I live in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


  1. Phillip Galey replied:

    How to subscribe to this blog?

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Scroll down a little bit. On the right, there is a rectangle that says “Follow.” Click on it.

  2. Dr Sterling Colgate replied:

    Hi Dan,
    I’m originally from the South Hills… “Elizabeth on the Mon” as I call it. I’m now living in Reading, PA.
    Aside from exposing the fraud in PA via digital soldiering, what can “we” do about getting an audit started. PA seems to be falling behind, and I feel the sooner all these audits occur, the sooner we have the correct results certified.
    Just wondered if there is anything I can help with on this side of the state?
    One thing I personally witnessed was noting that Wolf created a new tax payor funded position, hiring a few regional (I believe) volunteer coordination heads to ensure only leftist poll workers were selected to work the polls. I’m going to start working on identifying the number and background of these volunteer coordinators, and I have a feeling I’m going to find union people were hand picked to take charge of the poll watchers. I applied 4 times, 3 different ways to volunteer and received no reply. I started months before the election in August via the votespa.org website as instructed as well as snail mail.
    When I voted on 11/3, I asked about why I wasn’t contacted and the elections official said I had to go to the office in person, contrary to all information. As a retired Dr I am certainly qualified… perhaps overly qualified. You see, I was registered GOP.

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