not guilty of murder because Scott had killed the teen in self defense.

Scott was found not guilty for the same reason that Zimmerman was found not guilty. Both killings were done in self defense. But while you taught your children that the Zimmerman verdict was proof of racism, I very much doubt that you told them anything at all about the Scott verdict.

If you want your sons to have “resilience in the face of the racial injustice,” then why did you scare them by falsely telling them that the Zimmerman verdict was the result of racism, instead of reassuring them by truthfully telling them what pretty much every legal scholar who has closely followed the case has said – that the verdict was the result of the fact that Zimmerman acted in self defense?

Dr. Perry, did you teach your sons that a year before Zimmerman killed Martin, Zimmerman had spoken out against the son of a white police lieutenant who had violently beaten a black homeless man? I’m guessing that you did not tell your sons about this, because it contradicts your bogus claim that Zimmerman is a racist.

Did you teach your sons that before Zimmerman killed Martin, Zimmerman had tutored black children for free? I’m guessing that you did not.

Did you tell your sons that before Martin was killed, a search of his backpack at his school showed it to contain a dozen pieces of women’s jewelry, including silver wedding rings, and earrings with diamonds, as well as a screwdriver, which is often used as a burglary tool? I doubt you told them this, because it gives credibility to Zimmerman’s claim on the 911 call that Martin was acting suspiciously. Martin may have been casing houses when Zimmerman saw him.

Did you tell your sons that Martin’s autopsy showed traces of marijuana in his system? I doubt you told them this, because it verifies Zimmerman’s claim on the 911 call that Martin was acting like he was on drugs.

In the real world, Martin was a burglar, and he used illegal drugs, and it’s quite possible that he was casing houses when Zimmerman observed him.

Dr. Perry, since you want your sons to know “the brutal truth” and to be “guided honestly through the reality of the world,” I was wondering if you have ever told them that 93% of black murder victims are murdered by other blacks?

Dr. Perry, your sons did not cry because of the Zimmerman verdict. Instead, they cried because you taught them to see racism where it does not exist. You taught them to have sympathy for a violent teenage thug who brutally beat a man’s head against the concrete. It’s your fault that your sons cried. It’s not George Zimmerman’s fault. It’s not the jury’s fault. It’s YOUR fault.

Dr. Perry, I hope that for your sons’ own happiness, when they go to college, they get degrees in subjects such as math, engineering, computer programming, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, medicine, music, art, and literature, and avoid at all costs anything to do with “African American studies,” a subject which seems intent on making people feel like helpless victims, instead of empowered, intelligent human beings.

Update: I sent an email to Dr. Perry with the link to this blog entry, and I told her, “I welcome you to show this to your students and anyone else whom you think might like to read it and comment on it.”

Dr. Perry wrote back to me and said, “I will be reporting you to the police for harassment.”

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  1. Jim replied:

    WOW!!! Well Done!!!

  2. Hussein replied:

    Imani Perry demonstrates shameless mendacity. I’m sure the Princeton PD and the FBI will be all over this investigation…once they stop the uncontrollable laughter.

  3. Gilligan replied:

    Roderick Scott shot a white teenager and was found not guilty in Greece, New York, a suburb of Rochester and not in Florida. Other than that, good post.

    I would also point out that Trayvon Martin’s online posting frequently mentioned consumption of cough medicine and that the autopsy of his liver showed damage consistent with heavy use of cough syrup. Among the symptoms frequently shown by cough syrup abusers are paranoia and a tendency to violence.

    It is also interesting to note that Rachel Jeantel seems to have said that Trayvon Martin told her that he thought George Zimmerman was a homosexual who was lusting after him. I am curious if Dr.Perry would view homosexuality as sufficient reason for breaking someone’s nose and pounding his head on the pavement or if simply following is sufficient provocation for a beating.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Thanks for the correction. I have edited it to change Florida to New York regarding Scott. Thanks for your compliments too.

    • Brian replied:

      The revelation by Jeantel that Trayvon was gay bashing and gay profiling is huge and the press is absolutely covering it up.

  4. Robert L Roach replied:

    Very well said!!

  5. hardscrabble farmer replied:

    Anyone who actually calls themselves an intellectual is someone you tread carefully around. From what I was able to glean from a quick internet search, she’s an affirmative action hire at an Ivy League college who writes very little- typepad? Really? and 2011?- likes flattering photos of herself and her forehead, scratch that, eighthead, bloviates about her intellectual capacity, tries desperately to connect herself to every liberal historic touchstone- “I once rode on a bus that had the same number of wheels as the bus Rosa Parks rode on”- and takes offense at every brush against the very society and institutions that allowed someone of her limited abilities and overinflated ego to ascend far beyond anything the Peter Principle ever had in mind simply because she is black rather than in spite of it.

    Don’t waste your valuable time trying to influence people like this, it’s like trying to dress up a pig. It annoys the pig and you wind up getting dirty.

    • R. Reagan replied:

      You obviously didn’t look into what she’s actually done. A brief review of her CV will show you that she earned her PhD and JD from Harvard in 2000, and has since been a professor at Rutgers and now Princeton. She’s written two books (which, I would estimate, is two more than you) published by prestigious university presses. Your attempts at character assassination and your weak superficial comments about her forehead are a true testament to your own insecurity and sad, shallow, spiteful existence.

      I pity you.

  6. Mark Boabaca replied:

    In a sane world, Dr. Perry would be laughed at for reporting your statements to the police. Unfortunately, our current administration thinks nothing of pursuing any potential civil rights violations where none exist.

    Insanity aside, I appreciate your efforts to reach out to Dr. Perry.

    Well done.

  7. Edwin Woody replied:

    You should have mentioned that Gladys Zimmerman is one quarter African and three quarters Native South American. Which makes George one eighth African, three eighths Native South American and one half Caucasian.

    Ask her how she got to be part of the genetic purity police telling people what race they arre allowed to be part of, and which relative they have to discard.

    That part of this is pretty ugly yet if you are trying to makee Zimmerman into a klansman that what you have to do.

    Call her on it.

  8. Jay Force replied:

    Many universities have useless baggage like this wretched woman that are there to show how much the school cares about diversity. What a waste of education dollars. Outside of a make work college “job” she’d be another welfare single mom with 2 little welfare boys.

  9. Carlyle Smith replied:

    She’s been taking liberalium and blackstudium. Both contraindicated for her case of congenital malaninitis aggravated by idiotic professoria.

  10. Juliette Ochieng (@JulietteAkinyi) replied:

    Note how Dr. Perry, like the good feminist she is, attempts to cut the proverbial testicles off of her sons.

  11. Dan Krudop replied:

    From Princeton website, “The Center for African American Studies (CAAS) at Princeton University provides an exciting and innovative model for teaching and research about African-descended people, with a central focus on their experiences in the United States.”

    I wonder if the Science Department at Princeton teaches evolution, including the theory that the first humans developed in Africa and migrated from there to populate the Globe. If so, everyone in the United States, regardless of “race,” is an “African-descended” person.

  12. St Augie Art replied:

    As Dr Imani wrote: “My two sons, bright, creative and kind African American boys, aged 7 and 9, both wept when they heard that George Zimmerman had been acquitted.” My question is, why couldn’t she have just said, My two sons, bright, creative and kind American boys.” This would have just as easily made the point.

  13. Charles Morgan replied:

    Assuming that the professor lives near Princeton, the likelihood that her children will be killed by anyone is close to zero. She knows that, yet has allowed her children to be fearful. On the other hand, if the professor has chosen to live somewhere less savory than Princeton, and in which there is, indeed, some risk to her children, well, that is her decision, too.

    She certainly doesn’t like to be called on her propaganda, does she? Nice job in confronting her!

  14. raymond jackson replied:

    If Dr. Perry refuses to teach her own children about truth, justice, understanding, and reality what is she doing with the students under her guidance………… Teaching at Princeton ? This professor is not in the ivory tower she’s at the top of the ivory beanstalk.

  15. Veni replied:

    typical racially motivated response from the “professor”

  16. Eric miliband replied:

    This is a nasty little well of racism here. But don’t suppose you’ll post this. What are you all feeling about Eric Garner. Just another day in White Amerika, eh?

  17. D. Duke replied:

    Imani Perry is brilliant. You…not so much.

  18. Kummin replied:

    Someone should remind the professor that the 1st Amendment rights she uses, some would say abuses, applies to those who may not agree with her as well.

  19. Scott replied:

    Man…did George Zimmerman prove you a fool…

  20. Ben replied:

    Or, maybe her sons are afraid that a white man with gun will follow them home from the store..assuming they were up to no good..and shoots them dead because the white man was losing a fist-fight that he instigated with his creepy/threating behavior.

  21. Foster Lager replied:

    She needed another fifteen minutes of social media so she is now complaining that she got caught for being a scofflaw of suspended drivers license.

  22. ontheroxwithsalt replied:

    Yes, and again is claiming that she and her children’s lives are in danger. She has a serious persecution complex, which if I remember correctly from Psych 101, is a signal of mental illness. I am not surprised.

  23. Zip Do replied:

    Looks like “Dr” Imani Perry is at it again!!! Imani Perry is a RACIST! A RACE BAITIER! Check out this story, http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/dascham-vid-released-princeton-prof-imani-perry-arrest-article-1.2529327 Must be sad to go through live as a “VICTIM” in your own mind!

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