Berkeley man dies after pro-Michael Brown protesters delay paramedics

Berkeley Man Dies After Pro-Michael Brown Protesters Delay Paramedics

December 23, 2014

A Berkeley man has died thanks to protesters who claim they are protesting against unnecessary deaths.

The man, who lived in a Kittredge Street apartment complex, collapsed several days ago while protests were going on in the streets around his home.

Paramedics attempted to rush to his aid, but were slowed and sometimes stopped by protesters. The protesters were demonstrating in favor of Michael Brown, an African American teen who was shot and killed after he assaulted and charged at a white police officer.

The protesters claimed they were in the streets to bring attention to unnecessary deaths caused by rash behavior.

The Berkeley man was eventually reached by paramedics and rushed to the hospital, but he passed away there. His death was likely preventable, but help arrived too late because of protesters.

“Anytime there is a delay it causes us concern,” said Berkeley Fire Chief Gil Dong. “Our objective is to get there rapidly so we can start treating the patient.” He was not able to comment further because of privacy laws.

Separately, a staffer stated that “no one could get to” the man in need, who was experiencing shortness of breath, “difficulty breathing, and sweating.”

When the delayed paramedics arrived, the man was already unconscious.


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  1. EDell replied:

    This sounds like another “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” story. I bet it was a white guy this time.

  2. Thom* replied:

    Why didn’t you write an article about the guy who who died of an asthma attack because the cops pulled his wife over for speeding on her way to the hospital?

    Here’s the link…

    Bottom line is the cops are color blind and power hungry bastards. The Blacks are protesting alone because the Whites are a bunch of cowards

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      The police officer saw that someone was speeding and had gone through a red light, so he pulled the car over. That’s his job. When he saw that the person required medical attention, he called an ambulance. The police officer did not break any laws. The protestors who blocked traffic did break the law. They should have done their protesting on the sidewalk, which is legal, and protected by the first amendment.

      • Thom* replied:

        The lady who was rushing her husband to the hospital “BEGGED” the cop to let her continue his response to her was to tell her to “settle down”.

        Heartless SOB of a cop and merry Christmas to you too you too you idiot.

  3. poetopoet replied:

    Clinically, to physically murder anyone, with the exception being in self defense, that person is a sociopath, void of human emotion and are more than likely a sexual deviant.

    Odd, how that mix finds each other to protest killing, yet in a mob of race and gender unknowns they think (?) and rule with impunity and will kill because it’s the right thing to do? After all they are protesters, in that, they are not Protestant Reformers not looking for permission to form their own rule and rulers.

    It is the true psychogenic sociopaths who maintain that thought of killing alone or in a mob is ok. These lone wolfs, lets say are the ones that will murder you and think (?) nothing of it, in the most cruel and brutal of ways, that are at first classified as born losers and liars, yet they come in the form of all walks of life in a mob together, go figure.

    The grand sociopaths were Oliver Cromwell and Muhammad, for their legacies breed to this day as do Sunni v Shia, Protestants v Roman Catholic, in rituals of alleged to be in self defense.

    These protesters will not go away, for they need a climax to bathe in, for centuries to come; not a Civil War but a Race War to prove they were right, but then again it was filmed and told in the trilogy of The Planet of Apes, I digress.

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