Why are Arizona’s Maricopa County board of supervisors not in jail? They are reportedly breaking the law by not handing over 2020 election ballots.


Why Are Arizona’s Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Not in Jail?

They Are Reportedly Breaking the Law By Not Handing Over 2020 Election Ballots

By Joe Hoft

February 15, 2021

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) is required by law to hand the ballots over to the County’s Treasurer after the election is canvassed.  This is the law.  Yet, this reportedly hasn’t happened.

Arizona’s Elections Procedures Manual states that after an election has been certified, the ballots are to be provided to the County Treasurer for safekeeping until the period of time for maintaining the ballots has legally lapsed.  This is the law:

The problem for the MCBOS is that they are currently breaking the law. Per Arizona Representative Finchem, the MCBOS has not handed the millions of ballots that were canvassed in the 2020 election over to the County’s Treasurer. (See around the 1 minute mark below):


This may be one reason the former Maricopa County Treasurer resigned in disgust in January after working with the MCBOS:

Outgoing Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora resigned early Wednesday, citing a “toxic environment” in county government.

Flora, who has been treasurer since 2016, said in his resignation letter that his last day is Thursday.

Flora was set to leave office in mid-January, but said that he was unable to complete his term in part because “the political environment at the county has become so toxic I have no desire to endure further abuse.” …

…Flora said in his letter that he intends to “participate in the recall” of the supervisors, which “puts me in direct conflict with county government.”

The great people of Arizona need to stand up and demand the MCBOS be arrested for breaking the law if that indeed is the case.  The ballots from this county should have been handed over to the County Treasurer weeks ago.  What’s going on?

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