A study of more than 3,000 U.S. counties shows that, all else being equal, counties that used Dominion voting machines gave Biden an extra 5.6% of the vote, compared to counties that did not use Dominion machines. Since all other factors were taken into account, this is almost certain proof that Democrats cheated.

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

December 24, 2020

A study looked at the 2020 election results in more than 3,000 U.S. counties, and compared them to the predicted results based on past elections.

In the counties that did not use Dominion voting machines, the average vote percentages for Joe Biden in 2020 were exactly what was predicted. Some were higher, and some were lower, but it all averaged out to being exactly what was predicted.

But in the counties that used Dominion machines, the average results in 2020 gave Joe Biden an extra 5.6% of the votes, compared to what was predicted.

All other factors were taken into account.

Given the large sample size, this is extremely unlikely to happen if these vote counts were honest.

This is almost certain proof of cheating.

No one has debunked this study.

The mainstream media has completely ignored it, and continues to insist that there is “no evidence” of voter fraud.

Here’s an article about it, which includes several very interesting charts and graphs. After that are some videos on it.



Fraud with Dominion machines would look exactly like they do… here’s the data, graphs, Biden will not get away with this.

December 18, 2020

An unbiased by-county analysis of over 3000 U.S. counties shows Joe Biden received 5.6 % more votes in counties using Dominion Voting Systems. “If a network system of computers was used to fraudulently affect vote counts…the results would look exactly like this.”

This Dominion advantage was observed regardless of the county’s majority political party affiliation nor urban, suburban, or rural-area demographics. Biden over-performed our estimates in “democratic strongholds” – by the same amount he over-performed in “Trump” counties.

The analysis is not directed at a single or handful of counties. Instead, this information uses data from all counties in the United States to see if there is a discernable widespread pattern involving type of voting machine and vote totals.

In the first graph, we see Biden’s actual 2020 election results. The blue line is our center “prediction” line. Half the counties should be above the blue line & half below. This is confirmed true with Biden over-performing in 45% of counties & underperforming in 55%.

We obtained data from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission showing the voting machines used by each county. Compare this graph with the same data, except this time limited to counties using Dominion. This time the majority of counties (78%) are ABOVE the prediction line.

The county data filtered by voting machines shows us that candidate Biden over performed by approximately 5% on Dominion machines AND also by approximately 6% on Hart machines.

In the Dominion/Hart machine counties, Biden performs above expectations 78% of the time. This is highly indicative (and 99.9% statistically significant) that result manipulation could be occurring with Dominion & Hart machines.

In this graph, we see green dots represent votes from counties using Dominion/Hart machines. The green dots should overlay the blue dots in a similar, mixed up/random fashion. We do not see this. Instead, we see the green dots centered higher than the center of the blue dots.

To aid in this graphical analysis we added center lines for the Dominion/Hart counties and the “other machine” counties. The green centerline stays above the blue centerline – clearly indicating Biden continuously “outperforming” in Dominion/Hart counties.


The increases in votes occurred in hundreds of Dominion/Hart counties across the U.S. Again, it is important to understand, Biden “over-performed” in “democratic strongholds” – by the same amount he over-performed in “Trump” counties as long as these machines were used.

This indicates that some or all of the Dominion/Hart machines may have been programmed or manipulated to systematically add five plus percentage points to Biden’s actual vote count. Again, the statistical significance level of these results is above 99.9%.

Video: 2020 Election shows Joe Biden over-performs in 72% of counties using Dominion Voting Systems



And in case that YouTube video gets deleted, here’s that same video at a different platform:


Here’s a different video, which includes testimony on this:


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If the biggest racism problem in the U.S. is whites being racist against blacks, then how come the rate of “whites killed by blacks” is more than 12 times the rate of “blacks killed by whites”?

As I’ve pointed out many times before,  the Black Lives Matter protestors don’t care about the 93% of black murder victims who are killed by other blacks.

Here’s a webpage from the FBI that gives even more info.

Someone took the info from that FBI link and created this chart. Please note that all of the numbers are per capita based on the murderer’s race. (I don’t know who created the chart, but I got it from here.)

I think that chart is extremely informative.

If the biggest racism problem in the U.S. is whites being racist against blacks, then how come the rate of “whites killed by blacks” is more than 12 times the rate of “blacks killed by whites”?

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What happens when a math illiterate, irresponsible person wins a huge lottery jackpot?

At age 27, the unmarried woman in this news story already has 4 kids.

But good news! She just won the lottery! And after taxes, she took home a lump sum of $88 million!

But bad news! She seems to be on a path to wasting all of it on bailing out her serial criminal boyfriend!

Every time she bails him out, the bail is double the previous amount. The most recent time, bail was $12 million. And even though he always shows up for his court appearances, between 7% and 10% of the bail is non-refundable. So for the most recent time, she lost between $840,000 and $1.2 million.

Since she won the lottery less than a year ago, she has already bailed him out three times. If she continues to do this at the same rate, and if the bail amount keeps doubling every time, and if between 7% and 10% is non-refundable, then in less than three years, she will have spent all her money on the non-refundable part of bailing out her boyfriend.

The idea of the bail amount being doubled each time is a fantastic idea. It gives smart people a chance to quit their life of crime before it’s too late. And it shows that stupid people are, well, stupid.

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Mango recall at Giant Eagle supermarkets in Pittsburgh

Yesterday I got a computerized phone call from Giant Eagle, telling me not to eat the mangoes that I’ve been buying since July, because they might be contaminated with Salmonella. The message said I could return them to the store for a full refund.

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Casino sues winning gamblers and card manufacturer because casino employees did not shuffle the cards

This casino is suing the card manufacturer, and the players who won lots of money, because the casino’s employees didn’t shuffle the cards, which allowed the players to win 41 times in a row.

This has got to be about the most ridiculous lawsuit that I have ever heard about. Yes, I realize there are quite a few contenders in that contest, but this one is even dumber than the other dumb ones… I think.

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