Despite having killed someone less than a month ago, “Black Lives Matter” protestors continue to block ambulances

This is really despicable.

Less than a month after a man died because “Black Lives Matter” protestors blocked an ambulance in Berkeley, “Black Lives Matter” protestors just blocked an ambulance in Boston.

The Boston Globe reports:

Protesters snarl morning commute on I-93 near Boston

Protesters affiliated with the activist group Black Lives Matter carried out their most audacious and disruptive demonstration yet in the Boston area Thursday, blocking the largest highway into the city, snarling rush-hour traffic, and stopping an ambulance in its tracks.

In a pair of coordinated surprise actions that angered commuters, the protesters formed human barricades on Interstate 93 north of the city in Medford, and south, in Milton. Some put barrels filled with concrete on the highway and chained themselves to them. Twenty-nine protesters were arrested.

Blocking traffic is not going to convert anyone to their point of view.

On the contrary, it makes them look ridiculous.

And if they are trying to prove that “black lives matter,” then blocking ambulances is an especially dumb thing to do. I guess it never occurred to them that the patient in the ambulance might be black. Or perhaps it did occur to them, but they just don’t care.

I wonder how many black people were late for work because of these protestors.

I wonder how many black people missed a job interview because of these protestors.

I wonder how many black college students missed an exam because of these protestors.

To any decent human being, black lives do indeed matter. But if black lives truly mattered to these protestors, they would not be preventing black people from getting to the hospital, to work, to job interviews, or to school. Instead, they would be doing something constructive – something positive and beneficial – that actually helped black people, instead of hurting them.

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  1. 5WarVeteran replied:

    Bullets matter.

  2. AWC replied:

    My concern here is that eventually the amount of racism that blacks have for whites is going to “snap” a white person and they are going to, in fact, engage in some sort of racist homicide or rampage. At which point, Jackson, Sharpton, Obama and the other shakedown artists are going to come out and use that incident to justify every racist comment and action against whites that has ever transpired over the past 30 years. It’ll be a “look I told you so moment” when they in fact created it all by themselves. But that won’t matter and that’s not how the media will report it. They will use the benefit of perception to its fullest and whites will suffer the consequences, yet again. And in the end, the blacks may be successful in their earnest and extreme efforts to create a race war where none existed.

    • 5WarVeteran replied:


    • Mongoose replied:

      It already seems to have made blacks “snap”.
      That moment that the white guy/gal snaps will be odds are self defense, not that it will matter. The facts never seem to with blm.

  3. grayjohn replied:

    When they do this crap it should be legal to get them out of the way by any means necessary, including deadly force.

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