More proof that that the lockdown is a scam. According to the Washington Post, the fatality rate of COVID-19 “would probably be 0.13 percent for people outside nursing homes”

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

May 29, 2020

You can read my complete list of reasons why the lockdown is a scam here: Here are 109 reasons why I’m against the COVID-19 lockdowns

The Washington Post reports: (the bolding is mine)

The lethality of the virus has been hard to estimate because of the lack of testing and the paucity of solid data on how many people have been infected. That data is now coming in, however, including a report by researchers at the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles County health department, published in JAMA, that described a survey of Los Angeles County residents who were tested for antibodies to the virus. The authors estimated that about 4 percent of the population had been infected as of April 10 and 11.

Although the report did not offer an infection fatality rate, lead author Neeraj Sood, a professor of health policy at USC, said it would probably be 0.13 percent for people outside nursing homes and 0.26 percent — identical to the CDC best estimate — when people in nursing homes were included.

So we caused 38 million people to lose their jobs, we destroyed huge numbers of small businesses, we shut the schools down, we laid off over a million health care workers, we canceled cancer treatments, organ transplants, and hip surgeries, we prevented recovering addicts from attending their 12 step meetings, we increased the rates of suicide and drug overdoses, we had people arrested for being alone at the beach, and we scared everyone in the population who was gullible enough to fall for this scam, all for no reason at all, because the lockdown is actually killing more people than it is saving.

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  1. lostokie (@1lostokie) replied:

    All by design my friend, Democrats must win the November 2020 Elections at all costs. If they don’t they will be unelectable for some years to come.

  2. Don McCoy replied:

    Anyone with a quarter of a brain had figured this out a 6 weeks ago.

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