Mayor Cheryl Selby of Olympia, Washington, liked Black Lives Matter when they damaged other people’s property, but called them “terrorists” after they damaged her own home

Washington Mayor Who Celebrated Black Lives Matter Calls Protestors ‘Terrorists’ After Home Is Vandalized

By Ariela Anís

June 16, 2020

Mayor Cheryl Selby of Olympia, Washington, who has been very vocal about and supportive of Black Lives Matter and protestors, is now calling them “terrorists” after her home was vandalized.

Last Friday, two groups of protestors met in downtown Olympia and things turned destructive after some demonstrators began burning flags, smashing windows and spray painting businesses and Mayor Selby’s home. As the group approached the Mayor’s home, they chanted “abolish the police,” and one black-clad-dressed member ran up on her front porch and began spray painting the door, and wall panels with “BLM.”

While Selby and her family were not home, her neighbors tried to shoo protestors away and texted her of the incident. Addressing the vandalism, she stated, “I’m really trying to process this. It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair. It hurts when you’re giving so much to your community. People have so little grace for each other right now. We need to have more grace.“

Furthermore, this is not the first incident of this kind for Mayor Selby. two years prior, protestors convened in her neighborhood, sharing leaflets and directing chants at her during a May Day protest.

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Would liberals please explain why union workplaces are exempt from SeaTac’s $15 minimum wage law?

The Washington Post recently published this article on the new $15 minimum wage law in SeaTac, Washington. The article states:

“… union workplaces are exempt…”

This exemption is wrong because the law is supposed to treat everyone equally.

But also, it is an extreme example of hypocrisy. It was unions who got the ball rolling on this $15 minimum wage. It was unions who said that all workers should be paid at least $15 an hour.

But now, these very same unions are getting an exemption from the very same law that they so strongly supported.

Would liberals please explain why union workshops got an exemption from SeaTac’s $15 minimum wage law that was initiated and supported by these very same unions?


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