YouTuber harvest hollow reviews the 1937 movie “Marked Woman” based on my recommendation. Skip to 14:35

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YouTuber harvest hollow talks again about me recommending the movie “Drop Dead Fred” to her

Start at 19:09. Watch until 21:00

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YouTuber harvest hollow has just watched the 1991 movie “Drop Dead Fred” based on my recommendation

She talks about it from 8:14 to 10:15

then some more from 29:37 to 29:44

and then some more from 49:01 to 49:16

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Canadian YouTuber harvest hollow talks about the lockdown, and the movies that she’s recently seen

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YouTuber harvest hollow (formerly nerdgirl20) talks about being quarantined

This was recorded in March. The speaker is a 25-year-old Canadian with a degree in film studies. Her regular job is working at a sports bar. She also works at the Toronto Film Festival each year, and occasionally performs live in theatrical plays. Her father passed away from cancer when she was 15. I first discovered her channel many years ago when I was searching for movie reviews.

This particular video is very uplifting. The speaker is doing the best she can to deal with the current situation. She seems to have a really good attitude about life in general.

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YouTube’s harvest hollow (formerly known as nerdgirl20): “What I Got For Christmas 2016”


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nerdgirl20 talks about her movies on DVD: part 1

nerdgirl20 is a Canadian film student who owns about 500 or 600 movies on DVD, and plans to talk about all of them.

She’s says there will be about 12 videos in this series, and she asks viewers to point out the movies that they themselves own.

In this first batch, the only one that I own is Witness. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more when she gets to science fiction and fantasy.


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