Daryl Hall and John Oates have just uploaded high quality versions of their music videos to YouTube

You can see them at https://www.youtube.com/user/hallandoatesVEVO/videos

These are much better quality than the VHS recordings that many fans have uploaded over the years.

It’s not a mistake that they uploaded “Jingle Bell Rock” twice – one version has Daryl singing, and the other one has John.

My family got cable with MTV in July 1982. I even remember MTV celebrating its one year anniversary a month later. I though I had seen every Hall and Oates video a huge number of times – but I had no idea that they had videos of songs from their X-Static album. What a pleasant surprise!

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Happy Halloween! “The Ghost Who Walks” and three other awesome music videos by Karen Elson!

I just discovered this wonderful singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Here are four of her music videos:

“The Ghost Who Walks”


“The Truth Is In The Dirt”


“Cruel Summer”


“Pretty Babies”


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Wow – I didn’t know it was possible for a song to be this bad!

“On My Own” by Farrah Abraham


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