Amazon update #6: The Liberty Daily mentioned my situation. They titled it, “Amazon Bans Anti-Obama Book, Gives Bogus Reason.”

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

August 16, 2020

You can read my original post about this, and see links to my first five updates, at After selling more than 1,500 copies of my first Obama e-book over the past four years, amazon has withdrawn it from sale, and refuses to explain why

And now, on with my sixth update:

The Liberty Daily just posted a link to one of my blog entries.

The Liberty Daily used these words when they linked to my blog:

“Amazon Bans Anti-Obama Book, Gives Bogus Reason”

Here is a link to the internet archive of The Liberty Daily with a link to my blog:

And here is a screenshot from it:

This is my blog post that they linked to: Amazon update #5: Amazon is now saying the reason they banned my anti-Obama book is because I don’t own the rights to the public domain photograph of Obama that I used on the book’s cover

Here is the current home page for The Liberty Daily. It’s a great website, and I recommend it:


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