Mother gets arrested and spends 18 hours in jail for letting her children play outside unsupervised

Huffington Post reports:

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Government makes 1,500 fans miss baseball game because the bathroom mirrors are 1/4 inch too low

A recent five minute speech by U.S. Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Pennsylvania) has been getting a lot of attention. He talks about the red tape that the government uses to strangle businesses.

The entire video is worth watching, but my favorite part begins at 2:23. A government bureaucrat forces 1,500 fans to miss a baseball game because the mirrors in the men’s bathroom are one quarter inch too low.

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Uh oh. Government bureaucrats want to take control of kids’ summer vacations.

According to this article, summer vacation makes children dumber and fatter. The article even goes on to say that it’s the poor and racial minorities who are hit the hardest.

But don’t worry. There’s a proposal to have the federal government get involved to solve this problem. Supporters of the program claim that it would cost less than $2,000 per child per summer. Of course supporters of these kinds of government programs always understate the cost, so I can easily see such a program costing far more than that amount.


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