Did the Washington Post publish a staged photo of the caravan and not tell readers that the photo was staged?

Here’s a screenshot from a recent article that was published by the Washington Post, along with the link to the article:


Soon afterward, the Gateway Pundit published this version of the image, with multiple notations which suggest that the photo was staged:


I hope that other news organizations will investigate this to find out whether or not the photo was staged.

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Washington Post: “I’m an Obama supporter. But Obamacare has hurt my family. Obamacare has been far more frustrating than I’d ever dreamed.”

The Washington Post recently wrote:

I’m an Obama supporter. But Obamacare has hurt my family.

Obamacare has been far more frustrating than I’d ever dreamed.

By Catherine Keefe

December 10, 2014

Obamacare brought us new health insurance options, but cost us our more affordable plans.

In November 2013, Jim learned his small-business policy would be canceled because it didn’t comply with the new mandate to cover pediatric dentistry and maternity care.

The individual plan I had with Blue Cross was canceled, too.

We learned patience, but we couldn’t keep our doctors.

We had applied online and sent copies of our passports to California Covered for verification, but we received no bill, no confirmation of our coverage, no insurance cards. Jim spent an hour and a half on hold once before getting disconnected. He tried again the next day, waiting another two hours before getting disconnected.

… the urologist wouldn’t accept our new Blue Shield plan – even though the Blue Shield website said he did.

We have no choice to opt out of the required pediatric dentistry or maternity coverage we’ll never use…

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