Shame on my fellow Jews for holding up commercial flights by refusing to sit next to women!

I’m Jewish, and please allow me to say that it’s absurd that some Jewish men have caused commercial flights to be delayed by refusing to sit next to female passengers.

In September 2014, the New York Post reported:

Ultra-Orthodox Jews refuse to sit next to women, delay flight

Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men refused to sit next to women on an El Al jet from New York to Israel — and spent the 11-hour flight trying to bribe people to switch seats and loudly praying in the aisles when they refused.

“It was an 11-hour long nightmare,” one of the passengers told Israel’s ynet news Web site after the Wednesday morning flight landed.

The flight – on the eve of Rosh Hashanah – was not only delayed, but degenerated into chaos once in the air, passengers said.

“Although everyone had tickets with seat numbers that they purchased in advance, they asked us to trade seats with them, and even offered to pay money, since they cannot sit next to a woman. It was obvious that the plane won’t take off as long as they keep standing in the aisles,” said passenger Amit Ben-Natan, a passenger.

In December 2014, the Daily Mail reported:

Delta Airlines flight from New York’s JFK Airport delayed after ultra-Orthodox Jewish passengers refuse to sit next to women

A Delta Airlines flight from New York’s JFK Airport to Israel was delayed by half an hour when a group of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men refused to sit next to female passengers.

Delta Flight 468, bound for Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, was reportedly held up due to several Haredi passengers refusing to to sit in their assigned seats, which were in between two women.

The behavior by these so-called “men,” and the disrespect that they showed to women in a public setting, is inexcusable.

Yes, when you’re at your synagogue, or in other areas where everyone agrees with and is accepting of your religious views, it’s OK not to sit next to women.

But when you are in a public accommodation, where not everyone shares your religious point of view, you have no right to force your religious beliefs on to other people. It is up to you, not other people, to be the flexible one. It is your responsibility, not that of other people, to adapt your behavior .

And if you don’t like the rules on the airplane, then don’t buy a ticket.

Or, buy an entire row of tickets.

But don’t force other people to alter their behavior to accommodate your religious beliefs.

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  1. poetopoet replied:

    Please! This was written by Jews for Jews, long before Jesus Christ walked, yet they denied him that God sent them, go figure; for it was the corrupt money changes and the bribed high priests who turned God’s Temple into a waste land, as it remains today. How is that Muslim occupation of God’s former temple site working out?

    A Christians non-Jewish back door thank you, cross my heart.

    For Jesus Christ the Lord said: “Whoever, ‘blasphemes’, My words, and My Testimony, will not, enter, the Kingdom, of Heaven! – will not ‘enter, into Eternal Rest’; but will, be ‘blotted out’, of the Book, of Life! For any ‘sin’, can be forgiven, but whoever sins, against the True Holy Spirit, will never, be forgiven. And why is this My son?

    • AWC replied:

      In logic and reason, I have no idea what the hell you just said.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        Neither do I!

      • poetopoet replied:

        My “Please!” was I thought a polite sarcastic reply to “I’m Jewish, and please allow me to say that it’s absurd that some Jewish men have caused commercial flights to be delayed by refusing to sit next to female passengers.”!

        In that, it is the same as any Muslim screaming Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar before or while they take your head off, killing many by blowing them up or maybe burning them to death alive in their places of worship, even other Muslims?

        This is their logic and reason enough for them, but not for non-orthodox Jews who washed their hands in a Potters Flied so written thousands of years before, for thirty silver coins that came true.

        Now what is the chance of that coming true and then being denied?

        Mirrors are for vain fools, who never see what their mirrors and words reflect back!

  2. 5WarVeteran replied:

    Is it any surprise that the origins of religious perversion and the rendering of women into lesser creatures was defined by the Torah? Do you think the religious perversions of Islam did not have it’s origins in the religion of the Jews? Jihad, taquiyya, dhimmitude, all originate in the Torah and are nothing more than control and manipulation of the masses. Goyim = infidel = heathen.
    All three religions are the same AT THE ROOT. If the roots are diseased then so is the fruit.

    The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. Man made religion is the epitome of tyrannicide. Religious wars based on fallible teachings created by men to manipulate masses. Why else would they refer to their congregations as “their flock”.

    It is difficult to see things as they are through the filter of religion.

    • poetopoet replied:

      “by the blood of patriots and tyrants.” That God for the Blood of Jesus Christ.

  3. AWC replied:

    This is a nice analogy of the problem I see with immigrants in America. We are always hearing that America was founded on immigrants. And yes, that is true, with the one key difference that the immigrants that used to come here wanted to be American. They brought with them their customs, cultures and religions, but their desire to be AMERICAN kept those customs, cultures and religions in their homes. On their private land. In their churches. Among their friends. The immigrants that are of concern today are not the ones that want to be Americans, but the ones that want to recreate what they had where they came from, here, and carve it out for themselves with laws and rules and regulations and lawyers that protect them as something other than Americans, but within America. THAT, is the problem we must face.

    • 5WarVeteran replied:

      Well said!

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