I guess this makes me a “bad” libertarian, but here’s my proposal for universal health care

I guess this makes me a “bad” libertarian, but here’s my proposal for universal health care. It includes 33 things.

This proposal requires that each and every one of these 33 things all be included in one bill – all in the same bill – so that the only way to pass any one of these things is by passing all 33 of these things at the same time.

It’s going to cost money, so it includes cuts in other government programs.

Here are my proposals:

1) Repeal Obamacare – all of it – the entire thing.

2) Give all U.S. citizens the option (but not a mandate) to sign up for Medicaid.

3) Let everyone keep their current private insurance policies.

4) Let everyone buy any private insurance policy in the future that they want.

5) Repeal the current ban that prohibits private health insurance policies from being sold across state lines.

6) Repeal the tax-free status that employer provided health insurance currently has.

7) Repeal the current requirement that hospital emergency rooms give medical treatment to illegal aliens.

8) Require every provider of health care to create and maintain a website where they list the prices that they charge for each and every single item and procedure that they offer to their patients. They can still charge as much as they want – there will be no price controls. But they will be required to let patients see these prices before the patient chooses which health care provider he or she will go to. All too often, patients are shocked with ridiculously high bills after they leave the hospital. For example, one patient received a bill for Tylenol that was 100 times as much as what it costs at the drugstore. If health care providers had to list all of their prices online, this problem would be substantially reduced.

9) Stop paying for the military for western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Canada.

10) Fire the dozens of lobbyists who work for the Obama administration. All of them. Every last one.

11) Fire the dozens of czars who work for the Obama administration. They are unconstitutional anyway, because they were never approved by the Senate.

12) End the “war on drugs,” and repeal all federal anti-drug laws. When the government banned alcohol, they had to amend the constitution, because they knew the federal government did not have legal authority to ban alcohol. Therefore, there is no legal authority for the federal government to ban marijuana, heroin, or cocaine. The “war on drugs” has given us the highest incarceration rate of any country, has given vast power to street gangs, the mafia, and other criminals, has encouraged large numbers of murders, and other crimes, and has encouraged the corruption of some police officers and judges – all of these same problems happened when alcohol was illegal. After the ban on alcohol was repealed, the sellers of alcohol stopped murdering each other. If we legalized drugs, the sellers of drugs wold stop murdering each other. People should not be in prison for non-violent possession or use of drugs. We would save a huge amount of money on prisons and law enforcement if drugs were legalized.

13) Abolish the Department of Education. I can’t find any evidence that it has made education any better, and I suspect that its massive bureaucracy has made education worse.

14) Fire Obama’s $102,000 per year “dog handler.” His kids begged for a dog – them them take care of it.

15) Fire the White House’s projectionist who lives and sleeps in the White House. Teach Obama how to use a DVD player.

16) Fire all 16 of Michelle Obama’s “assistants,” whose salaries are as high as $172,200. Teach Michelle Obama how to make her own postings at her Twitter account. Teach her how to pick her own vegetables from her garden.

17) Stop buying soda for $3.40 per can from Obama’s crony friends. Buy it for a much lower price at Costco instead.

18) Obama should stop taking expensive vacations. He should take all of his vacations at Camp David instead.

19) Repeal the inheritance tax. All this tax really does is provide employment for estate planners, lawyers, and tax attorneys. I can’t prove it, but I suspect that the huge inefficiencies and irrational incentives created by this tax actually cause a net loss in tax revenue.

20) Repeal the corporate income tax, and, at the same time, raise the taxes on capital gains and dividends from their current low levels to the same rate as the personal income tax. This way, instead of corporations hiding their money offshore to avoid paying taxes, the money will be treated as personal income, and the taxes on it will have to be paid. This will also discourage companies from offshoring, and will bring investment, jobs, and income back to the U.S., which will generate even more tax revenue.

21) Stop subsidizing high fructose corn syrup.

22) Stop subsidizing and mandating the use of ethanol. It takes 1.29 gallons of gasoline to manufacture one gallon of ethanol. How can anyone seriously argue that this is good for the environment?

23) Sell off all the shares of General Motors that the government still owns.

24) Stop spending tax money to glorify murderers. The Obama administration spent $1.6 million to restore graffiti that glorified communist murderers Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. If Obama wants to do this kind of thing, let him do it with his own money.

25) Stop overpaying for shrubberies. Obama spent $205,075 of taxpayer money to relocate and care for a single specimen of Arctostaphylos franciscana, a shrubbery which nurseries sell for $16. Obama would never waste his own money like this, so why should he waste the taxpayers’ money on it?

26) Stop funding absurd, so-called “scientific studies.” The Obama administration funded a study to see whether or not rats’ enjoyment of the music of Miles Davis was increased when the rats were high on cocaine. Obama admitted in his own autobiography that he has used cocaine, so if he wants to see if using cocaine helps with the enjoyment of listening to Miles Davis, let Obama conduct this experiment on himself, with his own money.

27) Stop overpaying for the internet. Obama’s “stimulus” paid to connect some households in Montana to the internet, at a cost of $7 million per household. It would have been far cheaper just to buy these people new homes in areas that already had internet access. But no, don’t do that either. If people want to live in remote areas, that’s their choice, but they should understand that it involves tradeoffs, such as not having internet access.

28) Stop using tax dollars to pay for video games. In 2012, the Obama administration spent $516,000 on a video game called  “Prom Week.” If Obama likes video games, let him use his own money to pay for them.

29) Stop using tax dollars to pay for pottery classes in other countries. Obama spent $27 million of taxpayers’ money on pottery classes in Morocco. The class used an American teacher, but the translator who was hired did not actually know how to speak English fluently, and made many mistakes. The instructor often did not bring the right materials to class. The dyes and clays that the instructor did use were not available in Morocco, which prevented the students from being able to copy what they had learned. It was concluded that the classes were “ineffective.” If Obama wants to provide pottery classes for people in other countries, let him pay for it out of his own pocket.

30) Stop overpaying for bicycles. The Obama administration spent $75,000 of taxpayer money on a bicycle. A good bicycle can be bought for less than 1% of that amount at any local bicycle shop.

31) Fire federal employees who spend their work time looking at pornography. Far too many federal employees are being paid six figure salaries so they can spend their workday watching porn. Obama should pay these porn watchers out of his own pocket, and leave the taxpayers out of it.

32) Stop using tax money to pay for “mindreaders.” Obama used taxpayer money to hire a “mindreader.” If this “mindreader” is really legit, the Amazing Randi will pay him or her one million dollars. Why should a millionaire need to collect money from the government?

33) Stop paying “green energy” companies to go bankrupt. Obama gave Solyndra $535 million so it could go bankrupt. He gave Raser Technologies $33 million so it could go bankrupt. He gave Beacon Power $43 million so it could go bankrupt.  He gave Solar Trust of America $2.1 billion so it could go bankrupt. Obama should really stop doing this.

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  1. Naphtali replied:

    I really like how you place the facts into lists. I have a question. As a conservative, for the most part I agree with the Libertarian platform. Where I have issue is or maybe I don’t understand the position of war and/or military. Do Libertarians not believe in having a military? or do not believe in going to war even to aid allies? God hates war but because we live in a fallen war, it happens. The Bible plainly states one of the major reasons for a country to be taxed is the government is supposed to protect its people with that tax money. I realize how much government waste is and has been done by both sides and I hate it! But, America was created to aid, support and protect Israel through military, finances, etc. Doing so protects us. I live
    in one of the largest Air Force/Army base cities in the world so military is all around us. They have been slapped around, fired and lost benefits because of this President. I watch them sacrifice in so many ways and it really is a stance in which I protect. Just because people don’t believe in war, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. And God expects us to defend ourselves and promotes it. One of the reasons God supports, and protects those who fight is as they step onto the soil of lands where the people do not know Jesus, it opens that door to their salvation.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Thanks. I do favor having a military. But I also think those other countries should pay their fair share. Let them pay for their own military.

      • Naphtali replied:

        Dan, I totally agree. And yet on the other end of that is God blesses those who go beyond…..and we need blessings in this country right now.

  2. Jean Murray replied:

    Dan for president!

  3. Moose replied:

    Interesting list. But my top comment is, “Do you really mean Medicaid?”

    No offense, but most people confuse Medicaid and Medicare. They are two very, very different programs. Medicaid is federally funded by administered by states, is generally only available to people with children, and covers many, many things at no cost to the recipient. Medicare is federally funded and administered by the federal gov’t, is only available to the elderly and those considered federally disabled (ie. collecting SSDI), and, at its most basic, costs around $100/month just for health care (doctor visits and some hospitalizations, plus some testing and basic medically needed supplies), most of which come with a 30% co-pay. Medicaid covers things like medications, dental visits, vision care, etc. which Medicare does not, unless you are able to afford an extra coverage plan on the side. (They encourage you to get a “Medicare Part D” plan which covers medications, typically with both monthly and co-pay costs, plus the wonderful “donut hole”. For those with the income to support it, there are more comprehensive plans to cover more, at a higher monthly cost. But, for most, this is where the stories of “old people who can afford medications OR food” come from.)

    Er. Sorry if this is, in fact, a difference you do understand. But as I said, most folks don’t.

    p.s. Medicare sucks ass.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      I meant Medicaid, not Medicare. I do know the difference.

      • Moose replied:

        Again, no offense meant.

        Subscribing everyone in the US to Medicaid would be the equivalent to installing a NHS. There are reasons many doctors don’t accept Medicaid (or Medicare, for that matter).

        From everything I’ve read and heard from people who have national health care in their country, it really is no better than the current mess in the US. If you are relatively young and healthy, you get all the health care you need, which isn’t much, for nothing. If you’re older and wealthier, you can bypass the long lines for certain procedures by paying for specialized services (much like the concierge doctors in the US). If you are poor and in poor health, you are just as boned as you are here – long waits for doctors, with some things that should be standard care only available in emergencies or in the worst situations. Here’s a good example: People in England tell me that they have to fight to get test strips for diabetes glucometers, or outright pay cash for them, because the NHS will usually only pay for them if the diabetic is using insulin. This, despite the fact that numerous long term studies (including one done in the UK by the NHS!) show that aggressively monitoring and treating diabetes as early as possible saves patients from long term complications, and insurance from unnecessary expenses down the line.

        Generally, most middle class people get insurance through their jobs. The problem is always the working poor, and trying to get them decent healthcare without lots of pitfalls is often a nightmare. Obamacare is not going to fix the current mess nor cure the working poor problem. I’m most in favor of a single system with no more insurance-for-profit, but I’m not sure it will cure the working poor problem, either.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        I never said that everyone would sign up for medicaid. What I said was that everyone should have that as an option. I also said everyone should be allowed to buy private insurance, including keeping their plans that had been canceled by Obamacare. I also said we should repeal the ban on selling health insurance across state lines, which would give people a lot more choices and options.

  4. Roseanna Nicoletti Andres replied:

    When I was a divorced mother of 2 , who worked basically for healthcare, I would get a voided paycheck every month, that was the check that paid for my contribution to the healthcare plan. I was fortunate enough to move on and open my own business. I was able to buy into a small business pool through a broker and had excellent healthcare. I also offered health care to my employees, but they had to pay half. What I never understood , having seen this issue from both sides is why, can’t low wage earners buy into the medicade system. It would lessen the burden of the state and taxpayers, and enable single mothers , as I was to work, and set a good example for their childred. That would take care of a vast majority of the uninsured or underinsured. As a business owner I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t deduct the entire amount of healthcare as a business expense , in which case I could have picked up the entire tab of healthcare for my employees. Why does everything hove to be so complicated?

  5. Kelly replied:

    I agree with everything except for #7

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