In India, it’s illegal for IKEA to sell the following products

In India, it’s illegal for IKEA to sell the following products:

  • Home and office use products, solutions, fittings, furnishings and accessories including stationery
  • Textile products including apparels and fabrics
  • Consumer electronics and accessories
  • Cleaning products and accessories
  • Leather products
  • Storage and sorting products and accessories
  • Children’s products and accessories
  • Safety-related products
  • Travel-related products
  • Cosmetics and accessories
  • Recycling solutions and products
  • Lifestyle products and accessories
  • Decorative products
  • Gift articles and accessories
  • Food and beverages to be served at the IKEA restaurants and café to customers in the IKEA retail stores
  • Beach products and accessories

Apparently, the Indian government would prefer to keep the country in the 19th century instead of the 21st.


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