This guy confessed to 10 armed robberies, but was let out of prison after less than 7 years. Guess what he did after he got out? Why should this guy ever be set free again?

‘Operation Déjà Vu:’ Man out of prison 21 days commits 11 armed robberies, Jacksonville sheriff says

By Meghan Moriarty

February 1, 2023

A man is back in jail, charged with committing several armed robberies in three days.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said 33-year-old Branon Purcell was targeting convenience stores all across the city.

JSO said Purcell faces 11 counts of armed robbery at 10 different businesses.

“Purcell is no stranger to criminal activity as he had just been released from Florida State prison 21 days, 21 days before this arrest.” Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters said.

Action News Jax told you back in 2016 when Purcell admitted to 10 armed robberies in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Neptune Beach, according to officers.

He served six-and-a-half years in prison and investigators say he is back at it again, hence why JSO is coining this sting, “Operation Déjà Vu.”

“Percel committed three back-to-back robberies on January 19, making our robbery detectives acutely aware that they were dealing with a serial robber,” Waters said.

JSO said Percell hit the Gate gas station on Collins Road, along with three other gas stations and several CVS and Walgreens locations.

Police said in one instance, he even robbed a woman as he was leaving one of the businesses he just ransacked.

These robberies spanned all across Jacksonville in a matter of three days.

“Percell maintained an almost identical routine during his robberies. He would arm himself with a handgun. Cover himself with a mask, a hat and a hoodie. He would walk up to the register. Hold the store clerk at gunpoint and demand money from the cash register,” Waters said.

Percell was caught by police after robbing a CVS, where he took $241. They had to chase him as he drove off.

He was taken into custody and then taken to UF Health with minor injuries from the pursuit.

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