‘They took our rights away’: Citizen living in Seattle’s autonomous zone speaks out


‘They Took Our Rights Away’: Citizen Living In Seattle’s Autonomous Zone Speaks Out

By Virginia Kruta

June 12, 2020

Seattle’s newly minted autonomous zone is reportedly causing problems for the people who lived in the area before the zone was created.

The Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott spoke Friday with Fox News host Martha MacCallum about what was going on inside the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) and how the activity was impacting people who lived in the immediate area but were not a part of the protest.

Talcott explained that tensions have been high because not everyone agrees that Raz Simone, the man who has declared himself to be the “warlord,” should be the leader.

“A lot of these protesters do not agree with Raz becoming this warlord,” Talcott said. “We spoke to a few of them that were manning the entry points here in Seattle, and they say that his idea of what he wants CHAZ to become is not what the majority of the people inside want. So it is a little bit difficult, because they want no rules, but this is a society used to living by rules.”

Talcott also shared part of an interview with a local resident who was only willing to give only his first name — Brandon — because he feared reprisal.

“You can see for yourself, you can see that we don’t have the right to vote for stuff here anymore,” Brandon said. “You can see the demands when they say the that we want the pensions away from every police officer in Seattle. They took our rights away. That’s not okay. It’s not political. It’s just not okay.”

“That is stunning,” MacCallum responded. “That is a citizen in Seattle who obviously doesn’t feel safe enough to even have his face revealed to say that he just misses order in his community.”

Talcott added that Brandon had spoken out on the issue earlier and he was threatened because of his comments.

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