Michigan Election Fraud Is Clear: Filed Court Documents Expose Changed Votes


Michigan Election Fraud Is Clear: Filed Court Documents Expose Changed Votes

By Bly Tubman

May 10, 2021

This court case devoted to exposing the fraud in the 2020 election in Michigan is getting WILD and we are so here for it.

Attorney Matthew DePerno and his team deserve some kind of medal– or screw it, just give them the Nobel Peace Prize already.

MassRoundup brought you an article not too long ago highlighting the groundbreaking analysis done by Attorney DePerno’s expert, Douglas Frank, who explained exactly how the electronic voting in Michigan was rigged to fit a perfect algorithm in all of the voting districts he evaluated at that point in time. He has surmised that if permitted to analyze the entire state, his findings would be accurate in every single county. Bold statement, Doug. But, that’s how friggin’ sure they are that something is clearly wrong here.

And, they brought the goods to back it up.

Today, Attorney DePerno filed court documents and argued the findings in court while the Government is working to suppress the information and get the case thrown out. Six lawyers versus one– a David and Goliath moment, if you will– and David aka DePerno is CRUSHING IT.

In the filings from today, Attorney DePerno called out Dominion in a BIG way, by exposing how votes were changed from Jo Jorgensen to Donald Trump to Joe Biden. How could this happen and no one notice? Great question. Attorney DePerno and his team found the answer. Dominion deactivated the part of the system that would send out alerts for such activity that would have required someone to look into the rigging that was going on.

Nothing to see here. Just like in Arizona where the Dominion guys were actually running the voting show, holding onto the software passwords, and bringing laptops in and out of ‘secure’ rooms where votes were being monitored. While there’s a huge push to keep this stuff quiet from the Left, far too much is happening and some people are really catching on. FINALLY!

Nothing to see here is quickly becoming everything to see here. The claims about the “Big Lie” being a Trump fantasy lose luster every single day. And, THANK GOD for that. Let’s go!

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