Video: Rioters block, attack truck and horse trailer, driver runs them over

Rioters Block, Attack Truck and Horse Trailer, Driver Runs Them Over

By Courtney Kirchoff

June 1, 2020

This one is personal for me. A mob of rioters tried blocking and stopping a truck towing a horse trailer, likely with horses inside. The driver said hell to the no. Mowed through them, and possibly rolled over a one or two. Lest anyone be wondering, I have zero sympathy for the rioters who got pancaked. I’ll explain after the video:

At least the rioters had their COVID-19 masks on. If you’re trying to bock a moving one ton Dodge Ram, better be safe.

Now, the personal part. As maybe seven of you know, I have horses. I have driven across states towing my horse trailer with my Queen safely inside. I have horse trailer towing experience, is what I’m getting at. One cannot easily stop a trailer, nor can one easily turn around. So if you see shit up ahead of you, and you’re pulling a rig, there’s shit you can do about it. Rigs do not flip U-turns like a Prius, you feel me? So if people are saying this driver should’ve turned the ship around, no. A truck towing a horse trailer, especially the one in the video above, has all the agility of Titanic.

Secondly, woe be upon anyone who tries to inflict harm on my horses. If you want to see a person at their most dangerous, threaten their steeds. My Queen agrees to step inside and travel in the aluminum wheel box because I asked her to. She steps inside because she trusts me. I do not take this trust for granted. Based on the barbaric behavior I’m seeing from these rioters, there is no way I would allow them anywhere near my horse. These rioters would most certainly harm my animals either on purpose, or by accident. F*ck them and f*ck them hard. No lubricant.

Thirdly, interstates are for cars. Not for brainless asshats looking for a reason to rage.

Now you’re in the headspace of the driver above. I can’t tell if it’s a gal or a guy. Typically in America, with horses, it’s mostly ladies, so I’m heading out on that limb that it was a chica. The rioters blocking her truck were trying to stop her truck. And thus, stop the trailer with horses inside. Horses that are already terrified out of their tiny minds.

What I’m saying is, were I on a jury for this driver, she wasn’t in the wrong. These idiots could’ve gotten out of the way. They thought they’re little bodies against the Cummings engine would prove victorious. They thought their little bodies up against a horsewoman (or man) would be enough. Incorrect.

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