“Defund the police” activist Alyssa Milano thought she was in danger on Sunday and called … the police


“Defund the police” activist Alyssa Milano thought she was in danger on Sunday and called … the police

By Doc Holliday

September 22, 2020

Would ya look at that.

“Defund the police” activist and professional ingrate Alyssa Milano thought she might be in danger on Sunday … and who did she call for help? The police.

Milano claimed an armed gunman was on her property, sparking a massive emergency response. Turned out to be a teen shooting at squirrels with an air gun.

Nice to have those police to call when you think your life is in danger, eh Alyssa?

And seeing as how they’re evil and dangerous and need to be defunded, it’s weird how a whole bunch of officers raced out to your house with the intention of putting their lives in jeopardy to protect you!

Eh Alyssa?


September 22, 2020. Tags: , , , , . Black lives matter, Social justice warriors.


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