After 28 hours, Delta Air Line’s only answer for why it made Ann Coulter give up her prepaid seat is “I don’t know”

When you buy an airline ticket, you are entering into a contract which allows the airline to make you give up your seat.

However, if and when the airline does make you give up your seat, it is supposed to offer a reasonable explanation.

Ann Coulter is tall, and she didn’t want to get a fatal blood clot from sitting in a cramped airline seat (this medical condition is called “Deep vein thrombosis“), so she chose to spend extra money in order to get extra legroom on her Delta Air Lines flight.

Delta made Coulter give up her prepaid seat. When Coulter asked why, the flight attendant’s answer was

“I don’t know.”

28 hours after the incident, Delta has still not offered Coulter any other explanation for its actions.

If Delta did have a legitimate reason for doing what it did, it should say what that reason was.

Otherwise, Delta will have given the impression that one or more of its employees simply did it out of some personal vendetta that they have against Coulter.

July 17, 2017. Tags: , , . Politics.

One Comment

  1. H Michael Hawkins replied:

    How stupid do you have to be to engage in a hostile situation with a very public figure who also happens to be a lawyer? Delta needs to get out its VERY LARGE CHECK BOOK to make this one go away. $30 isn’t going to be even close to what is about to happen to Delta. But I doubt any amount of money is going to help with the terrible publicity this action on Delta’s part has begun.

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