Cowardly crybaby EU bureaucrats want to fine Google four BILLION dollars

The Washington Post  reports:

“Google is most squarely in the crosshairs as its officials negotiate furiously in hopes of avoiding a $4 billion fine and a formal ruling that it has abused its dominance in the search market to hurt rivals across a range of industries.”


Since when is Google a threat?

I love Google.

This is just another example of government bureaucrats trying to control a private company.

These bureaucrats are too incompetent to start and run their own successful company. Instead, want to use government force to punish those who have started and run their own successful company. This is a war against success. It’s an example of the anti-achievement mentality. Instead of doing something productive, they want to punish those who do something productive. Shame on the EU bureaucrats.

July 23, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Politics.

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