Here’s the C-SPAN video of Trump’s lawyer’s opening statement on voter fraud from the Senate Committee Hearing that was banned by YouTube

The Epoch Times just reported:

YouTube Removes Trump Lawyer’s Opening Statement From Senate Committee Hearing

By Jack Phillips

December 20, 2020

One of President Donald Trump’s lawyers said YouTube removed his opening statement from a Senate Homeland Security hearing on election fraud.

“YouTube has decided that my opening statement in the U.S. [Senate], given under oath and based upon hard evidence, is too dangerous for you to see; they removed it. To this day, ‘our evidence has never been refuted, only ignored.’ Why is Google so afraid of the truth? #BigBrother,” lawyer Jesse Binnall wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this month, YouTube announced that it would remove “content alleging widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of a historical U.S. presidential election.” The Google-owned company said that it would take this action because the “safe harbor” deadline on Dec. 8 in the presidential election had passed.

There are still outstanding legal challenges regarding the Nov. 3 election, while alternative slates of electors voted for Trump during the Dec. 14 meeting of the Electoral College.

“We will remove videos claiming that a presidential candidate won the election due to widespread software glitches or counting errors. We will begin enforcing this policy today, and will ramp up in the weeks to come,” YouTube wrote in the Dec. 9 announcement.

This is exactly why BitChute was created.

Here’s the video from their website.

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