After a vote to cancel the cops, Minneapolis sees its first mass shooting

After a Vote to Cancel the Cops, Minneapolis Sees Its First Mass Shooting

By Alex Parker

June 21, 2020

Maybe sometimes having police is better.

In Minneapolis — where law enforcement as we know it may be on its way out — a mass shooting occurred Saturday night.

As reported by CNN, the melee — which took place on Hennepin Avenue South — saw 12 people shot.

One has died, while the others have non-life-threatening injuries, according to police.

The motive remains unclear, and no arrests have yet been made.

Arrests may be part of the Old World, anyway — as I covered previously, on June 12th, the Minneapolis City Council made the announcement that cops were canceled.

The five members who penned the resolution explained thusly:

“The murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, by Minneapolis police officers is a tragedy that shows that no amount of reforms will prevent lethal violence and abuse by some members of the Police Department against members of our community, especially Black people and people of color.”

The police will be replaced by a “community-led public safety system.”

Whoever they are, they might wanna be armed — what took place Saturday night sounded like warfare.

Witness Erik Thompson at first thought he was hearing fireworks, but the explosions didn’t stop.

He recalled, “We started hearing whizzing by our ears, and it was the bullets coming towards us.”

Restaurant manager Fred Hwang said there were at least two groups shooting at one another.

More from CNN:

Police said the gunfire continued down a block early Sunday morning.

After the gunfire stopped and victims were taken to the hospital, Hwang said he surveyed the scene and found ammunition shell casings that appear to be from three different types of weapons.

Hennepin Avenue South was also recently the site of looting and mayhem in the aftermath of George Floyd’s terrible death at the hands of four Minneapolis law enforcement officers.

And given the City Council’s decision, the area may not be safer any time soon. As noted by RedState’s Bonchie just a little over a week ago, a replacement plan for the Men and Women in Blue isn’t securely in place:

Lisa Bender, the president of the Minneapolis City Council, really wants to destroy her local police department. What she doesn’t know is essentially anything that comes after that.

Hopefully, they’ll get that figured out.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a great place in Minneapolis to hang out, Hennepin Ave. shouldn’t top your list.

And nationally, we could be asking for more bullets flying in more directions. The Hennepin incident brings to mind voices across the country crying, “Defund the Police.” People don’t seem exactly clear on what that means, but if you weaken law and order, something tells me you strengthen crime.

Perhaps not everyone agrees with me, but I’d be willing to bet some criminals do.

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