Suspended student sees ‘overwhelming’ support from NRA, gun clubs after virtual BB gun violation

Suspended student sees ‘overwhelming’ support from NRA, gun clubs after virtual BB gun violation

By Faimon A. Roberts III

September 27, 2020

The father of Ka’Mauri Harrison, the Harvey fourth-grader suspended last week after a teacher saw him move a BB gun out of the way during a virtual lesson, said the national response to the case has been “overwhelming,” with offers of support from regular people and even the National Rifle Association.

In the days since news of Harrison’s six-day suspension broke, the 9-year-old and his family have been swamped with messages via email and social media, some pledging legal or financial help.

“It’s been overwhelming,” Nyron Harrison said. Messages have been flooding in through Facebook and email, he said. “We’ve been getting a lot of invites to gun ranges and different gun clubs.”

Messages have come in from “West Virginia, Colorado, a lot of places,” he said.

The furor surrounding Ka’Mauri and his family began Wednesday night, when word of his suspension got out. Even though a school hearing officer declined to follow the recommendation of school administrators and expel him, interest in the case grew both locally and then nationally. Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough wrote a letter urging Jefferson Parish Schools Superintendent James Gray to rescind the suspension and apologize to the family.

Friday, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry announced he planned to investigate whether Ka’Mauri’s constitutional rights had been violated. Landry’s announcement on Twitter drew an approving nod from the NRA.

“This is hysterical and irrational behavior by the school,” the NRA’s tweet read, adding that the organization supported, “this young student, and his family.”

By Friday, the family’s attorney, Chelsea Cusimano, had fielded requests from most national news networks, including ABC, CBS and CNN, as well as newspapers including the Washington Post and USA Today.

But other messages poured in, including tales of similar incidents in other states. A family in Louisville emailed to say that a gun was seen during their son’s virtual lesson and he was not suspended. A man from New Jersey wanted to speak with the Harrisons because his son had been suspending for holding a Nerf gun while doing online class. Cusimano said one person requested her legal aid in a similar matter.

“It’s something that’s not comprehensible,” she said of the response.

The Harrison family has five children, and their lives have changed “immensely,” she said. The family has started a GoFundme to help raise money to get Ka’Mauri and their other four children out of the Jefferson Parish Public School System which, they allege, has treated them unfairly.

Ka’Mauri understands a little bit of what is going on, his father said.

“I try to keep it on the positive note and give him the feeling that he’s done nothing wrong,” he said. “A lot of people want to help him.”

Ka’Mauri was originally recommended for expulsion after the Sept. 11 incident, in which he moved a BB gun out of the way of his younger brother, who was playing in the brothers’ shared bedroom while Ka’Mauri was taking an online test. To the teacher, it appeared that Ka’Mauri handled a “full size rifle” and she was unable to get his attention, according to school reports on the matter. Moments later, Ka’Mauri was disconnected from the online classroom. His parents were later informed that he had been suspended and could be expelled.

On Sept. 21, a hearing officer declined to expel Ka’Mauri but did give him a six-day suspension. His family and Cusimano have called the punishment a violation of their privacy and due process rights.

A school system spokesperson said Sunday that the system had no comment and there had been no change made to Ka’Mauri’s discipline.

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