RAINBOW CheckerBoard Cake – How to Make a Surprise Inside Rainbow Cube Cake



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Movie review: Phantom of the Opera (1943)

I’m shocked – shocked – to see certain things in Phantom of the Opera that I did not see in other classic Universal monster films! For one thing, this movie has vermilion. It also has chartreuse and lavender. It has azure. It has ochre and magenta. It has aquamarine, maroon, and burnt umber. It has turquoise and saffron. Why, this movie even has crimson – even the Dracula movie didn’t have crimson! I tell you – seeing these things in this movie was totally unexpected. It defied my expectations of what I thought was a common characteristic of all of the films in this series. My preconceived notions and assumptions have been desecrated. I suppose that I will get over this eventually, but it will definitely take some time.

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