The Data Drives Deleted by the Maricopa County Included Adjudicated Files (Where Votes Were Changed)

The Data Drives Deleted by the Maricopa County Included Adjudicated Files (Where Votes Were Changed)

By Joe Hoft

May 13, 2021

There are many material items noted in the letter from Arizona Senator Karen Fann to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Jack Sellers.  But one item not provided by the County and apparently deleted is a very important piece of data that the County did not want the auditors to see. 

Late last night we reported on the letter sent to Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman from Karen Fann at the Arizona Senate.  The Senate has hired auditors to audit the 2020 Election in the County.  Many significant and material issues were noted in the letter related to the audit last night.  Many items were not supplied to the auditors.  One item that bears mention is related to some of the files that were deleted before data was provided to the auditors.

The Senate stated in their shocking letter the following items were missing:

We have recently discovered that the entire “Database” directory from the D drive of the machine “EMSPrimary” has been deleted. This removes election related details that appear to have been covered by the subpoena.  In addition, the main database for the Election Management System (EMS) Software, “Results Tally and Reporting,” is not located anywhere on the EMSPrimary machine, even though all of the EMS Clients reference that machine as the location of the database. This suggests that the main database for all election-related data for the November 2020 General Election has been removed. Can you please advise as to why these folders were deleted, and whether there are any backups that may contain the deleted folders?

The image below shows the location of the files known to be deleted. In addition, the main database for “Results Tally and Reporting” is not present.

Here is a tweet with the files deleted noted:

The tweet from Maricopa Arizona Audit says:

Breaking Update: Maricopa County deleted a directory full of election databases from the 2020 election cycle days before the election equipment was delivered to the audit. This is spoliation of evidence!

The tweet includes this image:

maricopa tweet



If you look closely at the files that were deleted, you will see that they include adjudicated ballot files.  These would include ballots that were reviewed by someone (the system won’t tell you who) and manipulated by that person (the system won’t tell you when) and likely changed to Biden votes.

We have known this for some time.  The adjudication process is currently designed to allow voter fraud through changing votes from one candidate to another.

We know there is massive fraud in Maricopa because Biden somehow miraculously outperformed Hillary in the county at 150% and became the first Democrat since Truman to win the county.

As we noted above, spoilation of evidence is a serious offence, much like tampering with evidence is.  Penalties include prison sentences.  Do you think the Maricopa Board of Supervisors would risk going to prison over evidence they destroyed that didn’t show massive voter fraud?

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One Comment

  1. A. Barr replied:

    Hello, Joe, I thought you might be interested to know.

    The elections template directory was not necessarily deleted, they may have moved it, in which case R-Studio (a data recovery tool) would show the directory as “deleted” even if the files still exist.

    Look at the file Creation dates, and dates last Accessed.

    This is a directory of SQL-related file templates, most of them created and accessed on the same day (which means they probably weren’t used). The file sizes and the file names are typical for templates.

    Also, most are from 2019 and early 2020, which means they are too early to contain any vote counts for the Nov. 2020 election. Even the most recent files appear to be templates (look how all the file sizes are the same and how the creation and last accessed dates are the same).

    Even if they are data files, the audit team is not authorized to look at files from previous audits or elections, they are only authorized to examine the Nov. 2020 election results.

    So, there is no spoliation of evidence, since the files had not been actively used or accessed since months before the Nov. 2020 election.

    The person who uploaded the screensnap to Twitter is probably not a computer professional. A pro wouldn’t have uploaded this as evidence of anything unethical. The person posting to Twitter misinterpreted the information (probably only saw the red Xs) and probably didn’t know how to correctly interpret the dates, file types, and file sizes.

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