Woman takes mitochondrial DNA test to find out which African tribe she descends from, and is horrified to find out that her mitochondrial DNA is of “non-African lineage”

In the first five minutes of this video, this woman goes on and on about how happy and excited she is because she just got back the results of her mitochondrial DNA test. She took the test because she wanted to find out which African tribe or tribes she is descended from. A person (male or female) inherits Mitochondrial DNA solely from their mother.

After five minutes of joyous anticipation, she finally opens the envelope and looks at the results.

She is absolutely devastated to find out that her mitochondrial DNA is of “non-African lineage.”


December 17, 2018. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , . Racism, Science.


  1. Charles Casaburi replied:

    The left’s obsession with race has reached the point of being absurd. Unless your doctor trying to investigate an inherited genetic disorder their is no reason for anyone to care about any of this.

  2. bopperman replied:

    I was always told that we were German and Native American. DNA results said 99.7% Scotch-Irish . 2% of unidentified East Asian and 1% they have no clue . Not sure I have much faith in any technology .

  3. Pam Dice replied:

    We’re not crazy about you either…. you identify with the low IQ apex predators in our midst….

    Hopefully those civilizing white genes will keep you from breeding like blow files… and playing the know out game on elderly victims….
    Here’s to more cleansing….

  4. Jim Whitt replied:

    It’s a YouTube joke. Kind of like a YouTube challenge.

  5. willford2blog replied:

    it does show however you are a “DINGBAT”, IMO.

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