Trump ends Obama’s “slush fund” policy of illegally diverting settlement money from actual victims to Obama’s favorite left wing groups that had no legal claim to the money

While working as a “community organizer,” Barack Obama filed lawsuits which forced banks to give mortgages to people with bad credit and low incomes. As a result, many of these people ended up defaulting on their mortgages. As their attorney, Obama collected $23,000 in legal fees for himself.

Then in April 2013, during Obama’s second term as President, the Washington Post reported that President Obama was still pressuring banks “to make home loans to people with weaker credit.”

However, in August 2014, it was reported that the Obama administration had sued Bank of America for giving mortgages to people who could not afford to pay them back, and the bank had agreed to pay $16.6 billion in order to avoid further prosecution from the federal government.

In August 2014, it was reported that Obama had given some of the settlement money from Bank of America to left wing organizations including the National Council of La Raza, Operation Hope, and National Community Reinvestment Coalition, instead of giving the money to the actual victims to whom it was legally entitled. These groups that were illegally given the money by Obama used to be known, collectively, as ACORN. In the past, these organizations had pressured banks to give mortgages to people who could not afford to pay them back. Obama had worked with ACORN in the past. Obama had represented them in a lawsuit where they tried to get Illinois to adopt a “motor-voter” law. On top of that, Obama had taught leadership training sessions for ACORN. Also, Obama had worked as an organizer for Project Vote, an ACORN offshoot. Furthermore, Obama had been on the board of directors of the Woods Fund when it gave ACORN $75,000 in 2001, and $70,000 in 2002. Finally, during the 2008 primary campaign, Obama’s campaign had given Citizens Services Inc., an ACORN affiliate, more than $800,000 for “get out the vote” efforts.

Fortunately, President Trump has just put an end to this illegal “slush fund” payout scheme. From now on, any settlement money will go to the actual victims, instead of the left wing groups that Obama favored, but which had no legal claim to the money.



June 11, 2017. Tags: , , , . Barack Obama.


  1. BGills replied:

    The Left habitually blames only “the greedy-banks” for the housing bubble collapse, and daring to suggest Barack Obama, or his ilk, had anything to do with it, suddenly makes one a ‘Racist?’

    As this article points out, Obama actively contributed to the housing bubble collapse, by suing banks, promoting media attracting protests, orchestrating ACORN member marches outside the very banks they eventually blamed for the collapse. They carried signs declaring those banks, and their CEO’s to be unrepentant ‘Racist!’, pushed legislation to penalize lenders who wouldn’t comply with their demands to issue loans which were guaranteed to fail, and then sued those very same banks to enrich themselves, and their ‘friends.’

    They operated much like the ‘mob’ of old, who demanded their protection money during bad times, and if one had the (mis)fortune of actually being successful, they’d swoop-in, and rob the business blind… (Reasoning that they weren’t getting their ‘fair-share’ of the spoils) Sure they might ‘generously’ offer to help one rebuild, aid in bringing the business back to life after cleaning them out, for a hefty price of course… Just so they could rob them again at the first sign of success. The good times invariably resulted in surrendering all to the blood-sucking thugs who only rewarded their close friends, and ‘spread the wealth’ among just their loyal followers.

    It’s unclear which one learned from the other, but what is crystal clear, is the fact that the two operate in the very same fashion, and as a society we’ve built an entire prison system specifically for their behavior.

  2. Bill Truitt replied:

    is lil’ barry subject to prosecution for these offenses?

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