Democrats give public housing to illegal aliens instead of to U.S. citizens

I just found out that Democrats are giving public housing to illegal aliens instead of to U.S. citizens.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson said of this:

“There is an affordable-housing crisis in this country, and we need to make certain our scarce public ­resources help those who are ­legally entitled to it.”

President Trump has ordered illegal aliens to get out of public housing within 18 months.

Democrats don’t like that one bit.

New York City Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio said of Trump’s order:

“This is what cruelty looks like.”

Apparently, de Blasio doesn’t think it’s “cruel” to keep U.S. citizens out of these public housing units that are currently being occupied by illegal aliens.

U.S. Congressional Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-New York) said that Carson was

“despicable” for “ripping apart families and throwing children on the street”

Apparently, Maloney thinks that if illegal aliens move out of public housing, this will somehow cause them to abandon their own children.

Also, apparently, Maloney doesn’t think it’s “despicable” that Democrats are causing U.S. citizens to be homeless.

With the demand for public housing exceeding the supply, it is necessary to prioritize who should and should not be allowed to live in it. By choosing to give this housing to illegal aliens instead of to U.S. citizens, Democrats have shown where their true loyalties lie.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez promises “safe, affordable, adequate housing” for everyone. Meanwhile, in the real world, here’s a four minute video of what government housing is actually like.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal calls to

retrofit every building in America

and guarantees everyone the right to

Safe, affordable, adequate housing

“Every building in America” means you can’t opt out. You have to let the government employees into your home so they can do whatever Ocasio-Cortez wants them to do.

The government retrofitting every building in the country would be heavily invasive into people’s private lives. Think of all the horrible things that TSA employees have gotten away with while knowing they they can’t be fired, such as sexual assault of women and children, humiliation of people with medical conditions, and theft and destruction of people’s personal property.

Imagine these same kinds of government employees coming into every home in the country while knowing they can’t be fired. Imagine what they would do to people and to people’s property.

Now, regarding the promise to provide “safe, affordable, adequate housing to everyone,” I’d like to point out what government controlled housing is actually like in the real world.

In the four minute video posted below, the housing conditions at a three bedroom apartment at a public housing project in the Bronx in New York City are absolutely horrible.

There are rats, roaches, and black mold.

There are leaks in every room.

And every time the tenant calls maintenance to ask for repairs, the government employees always make up some bogus excuse for why they can’t fix anything.

And why should the government employees fix anything, when they know they can’t get fired?

And as all of this is going on, the federal government is giving them $30 million per week to make these repairs.

Since they’re not actually making these repairs, what are they really spending that money on?

The video also says that at other apartments in the same building, sometimes there is no heat, sometimes there is no hot water, and sometimes there is even no running water at all.

Here’s the video:

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Obamacare website, Obama’s slum housing in Chicago, and Solyndra

Regardless of what the project is, Obama doesn’t want to do things properly. Instead, all he cares about is helping out his crony friends.

When Obama was a state Senator in Illinois, he gave tax dollars to his crony contractor friends to build 504 units of slum housing, which had mice and backed up sewage. Federal inspectors graded the condition of the housing so bad that the buildings faced demolition.

As President, the Obama administration gave $535 million to Solyndra, claiming that it would create 4,000 new jobs. However, instead of creating those 4,000 new jobs, the company went bankrupt. It was later revealed that the company’s shareholders and executives had made substantial donations to Obama’s campaign, that the company had spent a large sum of money on lobbying, and that Solyndra executives had had many meetings with White House officials.

More recently as President, Obama had the Obamacare website built by cronies instead of by qualified programmers. After the website went on line, CBS News quoted Luke Chung, an online database programmer who supports Obamacare, as saying the following about the Obamacare website: “It wasn’t designed well, it wasn’t implemented well, and it looks like nobody tested it… It’s not even close. It’s not even ready for beta testing for my book. I would be ashamed and embarrassed if my organization delivered something like that.”

There is no real difference between any of these three things. The specific details differ, but the basic, fundamental principles of all three are the same.

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