I’m Jewish, and I think it’s ridiculous that anyone would be upset by what Whoopi Goldberg said about the Holocaust

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

February 1, 2022

The people who insist on getting offended and upset by everything are saying that Whoopi Goldberg should be fired for her recent comments about the Holocaust.

I say those people are a bunch of totalitarian idiots.

I support anyone’s right to express their opinion on any subject.

I support Whoopi Goldberg’s right to say what she said about the Holocaust.

And I also support the right of people to say that Goldberg should be fired for her comments about the Holocaust. I disagree with what they say. But I do support their right to say it.

And I also support free speech for people who disagree with me.

I support free speech for everyone.

Free speech is awesome!

February 1, 2022. Tags: , , , , , . Cancel culture, Religion, Social justice warriors, Zero tolerance.


  1. Michele Grzywacz replied:

    Agreed, but Whoopie is an unmitigated hater of everything normal/average and centrist and needs to be called out on it.

  2. TM1 replied:

    No Dan, it’s ideology before religion or ethnicity for you. You’re a marxist fool.

  3. Bruce Kalihi replied:

    Free speech is an American right. Say what you will, some may agree, some may not. It’s been that way for 230 plus years. (by the way I don’t think you’re a Marxist either).

  4. Jerry Springer Wanna Be replied:

    Whoopi doesn’t agree with you.

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