The website invited me to join. Then they deleted my post about a local Black Lives Matter protest. Here’s what I wrote.

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

July 12, 2020

I’m 49, and I’ve lived in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for my entire life.

Technically, the neighborhood is divided into two sections, Squirrel Hill North, and Squirrel Hill South.

I live in Squirrel Hill South.

But realistically, most people never make the distinction between North and South. I myself had lived here for decades before I even became aware of it.

Anyway, the website invited me to join. Then they deleted all three threads that I started.

In my mailbox (my actual mail box with paper letters), there was a letter with my name on it, from the Squirrel Hill South message board from, inviting me to join.

So I joined.

And they deleted all three threads that I started.

The first thread that I started was about how hypocrite Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf violated his own COVID-19 lockdown by going to a Black Lives Matter protest.

This was my source:

Why did Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf join a protest with hundreds of people, breaking the rules in a yellow-phase county?

The second thread that I started was about how the Pittsburgh public schools never should have been shut down for COVID-19. I cited these three sources:

Risk of coronavirus spreading in schools is ‘extremely low’ study finds

Denmark, Finland say they saw no increase in coronavirus after schools re-opened

Reopening schools in Denmark did not worsen outbreak, data shows

The third thread that I started was about a Black Lives Matter protest that had taken place in Pittsburgh that same day.

For a while, I had a separate window open for each of the three threads, and I was reading other people’s comments, and responding to them.

Then I noticed that both of the first two threads had been deleted.

Fearing that the third thread had also been deleted, I copied my original post and saved it to a text file.

At that time, the thread was still intact. But several hours later, it had in fact been deleted, just like the other two.

In that third thread, some people agreed with me.

Some people said I had raised some good points, without necessarily agreeing or disagreeing with me.

And some people falsely said my comment was “racist.”

My comment was not racist.

Instead, my comment simply consisted of saying things that were true, and citing links to sources to verify my claims.

So, here is the full text of my post on Black Lives Matter, which I posted at the Squirrel Hill South section of, and which was later deleted:

July 11, 2020: Black Lives Matter protest in Pittsburgh.

Here’s a video of today’s Black Lives Matter protest in Pittsburgh:

The woman in today’s video criticizes capitalism. I’m not surprised. Here’s a video of the founder of Black Lives Matter saying “We are trained Marxists.”

The woman in today’s video also talks about slavery. I wonder if she knows that Democrats are the party of slavery. I wonder if she knows that the first Republican president was the one who freed the slaves.

She also refers to someone getting shot three times. I think she’s referring to Antwon Rose Jr.

Rose was not exactly “unarmed,” as his defenders claim.

Just a few minutes before Rose was shot, he was in a car that was used to carry out a drive by shooting.

Rose had gunshot residue on his hands.

He had an empty 9-mm gun magazine in his pocket.

His DNA was found on a 9-mm gun that was in the car.

Rose had allegedly stolen a gun during an armed robbery earlier that day.


Also, the Black Lives Matter website says they want to get rid of the traditional nuclear family structure. They talk about black mothers, but they don’t say anything about black fathers.

Also, there has never been a nationwide BLM protest against any of the 93% of black murder victims who were killed by other blacks. BLM doesn’t seem to care about those black lives.


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  1. gregdougall replied:

    Black Wives Matter

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