New York City continues to be pro-crime

NYC Attempted-Murder Suspect Dismissed from Court after Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor

By Caroline Downey

August 18, 2022

A man arrested on an attempted-murder charge, who also is a registered sex offender, was dismissed from court in New York City on supervised release without bail Thursday after his charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

Bui Van Phu, the 55-year-old man accused of brutally sucker punching a diner Friday night, inflicting trauma to the head that posed significant risk to his life, had his charges lessened to third-degree assault and second-degree harassment by Bronx Criminal Court. The grounds for the lower charge were that he “‘intentionally (caused) physical injury and with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person,”’ according to court records obtained by the Daily Mail.

Phu had been incarcerated for six years with lifetime parole after he was convicted for attempted robbery in 1991 and raping a 17-year-old girl at gunpoint in 1994, for which he was designated a Level 3 sex offender. Phu was also charged with criminal possession of a weapon and robbery in New York City in the 1990s, the outlet reported. He has been out of prison since March 2019.

A video from the New York Police Department shows Phu leaving the Fuego Tipico restaurant in the Bronx, putting on work gloves, and without apparent provocation violently punching 52-year-old Jesus Cortes in the head from behind. The victim suffered a fractured skull, a broken cheekbone, and a brain bleed, and he is currently in a coma at the hospital.

Cortes’s family members were dismayed to hear of the vicious attack and expressed outrage that the perpetrator is now roaming free.

“That kind of person shouldn’t be out on the street,” the victim’s sister, Veronica Cortes, 50, told the  N.Y. Daily News. “I felt helplessness and anger and sadness because that person who did the damage does not know the damage he did to the whole family.”

The incident comes as Mayor Eric Adams and the city’s progressive prosecutors, such as Democratic district attorney Alvin Bragg, have come under intense criticism for their soft-on-crime policies, such as bail reform, which many residents say has fueled the rising wave of homicides, theft, and aggravated assault.

Last month, Bragg originally chose to charge with murder and set a $500,000 cash bail for a New York City bodega worker who fatally stabbed an attacker in what he said was self-defense. Bragg later dropped the charge in response to public backlash.

The Bronx DA and New York City police union did not immediately respond to requests for comment from National Review.

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